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8/18/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
Dark colour
Medium to heavy body

Some alcohol on the nose combines with berry fruit, and some oak.

On the tongue, smooth , rich , fine to light tannin.

The wine threw some sediment so it requires decant throwing off the last into A GLASS .
A very well structured wine will probably improve for a year or two.

Will try again around Christmas
2018 Wolf Blass Grey Label Cabernet Shiraz South Australia Cabernet-Shiraz Blend, Red Blend (view label images)
6/14/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
94 points
Heavy to medium body and dark in colour.

On the nose slight alcohol/oak/fruity/aniseed .

On the tongue, plenty of fruit here, blackberry , light tannin, good finish excellent quality .

Nicely balanced

Will live for quite awhile and I expect this to improve with a long drinking window perhaps 10 years but I will place my bet on 5 .
6/4/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
A high-quality offering from Wynn's .

Medium to heavy body the colour is dark .

No alcohol overwhelming the flavours although there is just a hint in the background.

On the nose a mixture of fruit/yeast/cedar

On the tongue the tannins are fine and soft the fruit is lush and generous and the flavour lingers and is clean at the finish.

I really like this wine, it is easy to drink and you won't find yourself spitting chips at the end.
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6/1/2020 - Eric gene Noack wrote:
91 points
Methylated spirits/alcohol/oak /varnish on the nose .

I sat this for a couple of hours in a carafe to see if the alcohol would dissipate but no , it was still there.

Medium to heavy bodied of dark colour.

Light to medium tannins, slightly acid to the front, and some grip at the front and the middle.

Light mix of fruit and spices .

No chocolate for me and it made me wonder if someone can taste chocolate it must be the very worst of chocolate or a vivid and over-reactive imagination.

A good wine of low yield vines on oak for 15 months.

Not great but may improve in 6 months if only that alcohol will settle down.
4/30/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
From McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Wrattonbully

Alcohol and varnish on the nose

Some Oak

Dark colored

Some tannin and a little acid at the front.

Medium bodied

Ok drinking with light fruit
2/23/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
96 points
.A wine with a somewhat confusing nose. A mix of varnish, red dirt, berry fruit, some light oak, and some alcohol

I have been tasting wines for over 50 years and I live in the Hunter Valley.
I get to taste wines from all over the world some with unbelievable points scores particularly from what's his name in Italy who has a tendency to get over-excited .

However, 89 points with this wine given by a taster who may just be a fake taster and reads off the label is not in the ballpark.

I rate it 95-96 and who am I to argue with James Halliday at 97 points , no finer a palate exists in this country and I noticed over the years that younger tasters always score lower than Halliday, but not from inexperience, but more an assumed embarrassment that may occur in the future.
The wine is a burgundy style with a soft approach, medium fruit, and light tannins. The finish lingers for a while.

I would suggest another 5 years will see this out although 10 would not be beyond its reach.
Improvement for the next 2 to 3 years for sure.

The price is ridiculous for this quality.

I am so used to paying $60.00 to over $100.00 a bottle for South Australian heavy-bodied reds that to get a wine of this quality for less than $30.00 is a miracle.
One day the vignerons of the Hunter valley will find their reds in high demands as the push is to lighter style wines, it is then that we may see the prices jump significantly.
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2/12/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
94 points
Why oh why do they keep using cork ?
This is a premium wine that is destined to vinegar inside of 10 years because of the cork.
Wake up winemakers for goodness sake stick a screw cap on it.

The wine itself is medium to heavy-bodied.
The nose is a mix of herbs and spices

Some fruit evident

On the tongue, it is smooth and well rounded just a hint of acid and mild tannins.
Dark in colour , a very nice wine well made .

he fruit for The Vincent is sourced from Bakers Gully Vineyards. Bakers Gully is one of the coolest sub-regions of McLaren Vale and this results in a medium-bodied fruit driven style of Shiraz slightly lighter than your typical McLaren Vale Shiraz.
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2/8/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
94 points
A much awarded wine.
The nose is a mix of fruit and floral .

