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5/6/2019 - beaune2rock wrote:
color mature but correct. cork broke, and became difficult. slight metallic notion on the valence of the palate, somewhat expected with a 30-year bottle that hasn't necessarily been stored properly. after 20-30 minutes of air, the fruit fleshes out. more depth. more complexity. fun with the first dish of charred octopus. more nuance is detected, but more praise is given than should be deserved - why? well, it's Cathiard. then, 60-70 minutes later, it starts to fade, altogether. enjoyable with precise & well-presented dishes at Madcap. fun time.
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9/27/2011 - beaune2rock wrote:
characteristic herbaceous nasal qualities were prevalent, but plenty of extraction & satisfying Dry Creek fruit is left to enjoy for more than a couple of years, assuming perfect storage.
7/25/2011 - beaune2rock wrote:
must have had a flawed bottle - tasted like questionable homemade wine. overripe, turpentine and other chemical aromas were very pronounced, followed by a strange, disjointed, pruny sensation on the tongue. undrinkable.
6/22/2011 - beaune2rock wrote:
nabbed an improperly-stored bottle (passive storage in a supermarket, probably never hotter than 75 degrees); soft, ripe, surprisingly accessible after viewing previous notes. straightforward, not tremendously complex, but perfectly enjoyable with a veal chop. 15/20
7/23/2009 - beaune2rock wrote:
Sad to see LoireFan recently tasted this wine and was disappointed. Back to 2001: "A clarity of conception is realized upon aromatic contact. After all, 2001 was the year we made contact. All the modular synthesizers in the world could not construct tone willing or effective enough to surmise the poignancy of character this Riesling provided. It was by far the most stunning bottle of Italian Riesling I had ever experienced, back in my heady, reckless, feckless youth. Glimmers of kerosene-infused viscosity were present but integrated, in the most complete sense of the word. "Integrated" is a positive term, but it is also a direct and precise adjective, and here it is most appropriate. Acidic structure was by no means faint, and it only bolstered the presumption of superiority when the aromatics were already profound." 2001 (I also drank this wine repeatedly up until 2005)
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