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2008 Domaine de l'Hortus Pic St. Loup Grande Cuvée Red Rhone Blend
5/4/2017 - logos Likes this wine:
68 points
mature, surprisingly elegant, but subdued, nose of somewhat delicate red fruits with a bit of floral overlay, that intensifies and improves as airs; some vaguely spicy, earthy, hint mineral notes. very dry and quite acidic, touch tired taste, but brightens with long airing. well balanced with harmonious echo in finish. rather austere on its own but very good with food. typical of region but better than most at this price.
  • jsherdc commented:

    5/5/17, 7:15 PM - Your review sounds like 88 points, not 68 points..

  • jsherdc commented:

    5/5/17, 7:15 PM - Your review sounds like 88 points, not 68 points..

2007 Tablas Creek Esprit de Beaucastel Paso Robles Red Rhone Blend
4/25/2017 - ours de vin wrote:
flawed; the third flawed bottle from three bottle purchase
  • jsherdc commented:

    4/25/17, 7:39 AM - Where did you buy them from?

White - Sweet/Dessert
2009 Château La Tour Blanche Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
2/3/2017 - Davlyn1978 Likes this wine:
80 points
Very sweet wine. Should be served ice cold. More of a dessert wine or after dinner drink. I have adjusted my point score after some additional reading. Thanks.....
  • jsherdc commented:

    2/4/17, 1:09 PM - Yes Sauternes is a dessert wine. Why did that surprise you?

2015 Bodegas La Cana Albariño Navia Rías Baixas
8/15/2016 - logos Likes this wine:
58 points
very citrusy, slightly mineral, with a touch of pineapple and florality, hair sweetish nose. quite bright, fruity, flavour, rather sweet for a food wine. sweet finish cloys a bit. overall quite ripe, a bit heavy-handed, but fairly pleasant.
  • jsherdc commented:

    9/14/16, 7:46 AM - 58 points? Did you mean 88?

2008 Piers Saffran Walla Walla Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
9/8/2016 - tward wrote:
Can folks clarify whether they are reviewing the "Red Mountain" or the "Walla Walla" "Piers Saffran" here. I suspect that the confusing private label aspect of this could be leading to both. (I have a delivery of the "Walla "Walla" coming and it is inventoried as this wine.)
  • jsherdc commented:

    9/8/16, 10:51 AM - There used to be 2 different wines on cellar tracker (a red mountain, and a walla walla), and cellar tracker suddenly combined them into 1....

  • jsherdc commented:

    9/9/16, 3:49 PM - They actually were combined together for 1 day. I emailed cellar tracker help and they restored them into 2 different wines. Blink and you miss all the excitement. :)

2014 Julien Pilon Condrieu Viognier
5/1/2016 - Burgundy Al wrote:
88 points
Ripe, lush and unctuous with plenty of peach and baked apple. Slightly sweet finish, moderate length.
  • jsherdc commented:

    7/13/16, 12:04 AM - Where did you buy this?

  • jsherdc commented:

    7/13/16, 12:14 AM - Thanks! I thought I might have missed the garagiste offer for this :)

Rosé - Sparkling
N.V. Château de la Bonneliere Touraine Perles Fines Brut Rosé Blend
Lovely peach color, creamy mousse, fresh acidity, peach and red berries. Really gulpable. Note that Plouzeau's website says this wine is 70% chenin, 20% chardonnay and 10% cab franc.
  • jsherdc commented:

    11/12/15, 4:28 AM - Do you have a link? Lots of stores say this is 100% cab franc

2013 Julien Pilon Viognier mon grand-père était limonadier Vin de Pays des Collines Rhodaniennes
10/14/2015 - mtaczak wrote:
90 points
this was fascinating. less honeyed and rich and round than I expected, with a refreshing lightness and, dare I say, a little buttery note that helped round it out without coming across like an over-done chard. quite good.
  • jsherdc commented:

    10/14/15, 7:11 AM - Vouvray and Huet are Chenin Blanc not Viognier....

