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2011 Hamilton Russell Vineyards Chardonnay Hemel-en-Aarde Valley
6/3/2016 - Champagneinhand Likes this wine:
93 points
Wow was I impressed with this gem. Price factors into it a lot but so close to a Puligny-Montrachet with Meyer lemon,bolden delicious apple, plenty of limestone minerals and the wood and Malone have produced the creamy texture and the finish is quite long, with almost a hint of movie theater like butter on the front of the tongue. A bit deeper yellow in color from younger wines, also made this quite interesting. Crisp a if but by no means as dry as the middle of the Sahara, at least in taste. Complimented plenty of food we had include Italian sausage with peppers and onion, thick cheese and tomato pizza with loads of monzarella, full salad with olive oil, white wine vinegar with herbs, mixed with garbanzo beans, garlic bread, and even homemade apple sauce. Really a treat.

I have 1 more in the cellar but I will seek more out. I love Chablis and it's price. He expensive Montrachet, will not be sought out any longer. I have some aging, but why pay that price tag. I also love Maconaisse Chardonnay as well as some from the a Finger Lakes, PNW, and of course Champagne.
  • Frenchfriends86 commented:

    7/16/16, 9:11 PM - Sounds like a great QPR; will have to seek some out.

2000 Château Gloria St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
7/1/2016 - Champagneinhand Likes this wine:
88 points
A nicely aged St. Julien with red berries integrated Iak in the form of light vanillin and cedar. A few baking slices with acid and tannin to round this out. Nothing fantastic here and this showing would probably not hold up to other classified St. Julien reds but it was enjoyable for what it was. It held up through a vacu-vin and a glass on day 2. Glad to enjoy.
  • Frenchfriends86 commented:

    7/16/16, 9:03 PM - Sounds delicious but I would have expected a higher rating for being aged 6 years. Maybe it would have been better to drink it young?

2012 Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon California
5/17/2016 - Frenchfriends86 Likes this wine:
88 points
The wine looks garnet colored. The legs are medium. There is no sediment in the bottle. It smells like blackberry, gooseberry, black currant (cassis), black pepper, vanilla, oak and burnt. It tastes like blackberry, black currant (cassis), red currant, black pepper, chocolate, burnt, toast and vanilla. The body is full. The wine has round texture. The wine finishes medium. The wine has high acidity.
  • Frenchfriends86 commented:

    7/16/16, 8:34 PM - For the value I dont think it gets much better; I dont drink much California Cabernet but I had a glass of this at my folks place and I would have no trouble believing that it was a $20 bottle of wine.

2012 Château de la Huste Fronsac Red Bordeaux Blend
6/1/2016 - Frenchfriends86 Likes this wine:
85 points
The wine looks ruby colored. The legs are slow. There is no sediment in the bottle. It smells like mineral, stoniness, blackberry, red currant, black currant (cassis), violet and rose. It tastes like mint, lavender, thyme, red currant, black currant (cassis), blackberry, pine and bark. The body is medium/full. The wine has smooth texture. The wine finishes medium. The wine has medium acidity.
  • Frenchfriends86 commented:

    7/3/16, 9:36 PM - My notes were done on the 2012 vintage

2011 Château de la Roulerie Chenin Blanc Anjou (Sec)
8/14/2014 - robinspano wrote:
81 points
Interesting taste, full-bodied and has some qualities I like a lot, but on the harsh side. Too acidic. Not smooth. Not a wine I'd choose again. **Note: I don't know Chenin Blanc very well so I might be judging the style as opposed to this wine.
  • Frenchfriends86 commented:

    7/3/16, 11:36 AM - I feel as though the French style of Chenin Blanc is a bit more acidic perhaps because there is little to no oak aging in the process. But perhaps it just had to do with that particular vintage or the food it was being paired with.

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