The taste is a light /lemon/lime somewhat soft
The finish is clean and soft.

A nice wine for a Riesling and cheap for the quality .
2/8/2020 - Eric gene Noack wrote:
93 points
The price is the first thing that hits you.

At $90.00 it's way overpriced and I feel the vineyard tried to make a landmark signature wine but missed the mark.

The wine on the nose is light/mineral/slate/flint like mixed with wet iron and some sort of herb .
The colour is light gold
The taste is light /lemon/lime .
There is grip on the tongue astringent on the front lips dry and slightly acidic.

It will probably improve over the next 5 years but at the moment it tastes raw and young.
I can't see them selling much of this at the price so look for discounts or make an offer.
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1/16/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
i could smell alcohol on the nose and a jammy smell.
The wine is light to medium body and colour.
Light tannins and light acid.
A dryish finish.
Fruit flavours are light but all in all they are nicely balanced.

Indications are this should improve over the next 6 months but it's life may be only a few more years.
1/6/2020 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
This is not a sour lime lemon riesling you might likely strike in an Australian riesling.

On the nose it was a bit like beer ..........yes it smelt like beer.
After a while I could smell the mineral coming through and a sort of mid floral smell.

On the tongue it was light lemon, maybe some other type of citrus maybe even a green apple taste , not the sweet type but more like the tarty acid type .
Smooth I have to say, light acid , soft fruit slightly dry with a medium clean finish.
I had the empty bottle sitting next to me and as I wrote I smelt it again and that beer smell was still there .
Should live for quite a while and I can see some more improvement coming .

My only worry of course is the fact it has a cork stopper and that might let it down in the future but I will keep my eye on it and taste again in six months.
12/16/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
I could smell the yeast being driven off as I poured into the carafe .

Once settled I could smell fruit probably berry type a mix of spice .

On the tongue, acid medium tannin ,some fruit a lingering finish.

A very nice drop from the Hilltops will live for quite a while yet.

Will taste again in six months

September 2020

Once again that yeast smell at the pour
maybe some light pepper notes.
The wine is now smooth silky very little tannin almost neutral.
Fruit on the tongue very inviting, pleasant and easy drinking.

Still sound and improved slightly from my first tasting.
11/26/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
Alight bodied, light in flavour, light to medium coloured wine.

Still some grip.

A little acid
Some tannin still evident.

Not the greatest Pinot I have tasted .

Sells for around $26.00 AU
11/13/2019 - Eric gene Noack wrote:
93 points
A very pleasant easy drinking wine .

Hard to put my finger on it but perhaps a little like an unwooded Chardonnay.

Non offensive

light fruit , next to no tannin , slight acid,pale in colour , nose seems a mix of crushed grapes and red earth

Yalumba apparently have a world wide reputation for producing quality Viognier and who am I to argue.
2016 The Colonial Estate In Exile Barossa Valley Cabernet-Shiraz Blend, Red Blend (view label images)
10/11/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
A medium bodied wine
The first thing I noticed was the weight of the bottle.......it's heavy

Pepper cigar box/western red cedar nose

Medium tannin/acid
Medium fruit that lightens off as it passes the tongue leaving a dry clean finish

A very well made wine of quality beating many more expensive wines in International tastings

Will live for quite a while

The Winemaking

Sourced from a small block in the Seppeltsfield region of the Barossa Valley. The vines that make up Exile were pruned severely and as a result of this along with minimal water they produced extremely small yields. Exile grapes were all hand picked and the grapes were selected in individual batches by the winemaker. The grapes were harvested then transported to the winery where they were de-stemmed and crushed individually to small static fermenters. Fermentation was brought on by the use of selected yeast strains and the temperatures peaked at 28 degrees before chilling back to 20 degrees for the completion of fermentation. The fermenters were pumped over 3 times daily to ensure the perfect amount of colour and tannin were extracted from the skins. A small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon was allowed to stay on skins for a week of additional maceration after the ferments were complete. The batches were then pressed into new French barrels where they underwent malolactic fermentation and are then aged for 18 months before final barrel selection, blending and bottled with minimal filtration.

