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2018 Gallina de Piel Wines Ribeiro Manar dos Seixas White Blend
2/19/2021 - foyfrcs Likes this wine:
90 points
Medium lemon.
Fresh mineral, green apple, mint, blossom nose.
Medium body, medium acidity.
Hints of petrol, kerosene in addition on the palate.
Very enjoyable wine.
  • daver852 commented:

    2/19/21, 11:37 AM - How do you give a wine 90 points and call it "very enjoyable," and then say you don't like it?

  • daver852 commented:

    2/20/21, 8:23 PM - No problems - has happened to me!

2015 Hahn Cabernet Sauvignon California
4/9/2017 - daver852 Likes this wine:
88 points
An unassuming but very enjoyable wine that I found to be quite satisfying. Dark color, modest nose. Medium-bodied, dry and not overly fruity. Unobtrusive tannins, a moderate amount of oak, and adequate acidity. Not overly complex, and perhaps lacking a bit of depth, but good, plain Cabernet Sauvignon for everyday drinking. Good value if you can find it around $10. Recommend.
  • daver852 commented:

    11/3/17, 4:16 PM - Great find!

2007 Leeuwin Estate Chardonnay Art Series Margaret River
9/24/2015 - dcwino wrote:
92 points
TN: Dinner 95 & 98 Rayas, 03 Lafite, 95 Trotanoy, 04 Blankiet, 05 Dom and etc. (Eddie V's): Very fresh example. Very Cali Chardonnay like nose showing noticeable oak, coconut, ripe yellow fruits, apple and pineapple. Nice balance. Medium concentration, succulent sweet yellow fruit driven palate impression, bright acidity and clean medium finish. Very much a panty remover, high end Cougar Chardonnay.
  • daver852 commented:

    9/25/15, 7:57 PM - Please send list of all panty-remover wines!

2012 Bodega Catena Zapata Malbec Tilia Mendoza
2/6/2014 - daver852 wrote:
84 points
Good color, very shy on the nose. On the palate there is some jammy dark fruit over rather harsh tannins, along with the a bit of heat. Acidity is fairly high, but not much to back it up. Very short finish. Basically, this is fairly nondescript and inoffensive, but doesn't offer good value, even at the $8 or $9 level. There are a lot of very good, inexpensive Malbecs out there that surpass this one on every level. Pass.
  • daver852 commented:

    2/3/15, 3:40 PM - Thanks!

2013 Hahn Cabernet Sauvignon California
1/20/2015 - daver852 Likes this wine:
89 points
Seems like it's getting more difficult to find wines that out perform their price-point, but this one certainly does. Dark color, solid nose that accurately reflects the palate of oak, dark fruit, and fairly soft tannins that make this wine quite approachable at a very young age. Just a touch of heat on the finish. Very California in style - something that doesn't often appeal to me - but this wine manages to be very appealing. It had me at the first sip. Not serious wine, but tasty and delicious. Would not hold long, as the fruitiness is the mainstay of its charm, and will likely fade within a few years, but it is certainly a winner now, A steal at $11. Highly recommend.
  • daver852 commented:

    2/3/15, 3:21 PM - Thanks, Tom!

1982 Ch√Ęteau Gruaud Larose St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
Shockingly found on Lake Park Bistro's wine list for $150. I had to go for it. And absolutely in prime form. Not that I have a ton of experience in the field but man oh man are the 1983s drinking superb right now. And in some ways better than the heralded '82s. Such an overshadowed vintage. Great stuff here. Drink all you can.
  • daver852 commented:

    10/26/13, 10:11 AM - I'm a bit confused - the review for the '82 or the '83?

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