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2015 Concha y Toro Carménère Gran Reserva Serie Riberas Peumo Vineyard Colchagua Valley
11/29/2017 - JustinRohrman wrote:
I discovered this by opening Google and typing "I like malbec, what else should I try". So obviously I'm no wine reviewer. BUT...since we're here, much lighter body than I was expecting, acidic, maybe some spice, and I got a wave of vanilla a few times.
  • wpattison commented:

    12/12/17, 2:07 PM - Look for malbec's from Argentina. It's become "their grape", so to speak. And with wine, it really is true that - for the most part - more money means more quality.

2011 Clos des Lunes Lune d'Argent Bordeaux Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
1/1/2016 - The taste athlete wrote:
88 points
Some lemon and acids this smells better then it tastes .
Mineral start with yellow fruits , but after few seconds its just stops.
So there you are ... Waiting for a good finish.
When it doesnt take you all the way .

All my previous bottles tastes way better .
  • wpattison commented:

    4/5/16, 6:10 PM - Trying this today, great review. Agree completely.

2009 Harlan Estate The Maiden Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
8/25/2013 - DawgByte wrote:
90 points
This wine is not even remotely ready for prime time and needs at least 2-4 more years in the bottle. It's virtually impossible to accurately score this wine, because the initial profile and what has happened to it after 20 hours of oxygen exposure is so dramatically different. The initial impression was highly unfavorable, but oxygen has benefitted the wine significantly.

Last night when I opened the wine I did not decant, as I was pouring several other wines. After opening the bottle and pouring a glass I buried my nose and gave it a good inhale, what returned up my nostrils was a wine first for me - essence of vomit, yes that's correct you did not misread the print - vomit! Now how does one get past that distinct and utterly disgusting sensation? I put the glass aside and waited 20 minutes. I gave it another go and still received remnants of the original sensation. When the mind registers such a distinct odor, the flavor of the juice is inconsequential. Needless to say it was tighter than a bulls ass in fly time giving off very little any fruit, terroir or spice notes. In short it was an utter failure.

Twenty hours later, it's a different wine. The nose is giving off a black fruit, oak, black cherry, leather and alcohol profile. The flavor is similar to the nose, with some added spice, white pepper and cinnamon. The finish is good (however not smooth), as the black cherry lingers at the back of the tongue for about 10 seconds. Given the dramatic improvement from last nights experience and today's, I tend to think this wine has potential and could even reach a 93 point rating in the future. Given that I own two more bottles I'll be interested to see if it does reach its potential.
  • wpattison commented:

    8/30/13, 6:54 AM - I agree with your assessment that it's quite hard to accurately score this wine now, so I question your reasoning for going ahead and doing just that. How much experience do you have with high end wines which are very young? It seems that you bumbled upon a way to handle such wines, but only after writing out impressions of it fresh out of the bottle. That isn't a fair test at all, and it makes you look like a boob.

  • wpattison commented:

    8/30/13, 12:57 PM - Impressive listing of labels. As of now, your profile doesn't show anything in your cellar. Perhaps if you add all of your wine to CT, you can take advantage of the suggested Drinking Window feature.

    Currently, the 2009 Harlan Estate The Maiden is showing a beginning date of 2015, on through out to 2025. That will probably change as more and more users adjust it as time goes on.

  • wpattison commented:

    4/1/16, 5:50 PM - Hey - it's 2016. Have you tried the vomit again? I'm curious to know how it's shaping up?

1973 Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Georges de Latour Private Reserve Napa Valley
10/12/2014 - raypedia wrote:
83 points
Tasted at a dinner for a friend's birthday; this was a birth-year wine for him. Sommelier indicated the cork was intact but difficult to remove. Lots of sediment, brick color, port-like nose. Fruit was all gone, only tart raisin elements left. Easily 8-10 years past its prime, but was still worth the gamble and still enjoyed the experiment.
  • wpattison commented:

    10/19/14, 11:02 AM - Great summary, I agree. I still have another bottle, it'll give us a chance to use the Vintage needle on the Coravin you gave me! ;)

2013 Ehlers Estate Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley
9/20/2014 - Rich S Likes this wine:
91 points
Light straw color. Great nose of light tropical fruits, a bit of green melon, a touch of fresh herbs and citrus with some floral/perfume notes as well. Really enjoyable to smell this wine. On the palate, some tropical fruit, lemon zest and floral flavors with some underlying minerality. Nice and crisp on the palate with good acidity and a clean finish. I believe sauvignon blanc works best when it does not see any oak so this wine really delivers a true sauvignon blanc profile but with a little Napa richness of the fruit. One of my favorite vintages to date of this wine.
  • wpattison commented:

    9/28/14, 8:34 PM - Finishing a bottle now and I can't add anything more. Great tasting note. Cheers.

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