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2013 Tripod Project Pinot Noir Deep Probe LaGae Vineyard Willamette Valley
11/2/2015 - THECORKDORK Likes this wine:
88 points
Did not like as much as the Riesling. A little on the weak side. seemed to lack structure and nuance. Interesting wine, just wasn't a hit like I expected it to be.
  • subtlet commented:

    11/3/15, 10:12 PM - I'm impressed that you found a bottle of that in NY! I liked the Riesling better too.

2008 Giacomo Conterno Barolo Cascina Francia Nebbiolo
8/8/2015 - subtlet Likes this wine:
87 points
Barolo from Traditional Producers (Portland, OR): The nose is primarily dark and earthy. A bit of cherry scents show, but they’re underneath stronger asphalt, charcoal, and plums. There’s an edge of raisin to the nose as well. The raisins show quickly on the palate, along with dark plums with the skins intact. The tannins start out nicely, and they get quite big on the mid palate. Cherries show on the mid palate as well, but the tannins are dominant. Later in the evening, the fruit shows more complexity in the center, but the structural elements are still overwhelming late.
  • subtlet commented:

    8/31/15, 9:28 AM - Thanks! Yes, based on this experience, I would definitely wait a few years for the tannins to round out. I hope you enjoy them!

White - Sweet/Dessert
2005 Château Suduiraut Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
7/18/2011 - GalvezGuy wrote:
91 points
Popped and poured. Nose of apricot, dried mango, dried pineapple, spice, honey. On the palate, apricot, honey, pineapple, orange peel, spice. The herbal streak that was there when this was younger is gone now. Finishes with nice lift. Should probably let these age, but I love young Sauternes.
  • subtlet commented:

    7/19/11, 3:30 PM - I'm totally with you on this. I think this wine is so good young that there's no problem with drinking it now!

2008 Heart & Hands Pinot Noir Barrel Reserve Finger Lakes
4/2/2011 - dbp wrote:
82 points
Pinot Noirs from Around The World (BLIND!): Imagine a high school woods shop class, cutting wood on the bandsaw, but in this class all the boys are wearing too much stinky cologne, and all the students are smoking menthol cigarettes. That whole scene... that's what I get when I smell this. Totally different than the other wines. Very light bodied... it's almost imperceivable that I have anything in my mouth at all. There's some of those wood flavors, mild spice, mild tart acid, but the body is very strangely light. Lots of in mouth aeration also shows a green berry note. The finish is spicy, with more of the menthol cigarettes. I guess this is interesting, but it's not really something I'd want to drink regularly. I enjoy the exercise of tasting it, but I fear even one glass would grow very tiring very quickly.
  • subtlet commented:

    4/25/11, 11:58 PM - I think you and I may end up on the "tasting notes to note" thread again for this one.

White - Off-dry
2005 Dönnhoff Norheimer Kirschheck Riesling Spätlese Nahe
2/16/2011 - dbp wrote:
92 points
Popped and poured. Nice intense lychee, slight petrol, and some slight ferns and earthiness. Really big and intense on the nose; delicious, rich and impressive. Great texture on palate with awesome blend of acid, sweetness, and some already tertiary flavors developing. The rich acid carries the sweetness deep into the finish which is rich, thick, and apple driven. Fantastic balance.
  • subtlet commented:

    3/3/11, 4:54 PM - Awesome. I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it.

2007 Big Table Farm Syrah White Hawk Vineyard Santa Barbara County
2/3/2011 - Hollowine wrote:
93 points
I want this bottled as a perfume. Seriously, I can't get my nose out of this glass and if this were bottled as a perfume for women wine loving men would be all over them. Violets, boysenberries, Sacher Torte, baby powder...I can't stop loving this nose! Color is an electric purple, nowhere near a dark-as-night Shiraz, but pure purple without a crimson hue. I only poured off a bit to slow-o the bottle, flavors of Raspberries, sweet grass, hint of baking spice, long balanced finish. I want a room air reduce down and pour on my waffles... Yeah, it's a 'hedonistic' wine, but sometimes you aren't in the mood for dusky old world wines. Bravo to Clare and Brian! 5,13,15,10
  • subtlet commented:

    2/28/11, 12:06 AM - Hopefully one of us will have the patience to see how these babies age!

2008 Adea Pinot Blanc Mora Family Vineyards Willamette Valley
4/10/2010 - dbp wrote:
74 points
North Willamette Vintner's Wine Trail Weekend; 4/10/2010-4/11/2010: 1% residual sugar. Nose is sweet and tart... generic. Nice palate, good texture, showing tart, lots of acid... quite nice. But wow, the finish is sickeningly sweet. Amazing how 1% residual can show through this heavy! All you're left with on the finish is the sugar, with no interesting flavors at all. It's quite vomitus..
  • subtlet commented:

    10/24/10, 2:21 AM - Crazy. I know our tolerance for RS is different, but I'm really wondering if we tasted the same wine or not!

2008 Arianna Occhipinti Sicilia SP68 Nero d'Avola e Frappato Red Blend
4/13/2010 - stubbie999 wrote:
Really, really lovely - perfumed nose of red berries, earth and flowers leads to a wine that is surprisingly light and agile in the mouth. This is a 'pretty' wine in all the best senses of that word - strawberry and pomegranate, flowers and hot rocks, zesty-bright acidity. Poised, easy to drink, great with food, and rewarding of a little extra attention. If you're acid averse, this is not for you, but it makes me have that stupid fun wine grin.
  • subtlet commented:

    4/14/10, 12:55 PM - I love the "stupid fun wine grin"! Go acidity!

White - Sweet/Dessert
2003 Castelnau de Suduiraut Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
3/4/2010 - dbp wrote:
87 points
Popped and poured with dessert at Clarke's. Overall this was a very straight forward wine. Nose was fairly light, showing some light pineapple, but primarily heavy latex house paint. Everyone at the table agreed the latex paint thing followed through heavily on the palate, which was fairly light bodied for a Sauternes, without much typical mouth-coating. There was also some pineapple flavors present. The finish was a little spicy and hot initially, but this fades and leaves the tongue feeling nice, though the flavors left aren't very evolutionary. Sure it's tasty, but kind of boring. A let down, as this was most people's first Sauternes experience ever.
  • subtlet commented:

    3/5/10, 2:39 PM - That always bums me out when I'm trying to introduce people to something awesome. Apparently I still have 2 of these. Do you think it would get anything out of aging some more?

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