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10/3/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
95 points
Just a stellar new world Chardonnay that could easily stand up to old world burgundian style Chards.

Crisp, bright, and fruit forward but still delicate with a mineral finish. Somehow possesses the crispness of a cool climate Chardonnay while the palate shows some signs of tropical fruit, typical of a warm climate Chardonnay.

While the price tag is up there with some premier Cru White Burgundies, this is something I would love to keep in my cellar by the case.

Color: Pale Straw/Lemon

Nose: Green Apple, Pineapple, Passionfruit, and a super delicate toastiness.

Palate: Tropical fruit, white peach, and green apple. Maybe even some mango (yes I know tropical fruit). Minerality is blended well with the crisp fruit. Some wet rock as well.

Finish: Bright clean finish of orchard and tropical fruit with a slight minerality and salinity that lasts for well into a minute.
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10/2/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
92 points
Opened this a little too early. I'm also learning that my palate doesn't overly enjoy the graphite taste you get in some quality wines that many critics like.

Nonetheless, this wine took quite a journey in the 3 hours we consumed this. At first it was tight and tannic with not much fruit showing. As it progressed it was more balanced with a mineral and graphite but still not very fruit forward.

I believe with some bottle age, this one could evolve into a nice bottle. Unfortunately it just doesn't suit my palate until about 3 hours of decanting.
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9/4/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
96 points
Fantastic and drinking perfectly.
8/14/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
91 points
Don't want to fully write this one up as I'm still getting my sense of smell back from COVID. It was enjoyable, a little green but still solid quality from BV. I know some people think BV went downhill but I still feel they produce solid cabs and their luxury series wines are fantastic.
7/8/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
94 points
Dense, dark, and mouth-coating. Loads of round, ripe black fruit balanced perfectly with vanilla, nutmeg, and other baking spices. Big and bold and what you come to expect from a "in your face" Napa Cab. The few extra years in the bottle has been kind to this one, softening the tannins nicely and creating a more enjoyable finish but with a still very-well-intact backbone. If you like big and bold, this one is ready or you can hold as it's got plenty of life left. You can drink this alone or pair it perfectly with a grilled ribeye like we did.

C: Dense purple throughout

N: Blackcurrant, blackberry jam, even some stewed plums come through for me on the fruit side. Secondary notes of baking spices and vanilla from the oak and even some faint FAINT tertiary notes of fresh leather.

P: Mouth-coating ripe black fruit, perfectly balanced oak with vanilla leading the charge. Medium plus body, medium plus alcohol, medium to medium minus on the acidity (which would be my only red mark).

F: Long finish of blackberry pie.
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6/20/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
87 points
Not my favorite. Will write a note with other bottles. Hoping this wasn't cooked during shipping
2016 Château Marsau Francs Côtes de Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
6/1/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
93 points
The first thing I must say about this wine is that the nose makes this something special! What a perfumed beauty. It leaps out the glass with notes of rose water, luscious blavk and blue fruit, baking spices, new leather, and a touch of oak. It's drinkability is off the charts. This is a rare find. I will be stocking up. The nose, the palate, the immediate drinkability, the age-ability, and the QPR makes this a hands down winner everyone should have in their cellar. A balanced but slightly fruit forward right bank Bordeaux for a fraction of the price of the big boys.

Color: Purple core, dark Ruby at the hue

Nose: Plum, blackberry, rose water, oak, vanilla, subtle hints of new leather

Palate: Juicy plum, blackberry, vanilla, balanced medium acidity, medium minus tannins, medium alcohol. Highly drinkable but more layers than a typical $30 bottle.

Finish: Medium plus length of blueberry/blackberry pie.
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5/31/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
94 points
Fantastic Gran Reserva showing very well right now. Showing lots of tertiary notes but still has great fruit.

Color: Ruby core with bricking at the hue

Nose: Brambleberry, Saddle leather, tilled earth, cigar box, plum, vanilla and baking spices

Palate: Very balanced black and blue fruit with tertiary notes of forest floor and dried mushrooms with a subtle hint of oak. Medium plus alcohol, Medium tannins, Medium plus acidity.

Finish: Long finish of plum, vanilla, and fresh leather.
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5/26/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
93 points
Solid, pure Napa Cab. Hits the mark on what you would expect from a standard, mid tier NV Cab.

Loads of up front black fruit, well integrated oak with a noticeable vanilla undertone mixed with some baking spices. Still youthful and vibrant but with well integrated, supple tannins. Nothing overly complex but could develop some tertiary notes with a few more years in the bottle. Enjoyable, smooth, juicy, and fruit forward.

Certainly benefitted from a 3 hour decant and enjoyed with a few reverse seared steaks.

Color: Purple at the core, Dark Ruby at the hue

Nose: Black fruit, vanilla, baking spices

Palate: Consistent with the nose; Very juicy and fruit forward with black currant and a touch of tart black cherry. Well integrated oak with vanilla and baking spices. Medium plus acidity, medium tannins (softened due to decant, medium plus if you PnP), medium plus alcohol.

Finish: 30 - 45 second Finish of black cherry and vanilla.
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5/12/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
87 points
Easy drinking and not very complex. Loaded with up front dark fruit and vanilla.
5/7/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
92 points
Solid if you like classic buttery Cali Chards. Crisp, bright, with medium butter. Apple, tropical fruits, medium plus alcohol.

I prefer unoaked chards but this one is pretty solid.
5/5/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
89 points
Had someone open one of my bottles and then throw it in the refrigerator. Tasting after 18 hours of being opened and 17 of those in the fridge.

