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8/14/2021 - YYC-Wineguy Likes this wine:
92 points
So good, smooth, smoky, silky, and perfect with grilled rib steaks. Loving Gramercy’s winemaking styles - not meant for impatient drinkers. This one has it all - drink now.
An amazing wine. Pear, lemon curd, and apricots - such an expressive wine. Loved this.
A bit flat, and unimpressive for a CNdP. Unremarkable, and likely needs another 3-5 years to do something but I’m not sure if this will turn out better.
A wonderful expression of Syrah, fruity but dark and lengthy at the same time.
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2014 Clos Des Menuts St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
9/30/2020 - YYC-Wineguy wrote:
Corked again - my luck on Bordeaux is freaky bad.
2014 Château Marsau Francs Côtes de Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
9/6/2020 - YYC-Wineguy wrote:
Frustratingly corked - both bottles. Such a disappointment
9/28/2019 - YYC-Wineguy wrote:
So excited to finally taste this - unfortunately it was corked.
10/7/2018 - YYC-Wineguy Likes this wine:
95 points
An absolutely stunning wine. Was a little concerned when the cork broke but this an amazing wine experience. Almost bricklike in colour, hints of medicinal, a bit musty like a barnyard but in a good way. Flavours of cedar, old tobacco, wet hay, leaves, stewed plums, and a lasting intensity that was unbelievable. Definitely in my top 5 of all time.
This was simply awful. Contrived, manipulated sweetness, and artificial flavours. Perhaps my bottle was bad, but I’ll avoid this one in the future. Not a happy place in my flavour profile.
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