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Very light slate color.
Nose wet stones, white grapes, floral.
Palate bright, light bodied, some grassy golden stone fruit.

Refreshing with a chill, not the most complex but a satisfying chilled white to sip. 89 pts
Violet color. Nose earthy, some red fruits.
Palate earthy, mineral, red fruits -- red cherries. Hints of chalk.
Still young to drink now but a wonderful drink, balanced and hinting at great complexity for the future. 93 pts
Rosé - Sparkling
8/2/2019 - fred o. Likes this wine:
92 points
Deep cranberry red color with persistent delicate bead. Nose some yeast, red berries. Palate rocky and chalky, strongly mineral; prominent red berries; hint of yeasty richness. A classy and structured rose, very nice to drink now and great with rich Spanish cuisine.
White - Sparkling
from half bottle. using krug ID, 47% pinot noir, 36% chardonnay, 17% meunier, and received its cap in 2017.

Darker golden color, with faint amount of slightly coarse bubbles. Nose complex, fruity, golden fruits, lemon, some yeasty richness. Mouth watering tartness on nose.
Palate rich, figgy fruit, nutty yet complex, bright acidity. Some maple/honey.

Wonderful, very classy even for a more difficult vintage. When drinking them young, I've enjoyed the halves of Krug GC more than the 750s which likely needed more age, and this bottle was no exception, ready for business now in half format. 94 pts
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Violet ruby with some translucence. Nose earthy, tar, black cherry, floral. Palate still a bit tight, earthy red fruits, a bit light at this juncture. Tannic. Iron/strong minerality.

Young, needs a couple more years at least to open up more I think, or would decant if I opened now. 90 pts with upside.
7/30/2019 - fred o. Likes this wine:
89 points
Very light coppery rose gold. Nose peach, lightly waxy, some florals. Palate white nectarine, stony, bright acidity, almost savory. High tart acidity.

Not the most profound but a very pleasant drink, slurpable
Inky dark violet, some legs. Nose dark fruits, lifted, some anise. Palate brambly dark fruits, some black cherries, nice acidity/brightness. Some earth/herbs. A rocky mineral tinge towards the finish.

Nicely accessible fruit and some complexity already, but still seems coiled/deep and in need of some time to further unfurl. 92 pts
light straw/golden color. Nose waxy with floral/honey notes. Palate light spritz at first, juicy, white nectarine character to the fruit with tart acidity. A wonderful transparency to the flavors, very nice. 92 pts
violet-burgundy color.
Nose dark fruited, hint of herbs and anise, some vanilla notes.
Palate silky and sappy red fruits, hints of black cherry. attaining more definition to its fruit now, good with grilled meats. 91 pts
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lightly murky/cloudy dark burgundy color with some translucence.
nose herbal, forest floor with some meaty notes. Palate sappy intensity of black cherry fruit balanced by a lightness to the body, and some herbal and tea flavors, some tannic bite on the finish. Very nice complexity, I think drinking at peak now. 93 pts
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light slate/olive color. Nose peach, some florals. Palate lightly juicy, grapey at first; as it sits, more nectarine flavors, with high acidity. Profound delicacy and transparency to the flavors. Lovely and enjoyable at this stage though obviously high potential for the future as well. 93 pts
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White - Sparkling
base vintage 2013/2014, disgorged Jan 2017; dosage 7g/L.

golden with light bubbles and faint bead. Nose floral/honey, with some brioche. Palate juicy, high acidity with some lemon, some nutty notes midway through, then some stony/chalky notes.

The slightly nutty/oxidative notes were somewhat concerning but this is still drinking well to my taste, and for a NV offers good value complexity. 91 pts
7/26/2019 - fred o. Likes this wine:
91 points
Light straw golden color. Nose lemon oil, some Chardonnay-like reduction, hint of lemon cream. Palate peach, almost botrytis hint, strongly mineral, wonderful balance. Lightness, some brightness towards the finish, and a transparency to the stone fruit flavor. Very nice, at peak I think to me.
2015 Bedrock Wine Co. Bedrock Heritage Wine Sonoma Valley Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel (view label images)
Transparent ruby violet. Nose fruity, stony, blackberries and black cherries, some green herbs.
Palate mocha, dark fruits. Some chalky tannins. Fleshy cherry fruit. Still a bit closed and unyielding, but good potential. Coiled. 90 pts

opened on the anniversary of Jonathan Gold's passing, as I meant to open a special wine in memory of someone who was very special to the city of Los Angeles, and our hearts. RIP JGold....
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Violet with some light separation at the edges.
Nose green bell pepper, dark fruits. Palate mocha, chocolate, dark fruited yet nice balance, not heavy. Cool fruited, elegant. Some herbal complexity. Very nice.

