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1989 Giuseppe E Figlio Mascarello Barolo Monprivato Nebbiolo
3/30/2020 - LordOfGlencoe Likes this wine:
98 points
Stunning wine that keeps constantly changing. Just the way I like it! Licorice as well as red fruit and roses on the nose. Both red and blue fruit on the palate as well as tar and various herbs. Tanins changed strongly over time, from very light to a silky&velvety texture. The wine is super well balanced, presenting it's ever changing aromas perfectly. The finish is exquisite, with an almost salty aroma.

We didn't decant the wine, planning on drinking the second half tomorrow night.

I had the first few sips blindly and managed to guess the grape thanks to the typical roses on the nose and the color.

Edit: 2nd night
This wine has an amazing, unique finish, which comes out even better now. It's salty and sweet like a molten strawberry at the same time. Strong alpine herbs at times. Still very good, but not as variable as on night one!
  • LordOfGlencoe commented:

    3/31/20, 3:44 AM - No rush! It drinks very well now, but it's definitely got a lot of life in it too!

  • LordOfGlencoe commented:

    3/31/20, 1:46 PM - That sounds like a very good plan!

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