2013 Donkey and Goat Sluice Box El Dorado White Rhone Blend
5/6/2015 - RajivAyyangar wrote:
75 points
7% Solution, SF 2015 (SF): Marsanne, Vermentino, Grenache Blanc, Picpoul.
Blend: 31%M/48%V/13%GB/9%P)
Tablas Creek clones.
Cloudy gold. moderate concentration.
A bit of a lambic nose (re-fermentation in bottle? bacterial? Brett?). Weird. Underripe pear. Metallic.
P: Dry, maybe a slight pillow of RS. Moderate malic acid. Mostly savory, earthy flavors. Slight phenolic bitterness on the back end. Diminished acidity. Light. Earthy, not very aromatic.
13.2% Alcohol
50% skin fermented, 50% whole cluster. 9 months in neutral barrels. Bottled unfiltered. 311 cases.
Harvested Aug 27- Sept 5.
Around 7.5
  • jsherdc commented:

    6/27/15, 1:50 PM - It doesn't seem like you are using the same scoring system as everyone else. Did you think this was a terrible wine?

Red - Fortified
2009 Domaine La Tour Vieille Banyuls Rimage Grenache Blend, Grenache
1/26/2013 - Grinner wrote:
91 points
PHMG WAG Paso Robles (Paso Lyon): OK, this has nothing to do with the theme of the evening other than "ripe fruit". I would've loved to find a late harvest Zin from the right region for a Paso Robles tasting, but not so easy in Eugene. SO, this is still a crazy good wine and one of the best with chocolate. The black fruit, spice, underbrush, and tar notes sing with dark chocolate with caramel and pink Himalayan salt (Vosges).
  • jsherdc commented:

    2/9/15, 12:01 PM - Zin Alley from Paso Robles makes a great Zin port

N.V. Frank Cornelissen Susucaru 5 Sicilia Nerello Blend, Nerello Mascalese
10/12/2014 - jsherdc wrote:
87 points
This was totally wierd. Slight frizante action. Grape bubble gum without the sugar?? Tastes nothing like anything esle I have had.
  • jsherdc commented:

    10/13/14, 5:06 AM - I am looking forward to trying it again. Great to hear from a fellow mathematical wino :)

  • jsherdc commented:

    10/13/14, 9:17 PM - Yup, Victor was my advisor many moons ago :)

2010 Château du Retout Haut-Médoc Red Bordeaux Blend
4/11/2014 - DarinC wrote:
87 points
Ripe black plum, currant and tobacco. Gravelly, drying finish. Needs at least 5 years. Good price point.

2 months after using a Coravin on half the bottle we popped the cork and the wine was a shell of the first tasting and smelled like a dirty ashtray.
  • jsherdc commented:

    5/6/14, 6:56 AM - I am interested in buying a Coravin but this is not encouraging. Have you had good success with the Coravin on other wines?

  • jsherdc commented:

    5/6/14, 7:52 AM - Thanks!

White - Off-dry
1990 Schloss Schönborn Hochheimer Hölle Riesling Auslese Rheingau
8/17/2013 - vinole wrote:
91 points
S FL WS Group Summer Offline (Market 17 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL): Ripe apple and pear fruit that was very youthful for its age. Medium body and acidity with no petrol notes. Long finish that could of used just a bit more acidity.
  • jsherdc commented:

    8/20/13, 9:04 AM - How do I get involved with this tasting group? I live in Coral Gables.

  • jsherdc commented:

    8/26/13, 6:51 PM - Thanks! I will look out for events.

  • jsherdc commented:

    8/26/13, 6:51 PM - Thanks! I will look out for events.

2003 Couly-Dutheil Chinon Cuvée Crescendo Clos de l'Echo Cabernet Franc
5/11/2013 - Mjurgaitis wrote:
89 points
Initial taste of smoked bacon, which transitioned into sauerkraut. No taste of fruit. Very unique and interesting, which I think is only really appealing to a specific subset of wine enthusiasts. This gets an 89 from me, because of its individuality and bc I love bacon.
  • jsherdc commented:

    5/11/13, 7:30 AM - MMM, Bacon.

2006 Bodegas y Viñedos Maurodos Toro Viña San Román Tinta de Toro, Tempranillo
3/26/2013 - jsherdc Likes this wine:
93 points
Smooth with explosive cherry. Best passover wine ever!
  • jsherdc commented:

    3/27/13, 5:50 PM - Nope. I boycott Kosher wines...

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