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4/21/2016 - surfcityvino wrote:
A bit of spice. Somewhat lacking in fruit. Soft tannins. Not a varietally correct cabernet sauignon. I had greater expectations for Domaines Barons de Rothschild. It's OK, but nothing special.
2011 Achával-Ferrer Quimera Lujan de Cuyo Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
Well balanced. Cassis, blackberry, and blueberry with a nuanced oak foundation and a hint of tobacco. Bordeaux varietal blend only improve the Malbec. Opens up nicely after about an hour.
Overpriced at any price. Overextracted and simplistic to a fault. No discernible nose. Faint cherry notes but nothing to redeem it.
8/5/2015 - surfcityvino wrote:
Nose: Slight oak characteristic
Palate: Surprisingly fruit forward for an Italian wine. More New World characteristic. Surprising for a "Super-Tuscan". In combination with a lack of backbone -- OK but nothing special -- even at this price point.
3/26/2014 - surfcityvino wrote:
Nose: Herbaceous.

Palate: Lots of spice and acidity. Fruit forward, cherry in character. Not the most sophisticated of wines but not bad and "different" for under $10.
2/16/2013 - surfcityvino wrote:
Some chocolate and prune flavors, but also Old World notes. I don't think I would have picked it out as a Cabernet Sauvignon if tasted blind and, given the price point, was somewhat disappointed.
10/26/2012 - surfcityvino wrote:
This was the 2011 vintage. Has the floral nose and notes of a viognier with the mouthfeel of a chardonnay. Not like other Torrontes I've tasted but a very pleasant surprise. Would definitely buy it again.
10/21/2012 - surfcityvino wrote:
Immediately got the black cherry. Mild tannins, sweet leather, mild tobacco/ash notes. A pleasant surprise.
6/9/2012 - surfcityvino wrote:
Deep ruby with still a relative youthful look. Tastes of ash, tar, tobacco, oak interspersed with dark fruit. Moderate tannins. This is a 2003 bottle; maybe slightly past its peak?
6/6/2012 - surfcityvino wrote:
This is an excellent value. It has deep dark fruit notes along with tobacco and ash. Drinks more expensive than it is. The Sonoma cab is actually better than Amici's Napa cab and costs less.
2/20/2012 - surfcityvino wrote:
I was a little afraid on this one. 11 year old bottle of South African pinotage. In terms of color it was just beginning to show some age. Nose: Pure iodine. Go to your medicine cabinet and you'll get the idea. Palate: Earthy. A pinot noir on steroids. This is not for everyone and an acquired taste, but overall a pleasant surprise.
2/27/2012 - surfcityvino wrote:
Huge changes in the glass. What started off as a wine that seemed out of balance evolved to a powerful zin evoking coffee, cocoa, lush black fruit, ash, and toffee.
6/18/2011 - surfcityvino wrote:
Color: Deep ruby. Nose: Cocoa, leather. Palate: Cocoa, licorice, smoke, leather. A little heat on the finish.
6/1/2011 - surfcityvino wrote:
Nose: Dark fruits and a hint of tobacco.
Palate: Soft. Warm. Well integrated tannins. Dark ripe fruits with a hint of tobacco and chocolate. A well integrated and easy to drink wine.
5/18/2011 - surfcityvino wrote:
Nose: Graphite. Vanilla. Raspberry.
Palate: Rather tannic. Strong anise profile. Mulling spices. Cherry. Liquid smoke.
5/12/2011 - surfcityvino wrote:
Nose: Herbaceous. Cedar. Graphite.
Palate: Initially tight but it opens up. Fig. Cedar. Green notes. Stewed fruit.
4/14/2011 - surfcityvino wrote:
Color: Very dark plum.
Nose: Actually not much there given how dark the wine is.
Palate: Pencil lead / graphite. Tannic. Blueberry. Black cherry. Licorice. A little heat on the finish.
4/9/2011 - surfcityvino wrote:
A pleasant surprise. A bit of eucalyptus on the nose -- reminiscent of Aussie reds. But earthiness on the palate. Smoky. A bit of that S. Africa funk going but it's not overwhelming.
