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2012 Carlisle Zinfandel Sonoma County
7/31/2014 - ravbik Does not like this wine:
85 points
austere, light-weighted acidic herbal zinfandel. I was expecting much more from Mr. Officer. This disappointed in quality compared to previous vintages. Maybe opened too soon.
  • golfwine commented:

    8/1/14, 8:04 AM - Must be an off bottle. I've enjoyed my first two and although I liked '11 better, this '12 is a Zin lover's wet dream. (See my note re: Petite & Alicante)

2011 Carlisle Syrah Papa's Block Russian River Valley
Too early. Decanted for about an hour. Only after about 2 hours did I get much on the nose...dark fruit and some floral components. solid tannins and acidity. more dark fruit on the palate with some of the floral component along with some earthiness.
  • golfwine commented:

    8/1/14, 7:56 AM - I've yet to open a Carlisle that didn't need more time! (Save for their Sonoma Cnty Zin)

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