Opened on this date as it was the only Napa cab that I had on hand, in honor of Alan Eden -- RIP Alan.
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from 7/17/19 can release.
Cloudy yellow light orange, milky, with some light foamy head. Nose juicy, grapefruit and orange.
Palate hoppy, juicy. Crisp. Creamy. Some grapefruit juice flavor. Some sweetness, orange pith. Nice depth.

Very good now, not too green, a complex beer. 90 pts
White - Sparkling
Disgorged 2013. From half bottle.

Golden color, delicate bead. Nose hint of brioche, fruity — stone fruit, mineral. Palate fruity, apricots, floral, hint of nutty dried fruit; strongly rocky, faint bitterness/citrus pith on finish.

especially from a half bottle, already has great complexity especially for a NV. Very good with seafood. 91 pts
Ruby with some transparency, some browning on the edges. Nose some cool mint, dark fruit, hints of herbs. Palate some cinnamon/nutmeg, sappy dark fruit, hints of coffee.

pleasantly surprised by the complexity here, not just bold fruit, in fact shows its cooler climate well. Probably at peak now. 91 pts
Light salmon coppery tinge with some legs. Nose waxy, red fruits, floral. Palate dry, fruity, some dried apricot tinges, strongly mineral, good acidity, some citrus.

Tastes old-world in style, very good complexity and I think this could actually age well for at least a year or so. 91 pts
Light transparent ruby with hint of orange-crimson at the edges. Nose kirsch, dark fruit, some violets. Palate cool fruit, nice intensity to the fruit with a sappy hint, tart acidity — red cherries, earth, rocks/minerals. Good complexity and stuffing, and very drinkable now to my palate. 91 pts
Dark ruby with some bricking and browning. Nose garrigue, smoky forest floor with hints of bacon fat, some lifted character. Palate smooth blackberry/raspberry flavor, a bit simple and perhaps thin on the midpalate, hint of briars/herbs towards the finish, faint tannins.

Not the most complex or finessed wine but also not a bad QPR. Don't think there's much to gain from aging so would drink now. 87 pts
LA rookies reunited: from early April 2019 can release. Golden color with nice creamy head. Nose aromatic, juicy, hoppy. Palate creamy, balanced hops, some grainy flavor. Very good for the style if a bit coarse on the palate. 88 pts
2019 Modern Times Abaddon San Diego County Malt
LA rookies reunited: Collab with Wayfinder. brewed with German malts, hopped with Perle & Hallertau Mittelfruh. 5.2% abv.

Amber with profuse head. Nose malty, crisp and refreshing, hint of lemon. Palate crisp, light body.
Crushable and refreshing on a hot day, but not the most outstanding complexity. 85 pts
White - Sparkling
LA rookies reunited: Disgorged 3/2015.
Amber golden color, very faint bubbles. Nose nutty, caramel. Palate flat, some dried apricot notes if you're searching very hard for some fruit, nutty.

Over the hill, frankly. Aged accidentally as I had forgotten about this bottle, but would drink these up much faster in the future.
80 pts
White - Sweet/Dessert
LA rookies reunited: coppery golden color.
Nose honey with a botrytis note. Palate great richness of texture, yet a lightness as well that keeps it from being overly cloying; apricot flavor to the fruit.

