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2017 Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Langhe Nebbiolo dai Vigneti di Proprietà Langhe DOC
1/12/2022 - Macdog wrote:
Red fruit, light, excellent. Barolo lite on the N and P. Great qpr. Drink now, not sure if this is made to age but the note below is interesting re the wine on day 3.
  • Macdog commented:

    1/13/22, 4:22 AM - Thanks for your comments. Looking at your notes, it would appear we like similar wines. Have you tasted / tried to lay down any G Mascarello Langhe Neb?

2016 Pieve Santa Restituta (Gaja) Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese
At Sir Charles Napier from 1/2 bottle. Served a bit warm for my liking even for a Brunello (which pisses me off but not as much as me complaining pisses my wife off so i said nothing). Quite light and nicely balanced. A fair whack of tannin at the moment that I presume will integrate as this ages. I enjoyed it and will look to buy some for the cellar. Eric Guido's note is accurate (i would only add a herbaceous note and my point re tannin at the mo) and i would say so is his score of 94 which is pretty close to the current CT average of 93.
  • Macdog commented:

    10/8/21, 1:01 AM - It was a restaurant buy and I read the guido review afterwards. I have looked back at the wine list and I think it must be the normale that I had.

2006 Château Haut-Bailly Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend
1/11/2021 - Macdog Likes this wine:
91 points
Tough night for the 06 being drunk alongside such fine vintages of HB.
Classic BDX. slightly clunkier than 2000 and a little flowery on the tannin, but still very nice. Good purity and levity. Nice fruit, tannins fully integrated. Cool climate medium bodied. Drinking now, but will keep (will it improve..?).
Rob's note: Similar in style to '00 but perhaps not as rich and deep. Very smooth and elegant. Not an enomrous diff to La Parde ... (but that may be the tough night point shining through).
  • Macdog commented:

    1/11/21, 4:54 AM - Thanks Mark. I havent had the '03 for a while but i actually really like it and thought it was in a good spot when i last had a bottle (last year). I agree that the '03 and '06 prob objectively the weakest that i have tried (tho i havent tried '13) - thats not to say however that they are the vintages i like the least! I put it that way because i like HB so much.

2012 Paolo Conterno Barolo Ginestra Nebbiolo
I can only give a range of points because i dont know exactly what happened/went wrong here. A Jekyll and Hyde and story. Sort of.

Opened and decanted for c.4-5 hours and then returned to bottle to drink at Sir Charles Napier with dinner. Pretty flat when poured back into a decanter and then into glasses at SCN. Nice but fairly unremarkable and just edges 89 to 90 points.

At home, drank two glasses that had been poured from the original denacter into said glasses c.7-8 hours after opening bottle. It was a different wine and was truly fantastic and really top quality - especially at the price point. Long, balanced, lively and exciting; great purity and variety of fruit. 95 points.

Further note to follow in due course.
  • Macdog commented:

    9/29/20, 9:11 AM - Yes it does. I tend to decant neb at lunch time to drink at dinner. The wine i drank in the restaurant at dinner had been essentially triple decanted having been opened at lunch. The wine i drank later that evening at home had sat in a decanter since lunch and then a glass from early to late evening.

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