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2004 Nicholas Cole Cellars Camille Columbia Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
11/27/2010 - grngnt wrote:
I dont often write TN. But in this case this wine was pretty darn nice. Great nose, finish and taste through the night. However I am writing this to let others know,, FILTER this. As I finished the bottle and saw the sediment deposits on the shoulder I was not surprised to find sediment( a lot) in the glass. Next time I will filter it. Other than that , enjoy every drop, great QPR.
8/9/2010 - grngnt wrote:
Unfiltered 13.5 % alc, Tart, with food was ok, on its own not that pleasant, finished it off with cheese and crackers
White - Sparkling
5/31/2010 - grngnt wrote:
Just a lazy day on the deck and went through 4 of these. Green apple right off the bat with some citrus. In the right glass it bubbles like crazy, but in a reg flute it was more sublime. something good to have around the house, decent for the price.
5/24/2010 - grngnt wrote:
Heavy on the petrol smell, but went real well with chicken dinner and on its own afterward. I would buy again if it was on sale.
btw, I dont drink whites, very very rarely.
5/8/2010 - grngnt wrote:
Excellant bottle, cherry and berry flavors, integrated well, very enjoyable over 3 hours.
room temp, popped and poured
1/5/2009 - grngnt wrote:
70 points
Opened and was light on the nose, heavy tannins and acidic, decanted 2 hours softened, but no aroma, no taste, was sippable but still heavily acidic to the point where i couldnt drink it. I would say stay away.
1995 Château Simard St. Émilion Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
6/25/2008 - grngnt wrote:
Wasnt very good, turned brick color, and taste was not there,, dumped
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