2016 Vintage Wine Showcase Magazine - GOLD Medal
2016 Vintage Wine Showcase Magazine - 95 POINTS

August 2020

Still drinking well

A little alcohol pushing through on the nose.

The approach is still soft

Some grip on the tongue towards the front.

Still has a few years left in it's legs.
9/30/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
97 points
A superb Pinot which is very hard to find almost impossible .
Also might have Lethbridge as part of the label.

Mariafield clone grown by Jack and Lois Doeven in Drumborg Henty

using newly sourced wholebunch fruit from the Drumborg sub-region in Henty, it's nothing short of an astonishing effort for the crew. Names like Giaconda, By Farr Hoddle's Creek, Stonier, Gembrook Hill, Oakridge, Kooyong, Yabby Lake & Garagiste were all sampled in the same blind-tasting, and yet the Between Five Bells came out, quite clearly, on top.

Since the 98 points delivered by DECANTER it has been in low supply the price is cheap and the quality is amazing.

Whole bunches are carefully placed in a tall stainless steel tank...by hand. Winemaker Ray Nadeson doesn't want to damage any berries in this process so he straps on the climbing gear and ropes and hand places the bunches up the length of the tank. The idea behind his method is to allow the natural sheer weight of the fruit above to press the berries below. A small amount of fermenting Pinot Noir juice is introduced to the bottom of the tank, allowing the intact berries to be enveloped in CO2, creating a true carbonic maceration. As the fruit presses down more sweet juice joins the ferment. In the end this process encourages the development of a beautiful, silky mouth feel while maintaining vibrant fruity aromas.
This wine beat every Australian Pinot including some high priced offerings from well respected wineries in a recent tasting by DECANTER.

On the nose light oak/fruit/varnish

light to medium colour, light to medium body .

Ligh tannins and light fruit on the tongue .

Drinks very easily and I would guess 2 to 3 years is the drinking window
Tasting notes by Decanter
Roger Jones: Very fine delicate perfumed nose, on the palate a superb berry explosion with restraint. Some savoury tannins at the end.

Justin Knock MW: A hint of Vegemite, blue fruits, extremly creamy and fresh, really great length and power. More of a whole berry style but terrific length. Very good wine.

Anthony Rose: Deep, dark ruby, seductive loganberry fruit nose. Dark berry and plum fruit on the palate, which is opulently fruity and supported by firm extracted tannins, a savoury quality and crisp acidity in an overall finely balanced package. Great ageing potential.

Whole Pinot Noir bunches from cool-climate Henty undergo carbonic maceration in stainless steel tanks to maintain the pure varietal fruit character, before undergoing six months of oak ageing.

July 2020

Wow !! and still wow!!
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9/23/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
96 points
a beautiful wine
fruit driven smooth and inviting

Oak on the nose
No alcohol to talk of.
Fruit and low tannin on the tongue

Dark colour , medium to heavy in body

Excellent drinking,well balance and worth the price
9/9/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
Oak on the nose alcohol in the background.

lovely drinking at the moment.

probably at or near peak.

Soft light tannins

soft fruits

deep colour

Throwing sediment so best to decant except for the last 100ml or so .

Still alive and is a well made quality Cabernet Sauvignon
8/22/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
97 points
A very high quality Chenin Blanc and I doubt it gets much better than this.

The colour is light to mid gold with a tinge of green.

The nose is a smokey oak with vanilla .
On the tongue.
The oak is beautifully integrated allowing the fruit to shine .
This really is a lovely wine .

October 2019

I tasted this with a minimum of chill on the bottle.
The oak was more prevalent on the nose and on the tongue.
Starting to taste like a Oaked Chardonnay
8/13/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
97 points
A very high quality Grenache

On the nose yeast/slight pepper

Medium/dark colour

Delightful soft tannins

Soft fruit

medium bodied

The vineyard is owned by Jackson Family Wines in California
This wine is truly a gem and hard to find .

