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11/19/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
93 points
A true Kabi
Nose > Hugely aromatic & pungent, with green, yellow, red citrus/oil/zest & lavender/herbal/spice.
Palate > Electric! Intense, pungent stony/slatey citrus oil & penetrating herbal/lavender/spice.
A real powerhouse of lip-smacking, mineralized pungent/tart orchard & citrus fruit, intertwined with silky, flowery yet potent herbal spice.
So fresh, vibrant, & have to repeat: Electric!
Elegant & racy.
Med+ intensity, acidity & length.
Fairly big boned & structured for an 8%ABV wine.
Very impressive.
Drinks fairly off-dry even for a "real" Kabi, & getting close to Feinherb balance.
Kudos to the Richters for really going for a true Kabi ... & hitting it out of the park!
Winner, Winner; Chicken Dinner!
Will be keeping my eye out for Fass #4
11/16/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
95 points
Very deep ruby with a touch of magenta
Nose > Still somewhat shy & tight after almost a day of air, but starting to open as it warms up a bit, & starting to give some gorgeously deep, rich, intense, spectacular Syrah fruit.
Purple, red/wild-red, blue, choke & black; in that order atm.
Morello & Schaerbeek cherry coulis, wineberry, pomegranate, purple black & red raspberry, violet, lavender, lilac, sealing wax & smoky black olive tapenade with a hint of creosote.
Exciting; so much going on.
At the same time tremendously rich, sappy & fresh, with great minerality.
Very elegant , refined & pretty.
Very deep, intense & complex; keeps drawing your nose back into the glass.
Palate > Very tight still, but lots stuffed in there. Sappy & tightly held.
Red & choke cherry, pomegranate, smoky/sappy cherry bark, loganberry with smoked sage & a touch of clove.
Big, quite grippy, slightly chalky tannins marry with intense fruit; sappy/salty, rich/tight, pungent mineralized red & choke cherry, & carry the fruit into the spicy, smoky finish/aftertaste & add a hint of rhubarb.
Feels like big stem inclusion.
Not surprisingly shows quite linear & clenched in the mouth (even for this Baby-Killer!) ... but the stuff is in there.
The nose is (with lots of air & coaxing) already spectacular & to die for, but the palate needs time, & plenty of it for normal humans to enjoy drinking.
Put a 1/2 bottle in the fridge; will see where this puppy's at on day 3 ...
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Rosé - Fortified
11/13/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
93 points
Bright burnished pink/gold
Nose > Bursts into the room, & then into your nose.
Wildly aromatic.
Sweet, rich, pungent Muscat & sweet, golden Sultanas & fresh, uncooked honey, with a hint of Tokaji Eszencia.
Palate > Big, sweet, rich, but not fat & creamy. Very powerful Muscat flavor.
Flower nectar, essence of golden Sultanas, honey, & just layers & layers of elegantly pungent Muscat.
Quite sweet, but not cloying. I'd guess in the 12-15+%-ish RS range, but kept fresh & interesting by the good acidity.
Great balance. Excellent acidity. Medium+ intensity. Great length & persistence.
10+ years in oak (old & large, I'm assuming), but really does not show; completely overpowered by intense, powerful Muscat character.
Very clean, pure & surprisingly, very fresh.
By far the most elegant Black Muscat I've tasted.
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2018 Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Rosso Etna DOC Nerello Blend, Nerello Mascalese (view label images)
11/13/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
88 points
Very pale red
Nose > Some pretty red & wild berry fruit, rose petal & hint of lavender/spice.
Palate > Fruit, flowers & spice follows from nose.
Balance is good, but no great intensity or length.
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11/13/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Insanely deep ruby red
Quite nice. Very big, verging on huge.
Very rich, ripe. A touch of saltiness, like ya sometimes get in ripe, slightly dimpled Syrah in a warm/hot dry year.
Deep black & blue fruited.
Black cherry, blueberry/roasted blueberry, black raspberry, loganberry with hints of pomegranate, creosote & choke cherry.
Ripe, rich, medium tannins. Medium + intensity, density & length.
Extremely fat & rich, but balanced, in a #BigBoy way.
15% ABV (on label); showed no heat, & rich, fat fruit carried all the way through finish & aftertaste.
