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2009 Sine Qua Non Syrah The Thrill of... Central Coast
Awful wine. No points for subtly. Confirmed everything that is wrong with this style of wine making. Tasted next to a 59 Calon Segur which offered everything you could want in a wine. A sad statement about trophy wines that offer no QPR yet seem to attract such strangely positive reviewed. I wonder if it were served blind whether anyone would rate this so highly.
  • gpowell1978 commented:

    4/19/13, 9:01 AM - Not really, as the sine qua non really is very poor indeed, so more like a badly imitated Rembrandt and a truly great Picasso. To me this wine will fall apart badly, and hopefully, be eclipsed by some proper wine making in 50 years away from the sort of cult wine making that seems to be so badly affecting things at the moment.

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