It was grown on sandy soil , a sand dune in Kangarilla from vines planted in 1946 , hand picked.

The grapes were hand-picked, destemmed and mechanically sorted. 50% whole berries. The berries were then tipped in to open fermenters, cold-soaked for 5-6 days and underwent wild yeast fermentation. No pressings were used. The wine in barrel was kept on lees in older French oak for 10 months. Not fined. Certified Organic/Biodynamic.

The 2017 growing season was one of the coldest on record. quite a wet Spring, which made shoot and bunch thinning of the utmost importance to reduce crop and ensure ample bunch exposure to sunlight.
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8/8/2019 - Eric gene Noack wrote:
78 points
Lyndock and Eden valley
Barnyard smell on the nose very off putting
Drinkable but just with little character .
Some light fruit and that's about it.
probably finished and over the hill can't recommend and I would stay away from all Hans Stockhausen wines sold on GraysOnline as they are questionable quality .
Nice impressive labels ( Chinese philosophy ) but goods inside are crap
8/2/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
91 points
At first I smell yeast.
Then alcohol and oak.
A boutique producer using vines planted back in 1880 and only 32 acres or was that hectares ?
Well balanced medium to dark colour.
medium fruit, soft tannins little acid if any.
Drinking well now and will perhaps survive another 2 years .
2015 Gaelic Cemetery Celtic Farm Clare Valley Shiraz Blend, Syrah (view label images)
8/1/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
A very nice well balance wine.

Oak and alcohol on the nose
On the tongue
Mild tannin light acid medium fruit a nice finish .
Medium colour

Probably close to it's peak may hold on for another year or two.
7/17/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
96 points
A beautifully balance wine of great quality.

NSW Wine of the year 2018

A HUNTER Valley shiraz red described by judges as “a magnificent wine of impeccable pedigree, purity and balance” crowned 2018 NSW Wine of the Year.

A tarty oak nose almost smells like stewed fruit, some alcohol .

Medium bodied and medium to dark colour
On the tongue tart like fruit in the middle , light to medium tannin, some acid at the front .
A wine that promises more , a complex wine will mean different things to different people.
I will taste again in six month.

Notes :
The separate parcels of Old Hill and Old Paddock were picked and crushed to open top fermenters. A short cold soak of 72 hours followed by inoculation with pump overs occurring three times a day. Pressed off at dryness to tank where the wine underwent malolactic fermentation. The wine was then racked to a combination of small and large format oak, with around 35% new French oak being used. The wine was blended after 12 months and bottled.
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7/15/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
A strange wine .
medium body, medium colour medium fruit.
On the nose plenty of alcohol.
On the tongue
tannins, acid/astringent and a very strange sour cherry/wine stalks taste , maybe this is the Touriga Nacional grape pushing through.

I can't say I agree this is early drinking.

It tasted to me immature and unsettled , and i just hope that alcohol goes away , if not , in six months it will over power this wine but lets see because I will try this again in six months.
At the moment I am undecided about this wine, it's not bad, it's just strange.

I was really looking for that Hunter valley red dirt taste but I can't find it.
7/11/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
96 points
The wine — which won the Singapore Airlines Trophy for the wine of the show, also won trophies for the best red, the best cabernet and the John Gladstones trophy for the wine showing the most distinctive regional character — beat a field of nearly 1000 WA wines.

Winemaker Severine Logan said the wine was a blend of 65 per cent cabernet from Watershed’s vineyard, with the rest from a small grower in Wilyabrup.

Ah its laden with medals and trophies too much needs a label of its own.
First indication it is starting to throw sediment needs standing upright for a week then careful decanting and throw away the last bit.

On the nose
alcohol, oak, powerful oak a western red cedar smell I guess some might call cigar box.
On the tongue.
Quite a different beast than the usual heavy bodied styles of the Barossa.