Enough acidity to keep the ultra richness from cloying.
Fairly impressive.
1st Cali Graciano for me. Not sure I'd pop for the North of $80 price tag (friends brought this to dinner), but inched out a '17 Ch. Lassegue (not a patch on the '16) & 2002 Setubal Moscatel Roxo Colheita for WOTN for me.
11/10/2021 - Rob Hansult Does not like this wine:
70 points
Medium deep red/brick red
Nose > Not (necessarily) a Brett Bomb, but earthy/band-aid Bretty oak is coving any fruit on the nose on opening.
Palate > Some red cherry fruit still in the mouth, but Brett brings up the rear fairly quickly, & leaves you with a metallic twang.
Lets see if air brings up any fruit/structure > on the nose, it didn't; the palate expanded just a little to show some light, red berry fruit.
Passed its best, & what best that was is at best a big ? mark; Brett unfortunately doomed this bottling; likely from elevage.
Drink up; pour out; make Sangria. Your choice.
Nose = 60; Palate = 80 ...
11/10/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
90 points
Deep red/ruby with hint of violet.
Nose > Hugely rich/fruity/aromatic nose. Screams Malbec. All about rich/pungent red, blue, wild berry & inky fruits.
Blueberry, strawberry/strawberry-preserves, Morello cherry, caraway seed, red & black choke-cherry, pomegranate, blueberry pie &
black plum skin.
Palate > Rich/sappy/fruity. All that fruit carries through in the mouth.
Great acidity. Low-ish tannins. Medium intensity.
Excellent length & persistence.
Love the pungent grapyness.
Not sure if this is 100% Malbec, but really shows the beauty & fruit of the grape.
A bit more extracted tannin would have done additional good for the mouthfeel.
Tannins do add a little more grip & some cherry-stone with some air.
You could treat this like good non-Cru Beaujolais & give it 10, 15+ min in the fridge if ya wanna amp up the fruit even more.
WSET/MW could use this bottle as an example to show what the Malbec grape tastes like.
Great QPR @$15 if ya like a fruit stuffed Malbec.
2017 Château Lassègue St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
11/5/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
90 points
Med+ deep ruby/garnet.
Nose > Blueberry, red cherry/wild cherry, with some pretty oak intertwined.
Palate > Roundly fruity with blue, black, wild & red fruits (in that order).
Medium intensity. Medium length. Medium tannins. Good balance & acidity.
They cut back on the extraction & oak; works for this vintage, but not a patch on the 2016.
Ready now, & won't be nearly as long lived as the far superior '16.
11/5/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
91 points
Nose > Rich, very aromatic, stony/smoky/flinty yellow orchard fruit & white flowers.
Tart nectarine, apricot, lanolin, fresh cream, cantaloupe, unsweetened whipped cream & lavender.
Big, interesting & complex.
Palate > Stony, firm, & packed with mineralized/salty yellow orchard fruit, spice & tart fruit flavors.
Unsweetened whipped cream, lavender & tart nectarine skin with subtle touch of skin tannins in extended finish.
Great acid balance. Lots going on from when it hits your palate to echoing aftertaste.
Both rich & firm. Great balance, tension & length. Medium+ intensity.
A ton going on with both nose & palate. Lots of interest, & works seamlessly.
Nice QPR @$20-ish
10/27/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
91 points
Big pungent, fat, sappy, rich (in that order) nose with corn, vanilla, oak, & a hint of butterscotch.
Some yellow orchard fruit in background.
Palate > Big, round, earthy/oaky, spicy/pungent.
Yellow orchard fruit, sweet corn & butterscotch in background.
Barrel comes out & up a bit more with a few drops of water.
A nice sipper. Excellent QPR.
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2018 Castello di Verrazzano Chianti Classico Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese (view label images)
10/27/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
91 points
Med ruby/garnet
Nose > Both sappy & rich.
Red fruit dominant, with wild forest black, blue & purple berries, hints of smoked cherry wood & balsamic spice.
Palate > Round, creamy/sappy red fruit, licorice/red-licorice & some pungent wild forest fruit.
Med/low tannins kick in on the finish, & bring the fruit along for the ride.
