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2012 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Three Twins Vineyard Napa Valley
So...after being notified by nutty my wine buddy, I decided to try this wine again.

Gotta say that my palate suggests that my previous note may have been .....reserved..

Tonight on pop and pour, with planned drinking over several hours with grilled dry aged ribeye, this wine is open for business. Full and ripe fruit but still not over the top. Very well balanced with bitter chocolate notes especially on th are finish and red/dark fruits in forefront, tannins certainly present with a long way to go to resolution or integration but very drinkable and enjoyable.

Always appreciative of others palates and notes.
  • texaswinelover commented:

    7/3/17, 10:20 AM - Ok. U schooled me..or maybe my last bottle was muted for some reason..or maybe the fruit bombs I drank prior to that bottle distorted my palate..or maybe there was more fruit. At least it certainly seemed like more fruit.

    Really noticed bitter dark chocolate too this time. Maybe touch etoh on nose but not in mouth.

    Enjoyed this bottle more than last. At least on my subjective enjoyment scale.

2012 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Three Twins Vineyard Napa Valley
6/28/2017 - Nutty08 Likes this wine:
93 points
Unapologetically Napa, with bold concentrated ripe fruit flavors. Coarse tannin, but very much in the background with currants and black/red fruits pushed to the fore. Very polished and smooth texture. Some chocolate on the finish. Flat out delicious, though admittedly I need to be in the mood for a wine like this.
  • texaswinelover commented:

    6/28/17, 9:37 PM - Guess heavy heady fruit bomb doesn't mean the same to me that it does to you. Good to have you back in town.

2013 Badenhorst Family Wines Chenin Blanc Secateurs Swartland
Was really hoping to find a nice South African Chenin blanc to remind me of the one I had at Disneys Jiko a few months ago. Unfortunately, I bought this one. Honestly, I couldn't detect any varietal typicity. This tasted like $10 new world Chardonnay. Overly oaked, thin, short finish. Would not buy again. $16 at Gabriel's here in San Antonio.
  • texaswinelover commented:

    7/21/15, 6:04 PM - Thank for comment. Tasted oaky to me. Very similar profile to modern oaky California Chardonnay. I'm no expert obviously. Your question promoted me to research it and it appears that badenhorst uses concrete vats. Oops. Guess there's no oak. Just something that tastes like oak. :)

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