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2004 Sine Qua Non Syrah Poker Face Central Coast
10/17/2019 - Kevnzworld wrote:
93 points
90 minute decant.
Decent fruit and nose. A little plum, current and eucalyptus but too tannic and hot.
Not concentrated enough to hold up while waiting the tannin to mellow
Time in the decanter didn’t improve it...maybe it’s a pnp at this point.
  • Kevnzworld commented:

    10/17/19, 9:18 PM - Similar but different. Both are 15 yo wines that are at the stage of greatness or ehh. Obviously all comments are bottle specific and as we all know there’s great variations between bottles.
    No reason to edit either critique.

2009 Château Pontet-Canet Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
8/21/2019 - mathwonk wrote:
We had this tonight, after several hours of decanting, thanks to notes here, and it hit all the marks expected. It was concentrated so that it lasted all dinner, it had the right label so that it popped eyeballs at the restaurant and impressed everyone, and it was rich and round and full of flavor. It tasted great and we enjoyed it and it was a highlight of the evening. Still, there is not a feeling that it is anywhere near worth the price ($275). It has no complexity, and little interest, there is nothing thoughtful about it and it will certainly not stay in memory more than a few days, compared to wines whose taste lasts a lifetime. For a specific and modest example, a Leonetti 2008 cab sav shared a few months ago was far more memorable and mature, and has me searching for another similar wine. If you like concentration, "jamminess" and so on, this provides it, but if you prefer subtlety, complexity, and depth, this does not. I was already disappointed at examining the label to see it has 14% alcohol, since that is a sure sign the winemaker has abandoned subtlety for power. (This high alcohol is also true of the Leonetti I admit.) I hope I have not reached the point where only Chateau Latour would meet my expectations, but I believe a nice Chateau Lagrange, or for the same richness, maybe a 2008 Swansons' Alexis, would be more enjoyable for a fraction of the price. These bordeaux prices have me going back to good Washington wines for a comparative bargain. I.e. the Pontet Canet tastes nothing like what I expect from a Pauillac, and if you want berry juice, why not buy much cheaper US west coast wines? I apologize for the rant, but do hope the views help someone else understand just what is meant by raves about these wines. I.e. this is indeed a powerful concentrated wine, but that does not mean it will offer enjoyment proportional to the price to everyone. To be sure, careful reading of previous notes does reveal the true nature of this wine to the astute reader. Furthermore, most reviewers advise waiting and cellaring this wine. I think they are probably right, as more age can only help, but I cannot predict the future. Sincere thanks to all who tried to help me anticipate what this experience would be like.
  • Kevnzworld commented:

    10/17/19, 7:33 PM - My take. I like this wine. It has exceptionally high ratings...of course the price will increase. Pontet Canet was a mid level Bordeaux producer until 2009. They upped their game...and of course 2009/10 were exceptional years in Bordeaux.
    For my $ , I just bought two more bottles for $225 and that’s a bargain imo. This wine will be exceptional 10 years from now

1985 Château Ducru-Beaucaillou St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
11/17/2018 - Kevnzworld wrote:
92 points
This was a 2011 winery reckorked bottle
We bought the bottle on a cruise ship( Seabourn) for a pretty good price.
We decanted the wine for one hour before dinner.
Flavor of wet forest floor and mushrooms
Though the fruit and tannins are somewhat faded, what remained was savory silky and elegant.
  • Kevnzworld commented:

    11/17/18, 2:57 AM - Thanks Stadler!
    I mentioned your comment to my wife and she corrected me, we only decanted it an hour early but to your suggestion even that was probably too much.
    Thanks for the comment and advice!

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