Good balance. Good Acidity. Medium bodied. Medium intensity, but quite full flavored.
Good QPR @$20-ish.
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10/27/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
88 points
Very pale garnet/ruby
Nose > Rose petal, licorice/red-licorice, rhubarb, orange, with hints of freshly tilled soil.
Palate > Red fruit. Savory/earthy/sappy. Good balance. Good acidity. Medium intensity.
On the light side, but flavorful, with some complexity.
Can see examples with more fruit intensity being quite interesting.
White - Off-dry
9/17/2014 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Very fresh & young tasting. Perfect orchard peach, yellow orchard fruit, pear.
Medium sweet. Great balance. Very pretty.
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9/17/2014 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
90 points
Kiwi, grapefruit, touch of peach.
Hint of oxidation on opening; fruit opened up & (mostly) covered the touch of oxidation with air.
9/17/2014 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
94 points
Nose > Big, round, gently taut. Tart-apricot, creamy nectarine, with a drizzle of mineralized lime-oil.
Palate > Big, broad, full bodied, with power, drive & elegance.
Tart-apricot, nectarine, lime-flesh, Bosc pear skin, anise, red cherry & plum.
Great length & intensity.
The combination of intensity, length & elegance is WOWing.
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10/9/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
89 points
Nose > Still some reduction. Flinty/smoky crushed stone, tart-nectarine/nectarine-skin, unsweetened whipped cream, lime-zest, a touch of egg custard & quinine.
Palate > Steely tart-apricot, quince, lime-zest/lime-flesh/lime-oil. Tons of green & tart-green orchard fruit.
Excellent acidity; very well integrated into the body.
Finish & aftertaste are tart-nectarine skin & lemon-oil.
Medium intensity; excellent balance.
This has frankly come along even a little better than I expected in a couple years (& a full days air).
This will kill with soft ripened cheese, grilled white meat, fish & oysters; I'll bet a few drops on each oyster would be amazing.
10/9/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Nose > Big, aromatic crushed stone. Steely lime flesh, grape-blossom, tart red cherry, lemon-oil, violet, honeysuckle,
licorice & lanolin.
Palate > Lime-oil/lime-flesh, crushed stone & mineral salts. Tart apricot, red cherry, violet & licorice,
with a hint of pink grapefruit & quinine.
Great structure & tension, & adds some silky roundness.
Off-dry, but the gorgeous ripe, fruity acidity gives it an almost dry finish.
Medium+ intensity & length.
Aftertaste echoes with lime-flesh, lime-oil, lime-zest, Morello cherry & a crushed stone mineral bath.
2016 Château Marjosse Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
10/6/2021 - Rob Hansult wrote:
87 points
Medium color
Nose > Raspberry, red cherry, mulberry, with some neutral-ish oak in background.
Medium intensity at best.
Palate > Medium bodied. Slightly grippy tannins, but in balance on the firm side.
Fruit follows through in mouth & adds hint of blueberry. About in the middle of the old-school/new-school game.
Perfectly OK Bordeaux red; not much stands out on the positive side, but then it's not flawed in any way, & nothing stands out on the negative side either.
Would like to pay not much more than $10 for this, not the $16 I see in winesearcher is biggest complaint in #PetiteChateaux category.
Perfectly acceptable burger/steak bevvy.
2019 Orin Swift 8 Years in the Desert California Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel (view label images)
9/29/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
91 points
Fairly huge, deep ruby/purple color
Nose > Big red & purple forest & orchard fruit, licorice, lavender & a hint of creosote.
Palate > Very big, fruity & rich. Finishes dry, with just a touch of heat, but 1st comes a rush of fat, rich, ripe, luscious black, purple & red fruit, lavender, licorice, creosote & neutral(ish) oak.
Round, fairly ripe tasting tannins finish it up.
Impressive for being both pretty, & pretty big Rhone-ish blend.
Make sure not to serve too warm; this would be fine @55-60F.
Perfect with my Bison Cheeseburger.
9/22/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
91 points
Big, fat, rich, corn on nose & palate.
Smooth, richly sweet.
Alcohol quite in the background, especially in the mouth.