Wonderful, a great dessert wine that compares favorably to Sauternes to my palate, with the acidity/lightness of Riesling giving it an extra lift. 93 pts
2004 Cadence Bel Canto Red Mountain Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
7/13/2019 - fred o. wrote:
LA rookies reunited: decanted.
dark ruby color. Nose vanilla, dark fruited with some cinnamon. Palate dark fruited, tannic; despite the decanting for several hours, still seems monolithic. Unsure about the potential for this one. 87 pts
LA rookies reunited: light transparent ruby, with legs.
Nose herbal, red fruited, some forest floor notes.
Palate cool fruit, herbal, sappy depth with a maple syrup note.

Young still, needs more time or a hearty decant, but I like the depth coiled within. 89 pts with upside
LA rookies reunited: opaque violet color.
Nose dark fruited, savory, some baking spice, hint of cedar/pencil lead.
Palate red cherries, fruity yet high acidity, an herbal/mint character.

Mindbending in that I haven't had a comparable barbera, especially one with such age, but this is clearly a wine of class and depth, and still seems like it could age further with ease. 94 pts
LA rookies reunited: ruby violet color.
Nose aromatic, red fruits. Palate some sappy depth to the fruit yet also a "coolness" to the fruit as well, structured -- ?stems.

Still very young, the fruit is appealing now but I think this could be great in a few years. 91 pts
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White - Sparkling
7/13/2019 - fred o. wrote:
LA rookies reunited: light coppery amber color with faint bubbles.
Nose aromatic, floral with some tropical fruit.
Palate lactic/nutty, spoiled. Unfortunate as the nose was very enjoyable
LA rookies reunited: decanted.
Opaque dark violet color.
Nose a bit closed, some spice, mostly grapey.
Palate candied, a coolness to the fruit, nice tart acidity.
Enjoyable and probably at peak, but not the most complex Bojo -- wonder if it suffered from decanting, as it didn't seem as an enjoyable as a bottle tasted a few months prior. 88 pts
White - Sparkling
7/13/2019 - fred o. Likes this wine:
90 points
LA rookies reunited: per back label: 60% chardonnay, 40% pinot noir.
5th vintage, but apparently the 1st with grapes from Mount Harry Vineyard near Lewes in Sussex.
Grown on chalk in the South downs of England, aged in old burgundian 500L puncheons.
6g/dL dosage.

in the glass:
light bubbles with fine bead. Color light golden straw/slate.
Nose clean golden fruit, chalky, hint of wax. Palate bright/high acidity balancing nice richness of golden fruit with some waxy apple notes; opens up with time.

I really enjoyed this; perhaps one of the most elegant and satisfying non-Champagne sparklers I've had. Does it compare to the very best of Champagne? No, not yet, but it's promising for the potential of English sparkling wine to perhaps be a viable competitor in the future
LA rookies reunited: golden color. Nose tropical fruit, vanilla bean, wet stones. Palate fleshy orange, overall ripe fruit kept in check by bright acidity, some lemony brightness; some minerals; vanilla bean note.

Checks all the new world chardonnay boxes, but with very good balance if not outstanding complexity. The acidity is there but most likely best to drink this up within the next couple of years. 90 pts
Light copper/rose gold. Nose lifted, phenolic, dried red berries. Palate initially savory and lean when cold, as it warms more of a juicy character, a bit of a cough syrup flavor; hint of cherry pit, strong almost strident orange acidity. Metallic minerality, almost like a sour beer.

Better when not quite as cold as fridge temp. The fruit seems more faded now with the acidity/phenols seeming more prominent. 89 pts
from back label: “Old vines in the heart of Shenandoah Valley. Dry farmed on Granitic souls. Tended by Denise Esola.”

Transparent ruby with burgundy tinges. Nose dark fruited with some baking spice, grapey and heady, some Zinfandel spice. Palate red fruited, thick/chewy texture, some cinnamon/nutmeg spice. Brightness with some tannins on finish.

seems somewhat heavy right now but the structure is peeking out from underneath. Might decant if I opened now and had another bottle. 89 pts with upside.
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from Coravin, glass pour.

Darker golden color. Nose reduced, some lemon oil. Palate citrus pith, good richness balanced by a bright acidity and a very strong minerality. Still vibrant, complex and interesting. 91 pts
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White - Sparkling
from 375mL.
very light golden color with faint bead. Nose initially reductive, then nutty golden fruits. Palate nutty, some golden fruit, very strongly stony minerality.

