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2015 Château Pontet-Canet Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
3/21/2020 - Gdubya Likes this wine:
92 points
Decantered at 3pm. Drank over 2-5 hours later.

Big whack of cherry on the nose. A bit missing from the mid palate. Slightly drying tannins. Nice, but not spectacular. Probably needed a longer decant. 92+

Note to self. Don’t try another bottle until 2025
  • Gdubya commented:

    3/21/20, 1:48 PM - I’m still quite optimist that this will turn out nicely. Time will tell...

2015 Château Pontet-Canet Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
3/2/2020 - csimm1161 wrote:
91 points
Crisp sour cherry, cranberry, purple plum skin, limestone, raspberry seeds, and some citrus. Rides crunchy, high, and red, with a puckering acidity that didn’t let up at all over three hours of decanted air. Stayed in the upper register mid-palate, finishing linear and bitter with more bracing acidity. A bit of a teeth-clattering experience. Threw off a ton of sediment.

This behaves more like a cranberry juice cocktail in its current state. In desperate need of 10-15 years of slumber. 90-91+? points.

The 2014 was unconvincing as a wine to follow. This 2015 hasn’t made that much clearer for me. I can recognize its potential in one sense, but I’m not sure how folks are getting so much enjoyment out of this right now. I like me some acid and all, but this enamel-stripping lacquer varnished-off a solid layer of taste buds on the ‘ol palate. Yikes.
  • Gdubya commented:

    3/2/20, 3:26 PM - Interesting note. I have a few, so will have to try one

  • Gdubya commented:

    3/2/20, 4:32 PM - Tried at tasting. Enjoyed it enough to buy some. Will endeavour to open one soon. All in the name of science of course !

2012 Cullen Wines Diana Madeline Margaret River Red Bordeaux Blend
12/22/2016 - Collector1855 wrote:
90 points
A visit to Margaret River; 12/17/2016-1/1/2017 (Margaret River): Second vintage of this and I am still not impressed, drank this over two evenings. This smells and drinks like an extra virgine cold press extract of oak and cassis. Where is the refinement, drinkability and elegance? A wine that seems to come from the laboratory, even though the back label on the bottle tells all the right stories around biodynamic, moderate 13.5% Alc, etc. I see from my previous notes that I tasted. 2005 when it was 10 years old and it eventually came together, still lots of oak and ripeness though. Anyway, keep clear of this wine until 2022 at least is my recommendation. Today this was so undrinkable, that my wife, an experienced Burgundy palate, did not even take a second sip.
  • Gdubya commented:

    11/12/19, 12:46 PM - Thanks for notes of the trip. Very interesting comparisons.
    Without trying to appear defensive, the BDX’s you note are about double the price for us poor Aussie buyers ☹️


2016 Yarra Yering Dry Red N°1 Yarra Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
6/8/2019 - Gdubya Likes this wine:
94 points
Obviously very young, but gave this a try. Great smell with some black cherry on the palate. Loads of potential for the future
  • Gdubya commented:

    6/9/19, 3:01 PM - Probably leave my remaining bottles for another 5 years before trying again

2015 Château Pontet-Canet Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
5/28/2019 - chatters wrote:
Bordeaux 2018 - En Primeur in Australia (pyrmont wharf, sydney): <shrugs> smells roided. Monolithic. Ripe blackcurrant. Oak. Tight tannins. Juicy big black fruits. Long. Very long in fact. Obviously very good quality but not for quite a while.
  • Gdubya commented:

    6/7/19, 2:07 PM - I attended the same event and agree, despite reservations, it was a good affair

    Pontet Canet was a clear stand out. Meyney was good (especially at that price). I also enjoyed the cadet bon, but the Lascombes didn’t do much for me


2014 Penfolds Shiraz Bin 150 Marananga Barossa Valley
9/23/2017 - SlimShaney Likes this wine:
90 points
Drinking now first 3 hours 89. Breath 3+hrs 90+. 5 years time 92-94. Better in 2020, better again in 2025 ... for sure.

Looks and smells absolutely Marananga. A wine completely true to the place. And a place I know and revere.

First sip you know the grapes are great quality but the wine is absolutely not ready. First 2+ hours just isnt that pleasurable. There's an inhospitable sharpness. An acidity that will keep it for 20 years and favour you then but not today.

Either decant for minimum 4 hours or preferably leave for another several years ... this is great fruit that isnt ready for drinking pre 2020 minimum.

Everything classic Marananga. So many similarities to Two Hands Zippy's Block I swear I could have picked it blindfolded. Maybe a bit of Greenock Creek too, this region is so distinctive.

All in all its great fruit here but enjoyment is inaccessable at present.
  • Gdubya commented:

    9/25/18, 2:51 AM - This is pretty much my exact experience with the 2010s I’ve been drinking this year (and still aren’t ready IMO)

2010 Penfolds Shiraz Bin 150 Marananga Barossa Valley
9/21/2018 - Gdubya wrote:
89 points
Quite tannic still, even after a long decant (6+ hours). Doesn’t taste very Barossan.
Not bad, not great. quite medium bodied. Will keep the final bottle for a few more years. Seems like no hurry on these
  • Gdubya commented:

    9/25/18, 2:18 AM - Let me know how you go.

    I wondered if I had a bad batch that had been stored incorrectly. Also have some 13/14/15s to drink (bought from a different source)

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