Quite nice QPR, under $30 Corn Likkor
2018 Château Arnaucosse Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
9/22/2021 - Rob Hansult wrote:
85 points
Med color
Nose > Red cherry, Rosa Rugosa, mulberry.
Palate > Balanced, round, mildly fruity.
Finishes dry/firm, with some slightly grippy grape tannins in the background.
OK burger vino, if $10, or under.
2015 Château Vircoulon Bordeaux Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
9/22/2021 - Rob Hansult wrote:
84 points
Med deep color.
Nose > Attenuated mulberry, tar, rose.
Palate > Some light mulberry fruit. Slightly smoky/pungent.
Firm/dry finish. Tannins tight, slightly grippy, but not astringent.
9/22/2021 - Rob Hansult wrote:
83 points
Med color
Nose > Light red & wild berries. Slightly floral.
Palate > Slightly soupy, spicy berry flavors.
Very firm finish, with some slightly overbalanced aggressive, hard pressed grape tannins.
9/22/2021 - Rob Hansult wrote:
85 points
Fairly deep color
Nose > Light, shy nose. Some berry aromas, with hint of grape Bazooka, not in a totally bad way.
Palate > Med-big. Ripe, round, berry & tutti-frutti. Slightly funky, older American oak firms up the finish, & add chalky/earthy oak tannins to the finish. Med bodied. Med minus intensity.
OK burger wine, at best.
2014 Château Graves de Pez St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
9/15/2021 - Rob Hansult wrote:
91 points
Medium, slightly rusty ruby
Nose > Fresh red cherry, mulberry, wild cherry, blackberry. A slightly minty & vanilla touch.
Oak perfume is beautiful here, & very well integrated.
Pretty, elegant, & shows off the fruit much better than the palate at this point. A really deft touch in the cellar has given this really beautiful complexity, & the interplay between fruit & oak perfume is captivating.
Palate > More about structure & balance than fruit. Medium intensity.
Red & wild cherry, Autumn Olive, mulberry, choke cherry, wineberry.
Excellent complexity.
Dusty, slightly grippy tannins, with a touch of graininess tighten up the finish, & add some subtle herbaceousness.
More than a bit old-school.
The nose much the best part of this wine, but that being said, an excellent burger/steak wine.
68% Cab Sauvignon
30% Merlot
02% Petit Verdot
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2000 Château Pavie St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
96 points
3rd of a very nice St Emilion flight. Got about 90 min air before diving in.
Still a fairly huge color; very deep ruby/garnet.
From the 1st sniff, you know this is a work of art.
Nose > Aromatic, round, rich, fat, lush, silky velvet.
The huge, intense black fruit of its youth is now vying with gorgeous secondary & tertiary aromas.
Perfect, rich black cherry, blackberry, loganberry, boysenberry, pungent ultra-ripe choke-cherry, with black truffle, soy, & smoky fine grain oak.
Big, intense & insanely complex.
Palate > Great volume, verging on huge.
No sharp edges whatsoever. Above all satin silky, lush, creamy, full & fat.
Tannins are rich, ripe, lush & smooth. Good, balanced, integrated, unobtrusive acidity.
The same big, intense, ripe, lush, silky fruit aromas follow through in the mouth, & add some sweet, sappy licorice-like minerality.
Black truffle in spades, with soy, & hint of mildly pungent BBQ sauce.
Great length, depth & intensity.
Finishes with the proverbial peacocks tail, with all the gorgeous components echoing & reverberating on the extended finish.
A great, completely spherical wine.
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7/13/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
86 points
Slightly paler than med red.
Light, but nice, fruity, berry nose. Blackberry, licorice, raspberry, lavender & wineberry.
Palate > Med/light fruit intensity. Fruit/spice carries over from nose, & adds red cherry.
Some light, mildly astringent, but attenuated tannins in finish.
Finishes with spice dominating fruit.
This would be better slightly chilled.
Decent example of light, fruity styled Zin, although a bit more meat on its bones & intensity would be nice, too.
7/5/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
90 points
Fairly mature color
Nose > Some black cherry, but mostly about secondary & tertiary aromas.
Chestnut, mint, lavender, nutmeg/spice, but predominantly oak (young/moderate aged; not new) winding its way through & (slightly) dominating nose.
