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4/23/2018 - Jasonandtiffanyscellar wrote:
90 points
Hot and rose petal on the noise. Dried rains, dried plum, dried cherry. A brief round of brightness before the sandy silky tannins take over to finish this wine dry without favor.
4/6/2018 - Jasonandtiffanyscellar wrote:
87 points
Uncomplicated European Chardonnay. No oak, 5/10 acidy. Low fruit and mineral. French, clean and refreshing.
Brick with typical sediment you would find from an aged wine. Beautiful green, leafy bellpepper fragrant on the noise. Deep complex red & black cherry, leather, and cassis. Tannic finish that is still present which provides possible hopes for continued life, but would drink now! This wine has arrived, no reason to wait any longer. At it's top.
Super Tuscans are the best and this one won't disappoint. Color appears mature for the wines youth. Clean with a beautiful floral boutique. On the palate, red fruit with an elegant French oak presence. Acidy is secondary to the pleasent but firm tannis. Does finish dry.

Elegant and clean - 93 points.
We're not Bordeaux drinkers. Found the wine young, needs time for development. Leather and cherry on the nose, fine and even tannins throughout. Red fruit, cherry, a little limestone, nice minerality. Acidy is okay, not so clean.

Leather and tannins are best part of this wine. Killer deal for $20.
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