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White - Sweet/Dessert
1/1/2015 - popolka Likes this wine:
91 points
Appricot, rich intense, well-matured. Very pleasant dessert wine.
White - Sweet/Dessert
12/25/2014 - popolka wrote:
91 points
Eye: clear darkwood. Nose: light and refined, chocholate with fruit. Mouth: Elegant and typical of vinsanto, very round and well-aged, delicate syrupy with chocholate.
White - Sweet/Dessert
12/27/2014 - popolka Likes this wine:
98 points
Just incredible! Eye: liquid gold, flashy and deep gold color. Nose: Bergamont and orange with fresh (!) grape. Mouth: intense, full, buttery molases with honey and spice.
White - Sweet/Dessert
6/30/2012 - popolka wrote:
100 points
Incredible wine! I am looking forward to try my second bottle after 2015...
Red - Sweet/Dessert
8/18/2009 - popolka wrote:
88 points
Very inyeresting wine; not too sweet, well balanced. Late harvest merlot grapes (harvested the 25th of October 2003) at Drama in Greece. Then, the grapes were dried for 2 months. Nose: honey, raisins and nuts - elegant and long-lasting. Taste: cinamon, black berries, thyme honey, medium-long aftertaste. Very good, could age another 5 years (max).
White - Off-dry
5/21/2009 - popolka wrote:
95 points
Excellent! Full-bodied, interesting nose with fruit. Complex taste, lemon, pineapple, appricots. Very long aftertaste. An unforgetable VT that will only get better with time - glad I have kept a bottle to try after another 6-8 years!
White - Sweet/Dessert
4/17/2009 - popolka wrote:
99 points
This was an absolutely amazing wine!!! 80 years old, and still had a freshness that was impresive; interesting nose with complex aromas of honey and royal jelly. Strong taste of honey (at first) that coveres everything else, but then changes to a well-ballanced (amazing for its age) remindings nuts with a strong flavor of mellon. Very long aftertaste... I wonder how it would taste after 20 years, when it will be 100 years old - I have kept a bottle to try!
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White - Sweet/Dessert
3/8/2009 - popolka wrote:
92 points
This is a very pleasant surprise! An excellent sweet white from very old indigenus Greek grape variety called Malagousia. Made by Evangelos Gerovassiliou (the "master" of Malagoussia) - this is the only one sweet wine known to be mage by him until now. Late harvest sweet. Sweet and thick texture, excellent aroma of nuts, very balanced structure and acidity, taste of fresh fruit. Highly reccommended, though it is very difficult to find it - one can only find it at the winnery (though I am not sure if this is still possible - production was very low). I expect it would age well and gain more complexity over time - I will try my second bottle in about four years!
3/8/2009 - popolka wrote:
93 points
Probably the best white wine from Greece, and certainly the best Assyrtiko from Santorini. Balanced, fresh, with clear metalic taste of almonds and chestnut.
White - Sweet/Dessert
2/21/2009 - popolka wrote:
93 points
Excellent! Thick, very sweet, caramel and light spice. Long aftertaste.
White - Sweet/Dessert
1/13/2009 - popolka wrote:
Grape Varietal: 70% Furmint, 30% Hárslevelű. Primary Vineyards: Danczka berries, Lapis base wine. Alcohol Content: 10.2%. Residual Sugar: 197 g/l. Total Acidity: 9.5 g/l. Fermentation: 100% Hungarian oak. Barrel Aging: 42 months in 2.25 hL Hungarian oak. 2002 Aszú blend is a light shade of gold with greenish hues, reflecting the results of a spectacular vintage. The wine exudes focused flavors and aromas of ripe tropical fruit and orange blossoms. Beautiful acidity balances the sweetness to perfection creating a long, elegant texture in the mouth that never feels heavy. Still in its infancy, a grand wine that will slowly open over time and continue to develop additional layers with proper cellaring.
White - Sweet/Dessert
11/17/2008 - popolka wrote:
88 points
Λαμπερό, χρυσοκίτρινο. Στην μύτη υπάρχουν φίνα αρώματα φθινοπωρινών φρούτων, μελιού και ξηρών καρπών. Πληθωρικό σώμα με την οξύτητα να σταθμίζει άψογα τα σάκχαρα. Επίμονη, ξηρή επίγευση. Πίνεται δροσερό στους 10οC, συνοδεύοντας γλυκά ή φρούτα στο επιδόρπιο ή σκέτο ως απεριτίφ.
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