Deep inky colour, medium bodied, tannin still evident with an after grip.
Well balanced, some what clingy tannin , medium fruit that lingers .
A very nice well balanced wine
I will taste this again in 6 months .

Top Gold & 4 Trophies – 2017 Wine Show of Western Australia – Trophy Best Wine of Show, Trophy Best Red Wine of Show, Trophy Best Cabernet Sauvignon, Trophy Best and Most Distinctive Regional Character

Top Gold & 2 Trophies – 2017 Royal Hobart Wine Show – Trophy Best Red Wine in Show, Trophy Best Cabernet Sauvignon

Top Gold & Trophy – 2017 Perth Royal Wine Show
Trophy Best Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Gold & Trophy – 2016 Perth Royal Wine Show
Trophy Best Cabernet Sauvignon
Top Gold Medal – Rutherglen Wine Show 2017
Gold Medal – Rutherglen Wine Show 2016
Gold Medal – Cowra Wine Show 2017
Gold Medal – Cowra Wine Show 2016
Gold Medal – 2017 Royal Adelaide Wine Show
Gold Medal – 2017 Mundus Vini International Wine Show
Gold Medal – Royal Hobart International Wine Show 2016
Gold Medal – Wine Show of Western Australia 2016
Gold Medal – Royal Melbourne Wine Awards 2016
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7/10/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
97 points
This is one helluva Chardonnay.

The winemaker is Severine Logan originating from France and has been making wines with Watershed for around 12 years.

Best Chardonnay I have tasted in a long time and you would be forgiven for thinking it is unoaked because the oak is so well integrated with the fruit it just gives that first impression.
I would have to describe the Oak as new and slightly smokey.

The nose is a lovely blend of light oak and citrus fruits.

Beautifully balanced wine, light golden in colour , a certain softness on the tongue, slight acid and slight tannin.
A lovely well rounded finish .
The integration of the oak and fruit is just outstanding what else can I say.
I just kept coming back for more.

Note : This vineyard was purchased by Vasse Felix about a year or so ago.

They needed more fruit to expand their sales and at the time were going to let Watershed keep producing under the Watershed label, but recent events indicate that we may well be looking at the last few vintages under the Watershed label.
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7/5/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
A light fruit/floral nose
Light colour /pale /very clear
Light lemon/lime slightly acid a clean clear dry finish .
I would like to taste this again in 6 to 12 months it just gives the impression that there is more improvement.
I prefer at this stage the Wild Semillon .
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6/29/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
I had been wanting to try this for a while and my expectations were met.

A new take on Semillon. perhaps even a new breed completely.

Think of this as somewhere between a Sauvignon Blanc and an unwooded Chardonnay it is just delightful .

Light Gold in colour

Mineral/ aromatic /floral/flowery nose.

Om the tongue soft fruit delightful sweetness but not over ruling very east drinking morish in fact , fine grained, very little tannin and acid.

Light lemon/lime finish

I could drink this without restraint and finish a bottle on my own .
This is a beautifully balanced wine that required a lot of skill to make and I noticed that Gundog estate have taken this a step further with their Indomitus Albus which uses the Wild Semillon approach as it's base but projecting it to a new level.
I think we have stumbled on something new and unique with this Semillon and I predict as it becomes more available that demand will exceed production..........it is that good .
6/18/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
Meaty nose
Slight acid
Mild tannin
medium fruit
medium to dark colour
medium body.
Drinking ok now but it tastes like it needs at least another year.
Nothing really offensive here but nothing outstanding
6/16/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
Oak/and more oak on the nose.
the wine is medium bodied, deep to medium colour.
A little pepper.