Concerningly seems slightly oxidized though for a 20-year-old champagne from a half, perhaps that's to be expected. Nonetheless seems over the hill. May be better from a full-size bottle.
87 pts
Violet ruby. Nose polished black cherries, some spice. Palate black cherries, fleshy/juicy with a strong iron/mineral component.

Not just exuberant fruit, this is a well-made zin to my taste with balance and interest. RIP UV.
92 pts
opened a couple of hours already by the time I got to it.
Perfect balance of ripe fruit (reflective of the vintage, I suppose) and prominent acidity, with some minerals.

Not the most profound white burg and not sure if it's worth the tariff in most cases, but if found at a good price, a great example of its level. Very drinkable and classy in its balance. 90 pts
dark ruby color with some translucence at the edges.
Nose fruity, aromatic, dark fruited with hint of vanilla.
Palate dark fruited with some cocoa, black cherries, some tannins.

Riper and more modern in style to my palate but I can see it shedding its baby fat and becoming more defined as it ages. 90 pts with upside.
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transparent light ruby color. nose candied, grapey red fruits. Palate bright cranberries, very light; finish some fine tannins.
As it sits, the palate becomes more defined: some herbs and earth, and then also some maple sweetness, seems to be deeper.
On day 2, some vermouth-like spices, some clove.

recommend giving it some air if drinking now as it evolved significantly with time open. refined and delicate. 91 pts with upside.
pale straw golden color with slate gray tinge. Nose matchstick, some honey florals. Palate very bright, light bodied, a transparency to the flavors of lemon and white nectarine. Initially a subdued nature to the fruit, but with air/time, opens up, with more prominent fruit and classic Riesling flavor notes balancing the high acidity.

Might benefit from decanting/more age. 90 pts for now
golden straw color. Nose some petrol and wax. Palate lemony with hints of stone fruit, nice richness to the mouthfeel; rounded acidity. An impression of coiled power on the palate. Still young but good potential for the future. 91 pts with upside.
violet color. Nose a bit subdued, some vanillin and dark fruits. Palate raspberries and blackberries, stony minerals and earth; as it sits, an appealing brightness and some hints of savory olive.

Very good with grilled meats. Good balance, gets more nuanced with air/time, and still seems to have good potential for the future. 91 pts.
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White - Sparkling
7/4/2019 - fred o. Likes this wine:
91 points
light slate/faintly golden color with effervescence.
Nose floral, honey, some minerals.
Palate white grape, fruity pears, some rocky minerality; well-judged sweetness balanced by an ethereal light body and just enough acidity.

Consistently enjoyable, well-crafted, and a crowd-pleaser for those who enjoy sweet wines
7/4/2019 - fred o. wrote:
6 barrels made.
Decanted briefly.
Violet color with transparency at the edges. Nose dark fruited, hint of vanilla, some herbs/very faint pyrazines. Palate dark fruited, ripe, a bit heavy.

Surprisingly plodding on the palate, perhaps not the best showing -- might have needed more air? Could be over the hill, as well. 88 pts
light ruby color. Nose a bit subdued at first; red cherries.
Palate juicy red cherries, some cranberry, tannic finish.

Nice intensity to the fruit yet also an appealing lightness, but probably still too young, may need 1-2 more years. 90 pts
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White - Sparkling
bottle cap.
Abundant bubbles, almost beer-head-like. Nose lightly waxy, some brioche, red berries; overall a refined impression. Palate juicy red berries, some richness to the body with a tangy citrus acidity.

Very fresh and pleasing to drink; perhaps not the most complex, but still some nice refinement to the flavor. Good to drink now while the fruit is still exuberant.
Ruby burgundy color with transparency and light browning at the edges. Nose garrigue, some coffee, lightly stewed red berries with herbal brush under-note. Palate jammy strawberries, some cocoa, a transparency to the flavors yet a bit simple. Drink now. 88 pts
Light olive straw color. Nose orange pith, lemon oil. Palate full bodied, lovely acidity and clean peaches and orchard fruit, with good minerality. Outstanding QPR, and a great drink-now introduction to this promising producer. 91 pts
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