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2012 Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Black Label
3/25/2018 - prasm Likes this wine:
90 points
Consumed over 4 hours. Nose: Medium-plus expressiveness - impressive in its complexity, black berry, eucalyptus, dark chocolate, earthiness, and dark flowers - very nice. Palate: Medium bodied, gritty dark fruit attack, turns tart through the mid-palate where spice and licorice join in. Finish: Medium length dominated by tart dark fruit, spice, and earthiness. Dynamic on the nose and a little harsh on the palate, but quite enjoyable overall.
  • prasm commented:

    3/27/18, 6:00 AM - Agreed, my experience tells me a few more years would smooth the rough edges. If the palate catches up to the nose this is going to be stunning.

2012 CT Barrel Project Cabernet Sauvignon Spring Mtn/Rutherford Blend Napa Valley
9/5/2016 - prasm Likes this wine:
92 points
Consumed over 2 days, note from day 2. Nose: Medium expressiveness, black berry, blueberry, Asian spice, dark flowers, tobacco, and shoe leather - quite a bit going on here and all is interesting. Palate: Medium-full bodied, spicy blue and black fruit attack, good mid-palate persistence with a spice driven lift, leather and earthy components appear through the back-end joining in a medium-plus length finish - 30 to 45 seconds. Improved noticeably on day two.
  • prasm commented:

    9/6/16, 10:14 AM - I agree with BornToRhone, this is entering it's drinking window now while it was a bit tight and muted on day 1 it was singing on day 2. (I vacuvined and left it on the counter at room temperature overnight.) And yes, there was a hint of the Rutherford dust in the back-end, hence the reference to an earthy component.

    I also have a Simone/Sydnee pair still in Dave's nifty box resting in my cellar.

2005 Château Lucia St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
7/29/2016 - dky wrote:
80 points
Basically same review as hkbob. Very modern in style and don't really see this improving. Dark fruit and booze on the nose. Not much different on the pallet....meh.
  • prasm commented:

    7/29/16, 10:05 PM - HKBob gave it an 88, you scored it 8 points less and stated your impressions were the "Basically the same". That's an 8 point swing - like saying a 97 point review was "Basically the same" as an 89 point review - that can't be true. So was it really closer to the 89 points HKBob gave it or was it really nothing like his experience and much worse? Just curious because I've been sitting on a few bottles since release in 2008.

2006 WesMar Pinot Noir Salzgeber Vineyard Russian River Valley
Light cherry color. Restrained, elegant, and very pretty nose of red fruit, spice, and flowers. In the mouth, precise and feminine, with a slightly tart edge to the cherry and cranberry fruit, an enticing floral note, and good earth and spice. Refined and softened beautifully. Lovely, elegant Pinot. A-
  • prasm commented:

    2/29/16, 10:28 AM - Thanks for the note. I still have one 06 Salzgeber in my cellar, good to know it's likely to have plenty of life left yet.

2012 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
7/26/2015 - RGCM Gananda Likes this wine:
93 points
Mixture of well balanced redfruit, especially raspberry on the nose. Medium bodied and perhaps a bit above that, but with excellent density without being over extracted. Beautiful red raspberry and red cherry notes upfront. Finishes with good tartness in the background and an excellent mineral and earth streak. Finish is acidity based and matches with the strength of the fruit. This is drinking even better than previously, with better balance and integration, while still showcasing the expressive fruit. Still has some room for future improvement, but drinking exceptionally well now.
  • prasm commented:

    11/20/15, 8:30 PM - Just read your note, after submitting my own, and thought it was spot on for my experience earlier this evening.

2013 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
Ok, so first bottle of the 13 I have opened. As I have wrote about many times with past vintages of RM SC, this is a perennial buy for me, consistently too my QPR WOTY. For this bottle, I opened it last night and took to dinner, where it was poured next to a 2012 Ken Wright Guadalupe PN, which for me excelled past the RM, leaving me disappointed honestly. My hope was that an overnight slow ox and a new setting would show the wine differently. Tonight, drinking without food, with a great stem and perfect serving temp. Drinking with a cooler chill, there is a distinct smoky note in the aromatic tonight, something I didn't pick up y/day. The palate shows with some real density, bigger yet polished. As the wine warms, it begins to throw a bit of what seems like some charry oak, cherry and blackberry, with maybe some shadings of the cranberry and orange rind that I suppose I have been spoiled to in larger quantities with past vintages. With more air and at ideal temp, this settles down and starts to throw more cherry and brightness, which is what I want in my RM SC. What seems to be good medicine here is to let this wine breathe, to let it uncoil, and let the charry note and whatever oak this may have seen get settled into the wine. This should improve with time in bottle, and yes, I do recognize this is a 2013 and it is early but we need notes on these wines to set some context and see what we have. PS--I don't see this wine as some others have recently, as a fruit bomb or showing alcohol. With respect, I simply see this wine as bigger than past vintages, especially say 2010 and 2011, but booze and fruit bomb, no.
  • prasm commented:

    3/26/15, 8:15 PM - Great note Frank, thanks for taking one for the team. I'll try to hold out a few months before popping a 13, and even then give it a couple hours of air in the decanter.