Medium fruit.
medium to light tannin

The wine suggest that a year or two will improve this drop

Decanter World Wine Awards 2018 (2O14 VINTAGE)PLATINUM AWARD 97/100
6/14/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
Oak/alcohol/yeast on the nose
A medium bodied wine of dark colour.
medium tannin light fruit a fair amount of grip with a medium finish
Nothing stands out with this wine, still, it might need a year or two to soften out , however I would keep a check on that alcohol .
Will taste again in six months
6/10/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
Oak/Alcohol on the nose
medium bodied
light fruit
slightly astringent
short finish
may improve with age
6/7/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
A lively dry type of Cabernet Sauvignon

An almost spicy nose, distinct oak present.

Plenty of grip on the tongue , tight, oaky, medium bodied and dry.
Slightly acidic
A different taste than I was expecting but it may not appeal to some
The wine is sound and well made and will live on for at least 5 years.
6/5/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
A very well made wine.
Light alcohol/light oak and varnish on the nose.
On the tongue light tannin, medium fruit in the middle and a long to medium finish.
The fruit lingers for quite awhile
A very pleasant wine with some life I suspect another 5 years is a safe bet

September 2020
Pretty much the same as previous tasting .

I did note however a slight astringent effect to the lips .
Should maintain it's presence for a year or two.
5/15/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
97 points
A superb pinot attracts my highest score to date.

Immense quality, light to medium colour, light bodied.
Slight yeast on the nose, on the tongue a beautiful balance, light tannin, light acid , medium fruit .
The trouble is with a wine like this you can drink too much.
It just goes down smoothly and beckons for the next glass .

There is not an offensive bone in this wines body.

Sells for around the $60.00AU mark and will probably survive for another 5 years unless of course you have drunk the lot of your stash which is highly probable.

July 2020.

What can I say.
This wine is just one beautiful Pinot Noir.
Magnificent balance not an off bone in it's body.
I left it in the carafe for longer than I wanted to and came back to it after 3 days .
It was unbelievable.
The nose showed nothing but a light sea breeze of ocean .
Has to be the best Pinot Noir I have tasted in 50 years.
4/22/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
My third vintage of this wine.
To be honest there is hardly any difference from all three.
A consistent effort by the wine maker to produce a wine almost equal over 3 vintages.
Good value for a quality easy drinking, inexpensive wine.
4/18/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
Very similar to the 2016 . I have little to add other than it's a nice crisp white goes with seafood nicely similar to many French whites .
4/12/2019 - Eric gene Noack wrote:
88 points
A rough BBQ type wine .
Oak,varnish and alcohol on the nose.
On the tongue acid and tannin, astringent,unrefined.
Definitely not a run of the mill smooth Merlot.
Very rough on the edges but drinks OK considering the price.
2015 Lou Miranda Estate Shiraz Mataro Barossa Valley Shiraz Blend, Syrah (view label images)
4/2/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
95 points
Ah the internet, what a mess of incorrect information, cut and paste reviews and people espousing to have tasted and reviewed a wine but never got closer than hearing about it.

Any way, back to the review because I am exhausted figuring this one out.

The first thing I noticed is the label shows nothing on the front as to its origin or year. No wonder people are just guessing.
The next thing I noticed is reviews and points that just don't exist . Claims of high points from certain reviewers who were actually reviewing another wine or an earlier vintage.
This 2015 vintage came from 1991 shiraz not the claimed 1907 shiraz, now that's just a lazy paste and copy or is the back label incorrect ?

The Mataro comes from 1898/1897 vines.
The wine is deep and brooding and rich.
On the nose it is a mix of oak/earth/stalks
On the tongue soft deep fruit with tannin evident and a long finish with slight acid at the front.
A high quality offering .
I would say 10 years would see this out so mark it at 2029 .
You won't find this wine on the Lou Miranda site but the 2014 is there but sold out.
The price ex vineyard is $89.95AU but it's only the tourists who pay these prices.
Sam Kim 97 points
Supposedly there was only 3600 bottles produced but the image shown is the normal red bottle and not the Pinot bottle that I have so, not sure whether they are talking about the same wine.

