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2020 Pascal Janvier Jasnières Cuvée du Silex Chenin Blanc
11/18/2021 - kitkat4 wrote:
88 points
Day 1 seemed fully mature, unlike the 2019 Domaine Huet from the day before. Was quite enjoyable, nice saline and mineral accents.

Day 2, though, seemed prematurely oxidized, with bruised apples. Not nearly as enjoyable on the second day.
  • kitkat4 commented:

    2/7/22, 3:34 PM - Hi Mstryker21. Thanks for sharing your experience as well!

2019 Nicolas Joly Clos de la Coulée de Serrant Savennières-Coulée de Serrant Chenin Blanc
So glad I only purchased one bottle of this. A very odd wine and not my thing at all. As per my understanding, this is a wine to have over multiple days which is how I approached it.

Day 1: Like tart, unsweetened apple cider with just a touch of funk. Not my thing. Didn't quite finish the glass.

Day 2 and 3: Nuse a bit more vibrant. Higher acidity than day 1. With a bit of spritz and an unpleasant tingle on the tongue, there is too much to distract from the fruit and wine itself.

Day 4 was Thanksgiving - did not try it.

Day 5: Nose still a bit like apples. High acidity but fruit seems masked some with alcohol and nutty flavors. Not particularly enjoyable.
  • kitkat4 commented:

    1/29/22, 5:48 AM - Hello - Thanks for the comment. Not really vinegar like, although there was an apple like component to it. Day 1 was more like unsweetened apple cider. It is pretty expensive for a chenin blanc, so not sure if I will try it again. However, it did occur to me that it could be flawed, I had also seen some other notes on this wine that seemed to be similar, so I wasn't sure. I will keep it in mind if I do decide to try it again!

2020 Coudert Fleurie Clos de la Roilette Gamay
11/26/2021 - kitkat4 Does not like this wine:
84 points
Reminds me a bit of cranberry juice, but with alcohol. Sipped over some time and two days, but never could get into it. Lacks the bit of depth that the tardive has. Poured the last glass down the drain.
  • kitkat4 commented:

    12/9/21, 2:09 PM - Hello - Thanks. Yes, I won't open my second bottle for quite some time.

2017 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Les Bournais Chenin Blanc
11/19/2021 - kitkat4 Likes this wine:
94 points
My third Chenin Blanc this week, and the best - even compared to the Huet 2019 Sec. Only my second Chidaine ever and I am already a fan.

Served at cellar temperature.

On the nose, floral, pineapple, peach. The floral notes are really pleasant.

On the palate, zesty, mineral, floral, lime zest, dried apricot, fruity. White pepper lingers.

Multi-layer, dry, really enjoyable wine. I have one left and may try to order another one.
  • kitkat4 commented:

    11/21/21, 4:41 PM - Thanks srh!!

2019 Domaine Huet Vouvray Sec Le Haut-Lieu Chenin Blanc
8/18/2021 - kitkat4 wrote:
Day 1: juicy, quince, citrus, very ripe. Some bitterness. Mineral and tarragon (slight licorice and lemon) linger long on the palate. Medium body and acidity. Later, with food, some grapefruit. Wine shows potential but not wowing me at this point.

Day 2: medium body and fruit. Does best with food due to the lingering herbal flavor on the palate.

I'm fairly new to Chenin Blanc, but this did not wow me. Do the herbal notes that persisted long after sipping persist as it ages? The fruit and acidity were only moderate, (say, compared to German Riesling) so if they fade over the years what is left? I've really enjoyed the Chenin Blanc I have had so far, but not sure what to make of my first new vintage (non-aged) Huet sec experience.

I have two bottles in the cellar so hope it improves with time. I detest anything that reminds me of black licorice. so the herbal tarragon notes are a turn-off.
  • kitkat4 commented:

    8/19/21, 7:53 PM - Thanks sleepyhaus and oldwines for sharing your thoughts! I too found this lacked energy and I am also not loving it. I have two more bottles and will just let them sleep.

    I did not relate to John Gilman's review - meaning I did not find this to be full bodied or having bracing acidity. Interesting that Wine Spectator describes it as a "subtle, dry version" while the Parker reviewer says "most delicate". I am OK with subtle or delicate as long as all the parts fall together.

    Hoping it improves over some time! And again, thanks for commenting.

  • kitkat4 commented:

    8/22/21, 7:54 AM - Thanks Kaush. I also wondered if had prematurely closed down.

White - Off-dry
2003 Domaine Huet Vouvray Franc de Pied Le Haut-Lieu Chenin Blanc
Decanted two (2) hours. Goldenrod in color with intense aromas of apricot, quince, lemon curd, honeysuckle, lanolin, and limestone. Full bodied and deftly structured; rich stone fruit flavors are joined with notes of beeswax, roasted nuts, and chalk. Generous on the palate; elegant fruit is beautifully balanced with required acidity that leads to long rewarding finish. Delicious! Not certain how long this has ahead of it but sure is drinking wonderfully right now.
  • kitkat4 commented:

    7/22/21, 3:51 PM - I purchased 4 and drank 1 of them. Thought it was lovely! I didn’t decant. Thanks for sharing the review.

2019 Matetic Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc EQ Coastal Casablanca Valley
7/2/2021 - Sebastian_AF wrote:
95 points
Very elegant, with a complex nose of green melon and something else green (leafy? Herbal?). Great minerality on the palate. You can taste the coastal influence. Killer for the price point.
  • kitkat4 commented:

    7/2/21, 3:54 PM - The nose is remarkably similar to my tin of Nilgiri frost tea. I was trying to place the herbal nose and landed there! Thanks for the review.

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