Palate > Spice, oak & fruit (secondary & tertiary) follow through in the mouth.
Grape tannins are mostly resolved already; some oak tannins still in place.
Only 2nd Sagrantino I've tasted, & was a little surprised it didn't show more tannic grip.
Good balance. Med/med- acidity. Med intensity & length.
I wouldn't age these any more, but you knew I'd say that ... riiiiiiiiiight ... ?
2016 Château Fonplégade St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
94 points
Nose > So rich, lush, exotic & sexy.
A mostly black/blue fruit profile with tremendous richness, excellent freshness; mineral infused.
Blackberry, cassis, blueberry, violet, lavender & gorgeous, creamy, sweet, slightly smoky oak.
Palate > Big, expansive, ripe, rich, taut & tight.
The mountain of rich, dark, lush, fresh fruit starts to tighten up by mid-palate, & adds rich/ripe/slightly grippy grape tannins, & creamy, round, slightly smoky oak tannins.
Great intensity, balance, depth, length. Excellent acidity.
God Damn this is so fun, exciting & satisfying to taste already.
This got an 8+ hour Slow-Ox.
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2016 Château Lassègue St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
93 points
Huge color; deep ruby with shades of purple.
Nose > Beautifully aromatic, rich, ripe, tight red cherry, cranberry & licorice.
Palate > Gushing with tons of tight, rich, sappy, aromatic, mineralized, fresh red & tart red fruit.
Red, Morello & choke cherry, cranberry, bitter chocolate & cherry stone.
Pure, fresh, sappy, rich, ripe, taut & tight.
Tight, both lean & rich; structured.
Great length. Great acidity & balance. Excellent intensity.
Very expressive with 8+ hour Slow-Ox.
Can't wait to see what some time in bottle will do here.
Perfect prelude to a '16 Ch Fonplegade & '00 Pavie.
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
91 points
Nose > Menthol, orange, spearmint, red & wild cherry with tomato/grilled tomato & rhubarb.
Fine, aromatic, elegant, light.
Palate > Big, toasted/smoky grilled cherry, cranberry & red raspberry with grilled tomato.
Lean structure with underlying minerality & a touch of astringency.
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
91 points
Nose > Toasted, smoky red, black, wild & choke cherry with cherry stone.
Palate >Nice red fruit, cherry stone, dried rose & rosa ragusa.
Fronted & backed by some med/lightly funky, older, non-neutral oak.
1999 Tenuta San Leonardo San Leonardo Vallagarina IGT Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Nose > Minty cherry, smoky cassis, roasted tomato & black truffle, with some older (not really so much anymore) "neutral" oak. (the website claims a blend of new, 1 year & 2 year; I'm very dubious that there is not some % of oak quite a bit older than 2 yr barrels in the mix; the nose doesn't lie).
Palate > Sappy, spicy & grippy. Red & choke cherry, dried flowers, rose, lavender.
Good balance & acidity. Med intensity.
Bordeaux blend; was told this also contained some Carmenere.
(Ah, from their website: 60% Cab Sauvignon, 30% Carmenère, 10% Merlot)
Another excellent red that I would have preferred younger.
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Nose > Rich & savory. Menthol, tomato/roasted tomato, cherry stone, spearmint, smoky red cherry & choke cherry.
Secondary & tertiary fruit/development has overtaken the primary fruit.
Palate > Savory, with slightly autumnal red/choke cherry fruit melded with flowers & spice.
Dried rose, red & choke cherry. Tons of spice; lavender & potpourri.
Still some slightly grippy, attenuated tannins in finish, surprisingly.
Med+ acidity. Excellent balance.
Great food wine.
Others liked this better than I, the Where's The (Primary) Fruit guy.
I certainly would have liked this even more younger, when more primary fruit was in the mix, & even dominant.
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
93 points
Nose > Big, aromatic, complex. Tons of fruit.
Tart apricot/ripe apricot, mineralized ripe & tart yellow stone fruit, hint of dried apricot.
Fresh sea breeze with hints of smoky, roasted yellow orchard fruit, lime cream, ripe peach skin/peach &
a touch of marzipan.
Palate > Huge fruit; big minerality. Tart apricot, lime zest, hints of ginger & lavender.
