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2017 Sine Qua Non Syrah The Hated Hunter Central Coast
2/19/2020 - nmcandrew Likes this wine:
98 points
Swear to god this stuff is as good if not better than the Eleven Confessions. HEDONISM 3!
  • nmcandrew commented:

    2/23/20, 12:25 PM - Good point. I was mostly just thinking about the last two “non-estate” Grenache and Syrah (hated hunter, rastel 16, dirt vernacular) as compared to the last two releases of eleven confessions (E/M, the cherub ones) and how they’re drinking right now. Granted, they’re different vintages, but I think in terms of how they’re made the two non-estate wines are more approachable younger, as they’re more juicy and drinkable right now, where the 11C’s seem to be more closed off right now, but are definitely more complex and will, in like 5 years maybe, really be spectacular. I’m still new to SQN so I don’t haven’t tasted back vintages of 11C, and would be interested to compare some of the older 11C wines. Either way they’re definitely made in different styles. 11C seems more refined, non-estates seem more jammy, as far as I can tell.

  • nmcandrew commented:

    2/23/20, 5:05 PM - Thank you!!! Very helpful :)

  • nmcandrew commented:

    2/25/20, 9:35 AM - Not yet, soon though...

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