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Bought at grandi Vini alba. Not good. Damaged by high temperatures?
2/26/2013 - Eirik Sand Johnsen Likes this wine:
94 points
Extremely delicate, pure and floral barolo. Still alot of life and vibrance. Abolutely clean on nose and palate. Second bottle tasted. Both great. Kept getting better and better after 3 hours in the decanter. Roses, light red berries, faint hints of tar and sweet tobacco. Nothing extreme in terms of depth or complexity, just a very special wine of pure poetic beauty.
1/29/2013 - Eirik Sand Johnsen wrote:
90 points
Fantastic. Gamey, smokey, mineral and youthful. 36 months in 40% new oak melded perfectly in. No new barrel flavours left.
1/26/2013 - Eirik Sand Johnsen wrote:
90 points
Beautiful northern Nebbiolo with delicate, transparent red berry fruit, fresh and quite youthful. Dried roses, orange peel, bergamot. Light veil of dusty tannins. Salty mineral finish.
3/18/2012 - Eirik Sand Johnsen wrote:
88 points
Spectacular quality for a CdR! So elegant, fresh, peppery, and with low alcohol.
2/14/2012 - Eirik Sand Johnsen Likes this wine:
90 points
Beautiful Barolo, drank at a great moment in life for my taste, but still many years to go.
White - Sweet/Dessert
12/17/2011 - Eirik Sand Johnsen Likes this wine:
90 points
So fresh, so lifted and transparent, with loads of energy, finesse and elegance! A unique recioto for sure.
11/19/2011 - Eirik Sand Johnsen Likes this wine:
86 points
Fresh, intense and energetic fruit, but a bit high on alcohol (15%) for my taste.
Lekker, ren og frisk duft, med preg av eple, gul melon og streif av agurk(!). Noe mineraler
Samme rene stil i munnen med forfriskende sitrussyre, innslag av grønt eple og noe mineraler. Sitter godt i munnen.
Nose: Clean, light, wild strawberries, blueberries, plum. Youthful. Something earthy and slightly smokey.
Palate: Clean, acidic and fresh attack, indulging midway with a little swetness. Intense. Red fruit and berries, modest use of oak. Great tannins tightens it all up at the end.
Nose: Clean, nice fruit, strawberry, cherry, together with some mushroom/forest and woody notes. Elegant.
Palate: Clean, fruity, mineral, fresh and complex. Cherry, wild strawberries. Balanced. Long.
Clean, youthful, medium intense nose. Cherry and berries.
Nice, light to medium body and intensity. Nice red fruit and berries. Relatively short.
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