Tons of fresh fruit, with hints of honeyed apricot/tart apricot interwoven.
Gorgeous fruit & complexity.
Fruit carries all the way through, & turns more lime/citrus on finish.
Med+ intensity. Great balance. Excellent acidity.
A Thoroughbred.
Rather amazingly young & fresh.
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5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
93 points
Nose > Rich citrus, tart nectarine, lemon/lime + minerality.
Palate > Rich, firm fruit. Fruit, taut richness & minerality on nose follows on palate, with great synergy between fruit/oak/Malolactic.
Excellent balance, acidity. Med/med+ intensity.
Time in hand.
Could have used more air this night, but we needed to move on; didn't get a chance to come back to this later.
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Nose > Big & aromatic. Lemon/lime-cream, tart nectarine, Ranier cherry.
Excellent minerality. Beautiful smooth, creamy oak.
Palate > Big; lots of fruit. Both rich & tight. Fruit is taut with lime cream, tart & sweet nectarine, Ranier cherry.
Some gripping minerality aligned with the pretty, smooth/creamy (non"neutral") oak.
Excellent acidity. Med/med+ intensity. Good length.
Needs some time for its best, even for a Baby-Killer like me.
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5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
91 points
Nose > Creamy. with some nice richness. Some age. Butter/butter-cream, macadamias.
Some older oak elevage notes & Malolactic aromas.
Palate > Tart nectarine, yellow orchard fruit, lemon/lime & lime cream. Firm finish. Good acidity.
Drinks/tastes younger in mouth than on nose; still opening/developing in glass, but we need to move on.
Red - Sparkling
5/17/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
90 points
Fairly deep purple
Nose > Gushing with fresh berry fruit; pomegranate, red black & choke cherry, lingonberry, cherry-bark &
black raspberry.
Palate > Upper end of Frizzante, bubble-wise.
Off-dry. Very deeply fruity. Some tannins; great acidity. A real mouthful.
Adds big choke-cherry & cherry-stone to the arsenal in the mouth.
Really fun, gulpable, more-ish, with more than a touch of seriousness.
This is right up my alley; could see getting addicted to this shit!
5/1/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
88 points
Nose > Rich, full, sharp, slightly pungent; Lanolin.
Palate > Fat, slightly pungent richness balanced by med/med+ acidity. Finishes dry, with slightly bitter fruit & touch of (skin?) tannin.
Some ripe, & tart yellow orchard stone fruit.
Love the balance.
Would not have guessed 11 years old if tasted blind.
Excellent food wine.
2016 Château Fonplégade St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
4/26/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
95 points
Huge color; ruby with hint of purple.
Nose > Immensely aromatic. Rich, fresh, fat, exotic, sappy & creamy. Spectacular mostly dark fruited.
Purple, rich red & black cherry, black raspberry & black mulberry, with black truffle, licorice, lavender & lilac.
Gorgeous interplay with oak & fruit; perfectly integrated.
Smooth, creamy fine-grained oak.
Palate > Big, ripe, rich, sappy, lush, taut, intense, complex fruit.
Black, purple, blue & red fruit, with great interplay between the shades/colors/flavors.
Big, rich, ripe, slightly grippy fruit & oak tannins; great fruit/oak combo.
Great balance, acidity, intensity & length.
The gorgeous, big, ripe, rich, taut, fresh & sappy fruit comes along for the ride all the way through the long, extended finish & aftertaste.
14.5% ABV
35 hl/hc (2.2 tons/acre)
95% Merlot / 5% Cab Franc
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4/26/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Pale, bright ruby
Nose > Fruity, very sappy & slightly pungent.
Aromatic, with powerful red cherry, rosa ragusa, cherry bark, choke cherry, cherry stone & raspberry.
Great freshness.
Palate > Very tight red & choke cherry fruit. Crunchy, flowery, sappy & fresh, with lilac & lavender spice.
Great acidity & balance. Med/low tannins that have slightly too much grip paired with the + acidity at the moment.
Slightly prefer the '18, but this might get there in a year, 18 months.
White - Sparkling
4/13/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
93 points
9/18/19 dg (4g/l) is really opening up & expanding the oystershell, Kalc, & salty minerality.