Stand by for my rolling reviews.
2/19/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
A nicely perfumed/floral wine very similar to a number of french whites I have tasted .
On the tongue it is light and airy similar once again to a light bodied unwooded french chardonnay .
Some compare it to semillon but no it's not even close to a Hunter valley semillon in flavour.
Light bodied, light coloured, pleasant summer wine .
1/2/2019 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
94 points
The first thing I did when tasting this was to compare it to the Eagles Rest Maluna Block 2012 Chardonnay from the Hunter valley.

The Glenelly is very hard to find in Australia and it was only offered by one online retailer so, I expect it is better known in the USA and the UK.

This particular wine from Glenelly is a very well balanced wine.

Even though it has spent 2 months more on Oak than the Maluna block it is much better integrated into the wine.
At first you can smell the oak and the alcohol and then you begin to expect an oak driven wine.
But that is far from the truth.
The wine is finely balanced and that is not by chance.
The oak is but a hint on the tongue and the fruit shows more so than the Hunter valley offering.
The finish is clean and lingers just a tad, the colour light the body light.
Slight acid/astringent to the front and that feeling remains on the front of the tongue for a few seconds.
At first tasting, I prefer this to the Aussie Chardonnay.
Their suggested retail is the same at $50.00AU and James Halliday gave the Eagles Rest 96 points and Tim Atkins gave the Glenelly 95 . Also a couple of Golds .
My scores, however, favor the South African wine.

The first time I tasted a South African wine was in London in 2010 and I was surprised by the Sav/blanc
Again in 2012 I had another bottle, again a Sav/blanc in Paris and once again it left me with a positive impression.
In fact, I believe South Africa make very good wines and I am surprised they aren't more readily available in Oz which is a darn shame.

still drinking very well.

The Oak is there but not overpowering
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12/27/2018 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
Can i say old world ?
Well, maybe not quite but it did remind me of those over oaked rubbish Chardonnays produced in the eighties, not in a bad way though.

This one has oak and mineral on the nose
Oak on the tongue
Acid to the front, a grip in the middle, which I think is the oak.

If you don't like an oaked Chardonnay than give this a pass.

I am not a fan of oaked Chardonnays I just always think it is not necessary and kills the fruit flavours of the grape.

Any way, this one is not unbearable.

It is, however is finely balanced , the oak is the first thing that hits you, then a slight salty flavour a clean finish.
The fruit is there somewhere , it really does not push through the oak.
As I said, the wine is a fine balance between aggressive and passive .

You can taste the quality and the effort to produce a better than average chardonnay.

It's a bit heavier than your French variety so be prepared for something that is a little deeper and darker.

Sells for around $50.00 but you can buy it cheaper.
James Halliday 96 points.


Still oak and fruit on the nose
some minerals
has not improved
12/27/2018 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
A very nice sav/blanc/semillon .

The usual passionfruit/mineral nose that I get from most NZ sav/blancs so this SA offering is very similar.
Platinum award for best value white , decanter, plus 97 points.
Not sure it's that high but I have noticed that reviewers in Europe, particularly, Spain and Italy seem to over rate the wines into the stratosphere.
I say it's equal to the best from NZ and that passionfruit nose is always present yet it seems most reviewers have no idea what a passionfruit smells or tastes like.
On the tongue it shows mineral and slight acid to the front a stalky finish .
The wine itself is light in colour and body .
It is an easy drinking wine of very good quality, does not have a high price tag like so many good South African wines which is a nice surprise because to be honest some of those South African wines in the $100.00 to $150.00 price point are just toooooo expensive .
I guess they are surfing on the ratings of people like Tim Atkins who seems to be like a blind man with a machine gun .
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12/20/2018 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
91 points
A softer style of Semillon
The lemon /lime is there but it is tamed and softer.
The nose is a mineral nose.
The wine is light in colour and body.
Light acid at the front a lingering finish.
An easy drinking wine that promises to soften again in a few years but I find it is drinking very well now .
11% alcohol
11/22/2018 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
A very unusual wine and to be honest I have to totally ignore the description on the label.

