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6/24/2013 - mrzitro Likes this wine:
91 points
Rollie pollie -YUM. On the backend of the nose, the rollie pollie says quietly "here I am". On the palate, the blackberry is 1st and as it fades the rollie pollie makes a muted appearance on the finish. Rollie pollie is what others may call earth or dirt. Hearty tannins.
6/15/2013 - mrzitro wrote:
88 points
1st night, pop'n'pour: Nice plum on the nose. Blackberry & dark cherry followed by vanilla notes on the finish. Paired well with grilled hamburgers. 2nd night: The fruit faded & the 14.5% alcohol was quite noticeable.
1/19/2008 - mrzitro wrote:
80 points
My first Torrontes. The nose: Heavy dose of Febreze with a shot of lemon Pledge. On the palate I got the same: Febreze & lemon Pledge. This floral element was too strong. My palate was hit with a 2x4 version of a flower. I will try another Producer's Torrontes to see what happens.
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