The underlying lime-y fruit is adding an undertone of bitter orange & creamsicle.
Beautiful #Champs; Crazy QPR @$40 retail.
4/28/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Deep ruby/purple
Nose > Fresh black, purple, blue & wild fruit. Black raspberry, mulberry, blueberry, blackberry, black, red & choke cherry, hint of cranberry. Backed up by some slightly smoky, nicely grained oak.
Palate > Rich, ripe, sappy & quite tight.
Lots of wild forest berries; choke cherry, loganberry, boysenberry, blackberry & pomegranate.
Touch of cedary oak back up the mostly black, blue & wild fruit.
Nice blend of some new oak, & firm, grippy extracted fruit tannins in long finish.
Med intensity, great balance & acidity. Holds its freshness & fruit through the finish.
No problem crackin' this now after some air, but will get better for (at least) 3-5 years.
Nice job Rich!
4/14/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
93 points
Very deep color
Nose > Flowery, rich, sappy, savory red, with some wild berry fruit in background.
Palate > Big, deep, rich & tight. Fruit on the nose carries through on palate; deep, complex fruit.
Great structure, balance, acidity & tannin. Med+ intensity.
Impressive Cali Pinot.
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4/28/2021 - Rob Hansult Does not like this wine:
81 points
Fairly deep ruby, hint of purple.
Nose > Cherry cola. La-la La-la Lola
Palate > Sweet black/red cherry, cherry cola flavors, followed by astringent fruit &/or powdered tannins, with a touch of indeterminate oak(dust?).
Really light. Very low intensity.
Foofy, sugared, lab-grown liquid pap.
I think on the rocks, with a big splash of club soda is the way to go here.
Who the fuck do you think you're foolin'
Wagner family; not surprisingly almost as horrible QPR as the Caymus Cabs.
White - Sparkling
4/24/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
93 points
The 9/19/19 disgorgement - dsg 4g/l - 4 yrs on lees - 40% Chard, 60% PN & PM
Adding ginger, lime-zest/flesh, & lighter on the creamsicle from last bottle(s).
This disgorgement has been steadily improving.
White - Sweet/Dessert
4/26/2021 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
94 points
Deep golden brown.
Tasted from Tokaji spoon
Nose > Roasted nectarine, super-ripe peach, apricot, plum liqueur & lime marmalade.
Adds a combo of big sappy freshness & very mild maderization.
Palate > Seemed less sweet than it undoubtably was (I could see the thickness/viscosity as it was poured into spoon).
Powerful notes of singed apricot, peach, nectarine, fig & plum confit, green & yellow, ripe & tart orchard fruit chutney with lime/citrus & grapefruit/plum marmalade joining in after mid-palate.
The acidity must be tremendous here, because it doesn't drink as exceedingly sweet.
Some light maderization, as expected.
Sappy & surprisingly fresh.
Med+ intensity, length & med++ acidity. Great balance.
Interesting body: both viscous & light on its feet. I guess due to the low (2.1% ABV).
Interesting, unique & unexpected.
My 1st Essencia, & didn't know exactly what to expect, but from descriptions was expecting something more along the lines of a grapey honey, with high acidity, & maybe like a super TBA+ from Pfalz w/Saar acidity.
Anyway, very nice stuff, but not in the celestial ballpark I was kinda primed for.
1985 Mongeard-Mugneret Grands-Echezeaux Grands-Echezeaux Grand Cru Pinot Noir (view label images)
11/15/1995 - Rob Hansult Likes this wine:
92 points
Med+ depth of color; ruby/garnet
Nose > Big, rich, complex. Lots of rich, ripe & taut red & black fruit; wild red & choke cherry, raspberry, mulberry, violet & lilac.
Slightly overbalanced by spice (stems).
Palate > Mirrors nose, & adds cola, sumac & lavender.
Good+ intensity. Big wine. Good acidity.
Somewhat clunky, with some grippy, slightly astringent fruit & stem tannins on the back end.
For me spice overbalances the fruit, & will continue to do so.
Cannot help but think this woulda/coulda/shoulda been a finer wine with an earlier, & longer drinking window with a more deft touch for extraction/stem-inclusion in the cellar. My $0.02 ...
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