2003 Château Lagrange (St. Julien) Red Bordeaux Blend
3/12/2014 - prasm wrote:
Slightly corked, not scored. Consumed over 2 days. Thought this might come around on day 2 after showing slightly corked on day 1, but if anything it was worse on day 2. Nose: Medium expressiveness, dominated by earthiness and wet newspaper with undertones of ripe dark fruit and licorice. Palate: Medium-full bodied, definite dark fruit appears on the attack but the tell-tale damp earthy cardboard flavors appear mid-palate and overshadow all the goodness that is there in the background. Made it thru the entire bottle and would have rated 86-88 as tasted, but having had this previously I know it shows much better than this experience.
  • prasm commented:

    3/12/14, 7:16 PM - Dave, it really wasn't that badly corked - it was still drinkable. In fact, on the first day I was kind of on the fence. In your recent note you mentioned a "stinky earth" characteristic which is what I thought I was getting on day 1 - it's a small leap from stinky earth to wet newspaper. I totally expected it to dissipate by day 2, but it went the other direction into that distinct wet newspaper characteristic on both the nose and the palate - though there was still enough goodness left in the background to not totally ruin the experience.

    I think there may be some bottle variation going on here as I thoroughly enjoyed the other bottle I had a few years back and looking at Tanzer's 3 notes on this he speculated in his last note that that bottle may have been off scoring it an 89? after previously scoring it 89-92.

2005 Swanson Petite Sirah Salon Wine Selection Oakville
8/27/2013 - oenophilemoose wrote:
94 points
After just a thirty minute decant, this wine was a delicious, deeply concentrated, mouth coating, warm and rich interpretation of petite sirah. This is a wine that needs to be enjoyed and appreciated in and of itself.
  • prasm commented:

    8/27/13, 5:20 PM - Nice note Ron, but even better is the fact that you're back to writing them again - nice to see.

2007 Ravenswood Zinfandel Teldeschi Dry Creek Valley
8/12/2013 - Barry Notes Likes this wine:
91 points
Pw/1 hour decant. Clear, deep dark purple color. Proper/big nose and taste. Nice balance/integration, med/full body, long finished, very smooth, soft, perfect drinking window. Nothing off. $29
  • prasm commented:

    8/12/13, 7:53 PM - It appears you were similarly pleased. I'm not a big Zin fan but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this bottling last week.

2004 Poderi Aldo Conterno Barolo Romirasco Nebbiolo
7/4/2013 - prasm Likes this wine:
93 points
Consumed in Canada at Lake cabin. Decanted 4 hours, classic tar and rose nose, nice sweet dark red fruit on the palate, obviously young, but drinking well with long decant.
  • prasm commented:

    7/31/13, 4:43 PM - Wine-Strategies

    I scored them last year during the Woodland Hills/KLWines distributor blow-out sale. I was really interested in the Romirasco since there was no GranBussia in 2004 due the hail damage in the Cicala vineyard - so all the Romirasco went into the SVD bottling.

2004 Three Miners Pinot Noir Earnscleugh Valley Central Otago
5/21/2010 - Tholmz1 wrote:
78 points
I must have missed something on this wine. The bouquet on this wine was not pleasant. Smelled of sardines, high salt didn't pick up any of the fruit on the nose that others have mentioned. The taste met the bouquet. very disappointing based on what others had said. Very thin pinot, flavor profile was very weak, no finish. My mistake may have been not decanting this wine which I see most did. I bought a few bottles so I will try again and see what I missed.
  • prasm commented:

    5/21/10, 8:16 PM - Did you give it some air? I've consumed 4 or 5 bottles of 04 Three Miners and found each one's initial nose to be very barn-yardy, but given an hour or two the barnyard retreats and the fruit comes through. Personally I kind of like the initial manure aroma, but can understand how others may not. I have also found the finish on this wine to be short, but that would be my only complaint about an otherwise delightful wine

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