3/29/2011 - surfcityvino wrote:
Eucalyptus on the nose gives away the Aussie origin. Palate has spice, cedar, graphite, blueberries, moderate tannins. Finishes with a moderate spice note.
3/24/2011 - surfcityvino wrote:
2004 so starting to show the color of age. Raisin, figs, leather, spice, well integrated tannins. Fruit forwardness almost deceives as sweet. A full wine and very enjoyable.
12/7/2010 - surfcityvino wrote:
Color very dark, inky, and purple. Looks elegant. Eucalyptus profile, so prevalent in Australian wines, definitely presently on the nose and almost overwhelming on the palate -- to the point that it competes with the fruit. Some pepper and licorice undertones also present.
9/15/2010 - surfcityvino wrote:
Color is very dark and rich. Almost port-like qualities on first tasting. Lots of chocolate notes in the palate. As time went on it softened up into coffee like flavors with soft tannins. It continued to morph into a blueberry jam. Interesting profile with significant changes!
9/6/2010 - surfcityvino wrote:
Color is dark for a PN. Nose has the typical barnyard funk but it blows off after a while. Sour cherries on the palate. Maybe a hint of raspberry. Vanilla and oak. Overall ripeness that hints of a warm growing season. A little heat from the alcohol.
2003 Zaca Mesa Z Cuvée Santa Ynez Valley Red Rhone Blend (view label images)
7/15/2010 - surfcityvino wrote:
Graphite, leather, and smoke on the nose. Palate has black cherry and a mix of old world earth and new world fruit. Some tannins. Nice balance. Would buy it again.
5/13/2010 - surfcityvino wrote:
An almost port like wine-- outlier as far as a zin profile goes. Some chocolate on the nose. Jammy. Some licorice. Big fruit and syrupy. Hot at first but softens a bit after a while. Some tannins. Don't know how much longer it would have kept. Big but, after all is said and done, not really complex.
3/24/2010 - surfcityvino wrote:
88 points
Hints of chocolate on the nose and on the palate which one of the things I love about Melipal Malbec. Licorice. Cherry tannins and just a bit of mint. This 2004 is probably approaching the end of its cellaring viability and would not have kept much longer.
2/6/2010 - surfcityvino wrote:
There is no doubt this is an Australian wine. Nose: Eucalyptus and pencil shavings. Palate: Eucalyptus. Oak. Tobacco. Cherry. Mild tannins.
12/15/2009 - surfcityvino wrote:
75 points
Nose is mild. Inoffensive. Faint hints of leather and dark fruits. But taste is harsh. Bitter. Not integrated at all. Previous vintage had been an outstanding value. Stay away from '09.
10/24/2009 - surfcityvino wrote:
Definitely a wine vinified from hot weather grapes. Texas undoubtedly does not provide the best of growing conditions given the unbearably hot summers -- and it shows. Not that it's necessarily bad. It's jut not good.
10/15/2009 - surfcityvino wrote:
Full bodied. Well balanced. Very drinkable wine. Great blend.
10/15/2009 - surfcityvino wrote:
79 points
Very dark plum color. Fruit bomb. Jammy. Some heat from the alcohol. Peppery finish
10/3/2008 - surfcityvino wrote:
Still tight. Robust wine and moderately tannic. Dark cherry. Oak. Ash. Have several bottles so definitely interested in what it will be like given some more time.
2002 Tikal Patriota Mendoza Malbec Blend, Malbec (view label images)
8/14/2008 - surfcityvino wrote:
88 points
Dark fruits -- cherry, blackberry. Graphite. Licorice. Mushrooms. Nicely tannic. Well balanced. A steal at $11 clearance price I paid. Drinking well now but would probably go another few years.
5/21/2008 - surfcityvino wrote:
90 points
Classix bordeaux. Well integrated tannins and dark fruit flavors. Very well made. High QPV. Perfect pairing with Colonial Goose (stuffed boned leg of lamb)
8/3/2008 - surfcityvino wrote:
71 points
Simplistic fruit bomb. No sophistcation. Would not buy again at any price.
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