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2003 Maison Leroy Bourgogne Pinot Noir
11/15/2016 - Derek Darth Taster wrote:
88 points
Ullage high up in the neck, as compared to another 2 bottles that were at base of neck. Interestingly, all 3 bottles were supposedly from the same batch direct from the winery.
Pop and poured. Drank over 1.5 hours at B&B PP. Cork soaked nearly to the top.
Appearance is clear, medium intensity, ruby colour. Legs.
Nose is clean, medium intensity, with aromas of dark red cherries, earth, hot stone minerality, slight floral perfume. Developed.
On the palate, dry, high acidity, medium alcohol (12.5%), medium- tannins that seemed to get more drying with air, medium body. Medium+ flavour intensity, with flavours of black cherries, dark red cherries, boysenberry, earth, hot stone minerality. Medium+ finish.
Good quality overall. Outstanding quality for a Bourgogne. Ripeness of the vintage shows. Very direct flavour profile without layers or complexity. The wine feels like it could last another 5 years, considering the concentration of fruit, but unlikely to improve much more. With air, the fruit profile became a bit more pruney. Pray the cork of your bottle holds too. My guess is that there seems to be a lot of bottle variation going on.
  • clarktoews commented:

    11/15/16, 9:20 AM - very good review. thanks. i just bought a 6 pack of this and havent tried it yet

2004 Bruno Giacosa Barolo Riserva Le Rocche del Falletto di Serralunga d'Alba Nebbiolo
11/6/2016 - clarktoews wrote:
85 points
very disappointed in this wine. super tart and almost sour. no fruit on the nose just an aggressive tart note. almost poured it down the sink but let it decant for 3hrs and it softened a bit. had one glass and will revisit tonight.
ok, let this sit for two days and it was better for sure. the upfront tartness was gone and it was more fruit fwd with some leather on the palate, finish wasn't great but not surprised given the two day layover. still mixed on this one
  • clarktoews commented:

    11/8/16, 12:26 PM - yeah, i can only hope it is "sleeping" will be trying it tonight

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