Maybe it's my Aussie palate .

A much awarded wine of very good quality.
I am really not sure what I am smelling on the nose but it is certainly not licorice . Some one described it as "pitch down" which is a tar "gawd awful smell" well, its not that bad but it is unusual , more a light oak mixed with sea water ,maybe it's coming from the barrel or even the hoses .
Does not seem to be any overtones of alcohol .
The wine is a soft approach, silky to very little tannin low acidity with a pinch of astringent grip on the lips.
Generous blackberry fruit almost burnt raisin .I just caught that flavour on first mouthful after drinking coffee, but later it seemed to disappear.
The colour is medium ..

I can't describe it as a bold wine, it's more a soft wine by Australian standards ,but it does hold some interest with that grip at the front.
It does have 14% alcohol but it does not over power the wine .
I found that standing this wine after opening for a few hours really lifted the flavours.
A dry short finish.
A very nice Malbec..........you can pick it up for around $22.00-$28.00AU
11/15/2018 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
89 points
A better than average Pinot. medium colour depth.
Medium to light bodied.
Slight tannin.
A varnish smell on the nose.
Light to medium fruit with a clean finish.
Not much wrong with this wine a middle of the road offering and priced at around $20.00 AU is worth it but you can buy it cheaper if you shop around.

May 2019
has developed a slight barnyard smell on the nose I have deducted a point to 89

September 2019
My last tasting it must have just been that bottle.
This one was fine , pleasant and light bodied
10/13/2018 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
92 points
A dry Chardonnay showing minerals on the nose and the tongue.
Lacks a little in the fruit department showing a flinty chlorine type layer.
No oak and a light bodied light in colour wine.
Very well balanced perhaps even edging towards a Hunter valley semillon style.
10/12/2018 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
93 points
A really lovely wine.
I noticed this wine has made steady improvement since the 2014 vintage.
A decanter Gold
A decanter 95 points
Grape variety Melon de Bourgogne to my knowledge a non existant variety in Australia.
A beautiful fruit salad nose dominated by passionfruit and pineapple.
On the tongue a salty mineral which gives a clean but lingering finish.
The soil type is granite and you can taste this in the wine.
Light /gold in colour
Produced from a parcel of old vines.
I really enjoyed this wine that salty mineral taste got me in , a very nice clean finish
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9/20/2018 - Eric gene Noack Likes this wine:
96 points
Black Bay of Biscay Clay’ is the soil . A highly sought-after soil that produces signature small berries, leading to a wonderful extraction of colour and in turn depth of flavour and structure. Hence the name of this wine ‘Black Bay’.

A rare wine that shows it is out of stock or waiting on their website ?
Sells for $75.00AU retail so it puts it squarely between the Squids ink and The Giant squids Ink( 2012 Best Red Wine in the World)
There you go for all you french lovers , this wine comes from a producer who knows what they are doing.
OK , I have to say at first I got the wiff of alcohol and oak but as I let it sit, for the first time, I actually smelt chocolate,which is something I always scoff at with tasters, so I made sure I didn't have any Lindt laying around close to the glass.
The wine is deep in colour and medium in body 14.5% in alcohol and 2 years in mixed oak .
Hmmmm...........the squids Ink is much awarded so this is more expensive with nothing to show at the moment ,so early committers might snag a bargain

On the tongue. it is slight acid to the front soft tannins to the side, smooth entry, lovely medium fruit . lingers for a while, nice clean finish eventually that keeps you coming back for more .
Cellar ? lets see maybe 5 years , don't push your luck, it's drinking well now so maybe 1 year improvement .
Lovely, well balance wine.

June 2020

Softened right out the fruit is shining .

A mixed smell on the nose , a bit on the banyard side not a good sign , not sure if this will last much longer , it's sound but that nose is telling me to drink now .

Also some sediment forming in the bottle .....yes I think for sure it's a must drink .
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