Have 3 more bottles and will grade this when popped, decanted, and poured appropriately.
4/8/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
88 points
Great easy drinking red blend.
4/5/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
94 points
Fantastic nose of strawberries, cherries, violets, and herbs. Palate of crushed berries, red licorice, and savory herbs.

Still has plenty of life and paired perfectly with braised short ribs and creamy polenta.
4/5/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
92 points
Went really well with meatballs and Spaghetti. Great balance, great acidity, smooth tannins and medium finish. Excellent QPR.
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3/29/2021 - CashUSM16 wrote:
88 points
Easy drinking, straight forward tempranillo. Fruit forward with some wine making influence. Not trying to be something it's not. But in bulk for parties for a different twist on your red wine offering.
3/22/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
90 points
Always one of the better QPR Rioja's. Great bulk buy for parties
3/17/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
88 points
Very tamed and subtle expression of a muscadet. Not overpoweringly tart or sweet. Very easy drinking but not complex. Gooseberries, melon, and tropical fruit are in dominant display with a medium finish of citrus peel.

Muscadet is not for everyone but pairing this with some raw oysters would be a great compliment.
2/25/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
94 points
Drinking perfectly right now.
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2/18/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
94 points
Very similar to the Felta but slightly better IMO
2/18/2021 - CashUSM16 wrote:
93 points
One of my favorite chards
2/15/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
94 points
A bit tart and backwards but still exceptional. A testament to the producer for what was a bad vintage for all.
2/9/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
93 points
Great lighter Napa Cab expression from Sebastiani. Carries a great nose of dark fruit, oak, vanilla, and spices. Not your typical over-extracted, big body cab but more balanced and expressive while still packing the Cab punch you are looking for. Juicy palate of black and red fruits while staying true to the nose with a solid 45 second finish.

At this price point it's tempting not to drink up. But this one will drink well for at least another 15 years.
2/8/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
93 points
Solid Napa Cab still holding up nicely after 16+ years. Tannins have mellowed significantly and with some air, this wine was soft, velvety, and still fruit forward. This wine still has some life with juicy black and red fruits still shining brightly through with some tertiary notes starting to shine through. Black cherry, black currants, plums, and even some raspberry lead the way with notes of sweet tobacco and cigar box on the back end.

Not a blockbuster but surely enjoyable. Likely still has another 7-10 good years ahead of it.
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2/2/2021 - CashUSM16 wrote:
Haven't tried this one yet as I intend to let it sit for a long time.

But reading the 2 peer reviews has me a bit concerned.

Can anyone else attest to these 2 reviews?
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1/11/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
92 points
Why not write a review on a $10 bottle of wine?!

Look its a $10 bottle. Don't expect much. BUT. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this. Its not complex or layered with flavor after flavor. What it is is a straightforward representation of Merlot as a fruit forward, highly drinkable wine with just a touch of complexity.

The nose is blackberry and plum with notes of vanilla. About as straightforward as Merlot gets.

The palate matches the nose. Loads of black fruit, some vanilla, and baking spices. Incredibly juicy. The acidity is medium +, the alcohol is actually medium - and not overpowering.

The finish is short and straightforward.

Bottom line, this is a solid wine for the price. If you need a cheap wine for a stew, a skirt steak, burger, etc then this will do the trick!
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1/8/2021 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
91 points
This one needs several more years in the bottle. It was very sharp and astringent due to it's youth. I'm seeing some potential here but it's not likely to see this blossom until at least 2023 or 2024. Has a solid cab nose of cassis and black currant with lots of oaky vanilla and spices. I decanted for 2 hours to try and soften it up. Did very little as it's simply just not ready. For the price, I'm really hoping this one comes around. I have 3 bottles left and won't even consider popping another until 2023.

***Tasting notes after a 2 hour decant***

Color: Inky purple

Nose: Cassis, black currant, blackberry, oak, vanilla. All primary and secondary notes at this point - nothing tertiary in it's 4 years of youth.

Palate: Black fruit, backing spices, a bit sharp and astringent in it's youth; Medium Plus body, Medium Plus alcohol, Plus tannins

Finish: Medium finish of oak and black fruit still leaving a bit of a bitter and astringent finish.

Definitely has potential. FJ isn't a killer producer but they do a pretty good job with their Cabs and Merlots. I do expect this one to soften a bit and come around. Patience will be a virtue here and I do expect it to live up to the price tag eventually.
12/16/2020 - CashUSM16 wrote:
95 points
Started off like any other quality Napa Valley Cab. Notes of currant, cassis, black fruit, vanilla, and spices with a palate to match plus medium plus tannins. I let this decant for about 3 hours and by the time we drank it with dinner, it was on another level! The tannins had softened tremendously and this wine transformed into a silky, layered beauty. The fruit was still dominant but the wine had mellowed tremendously and the secondary and even some tertiary flavors started peaking through.

I understand this was an off year for everyone but this wine is a testament to the quality of Schrader. If you must drink this one soon, I highly recommend a 2-4 hour decant, tasting every hour. But even for a difficult vintage, this was still some high quality juice!

***Tasting notes are after a 3 hour decant***

Color: Dark ruby, dulling at the hue.

Nose: Cassis, black cherry, vanilla, forest floor, fruit cake, hints of new leather and sweet tobacco

Palate: Lush black fruit, tart cherry, vanilla, medium plus alcohol, medium tannins, medium plus acidity.

Finish: Long finish of black cherry, vanilla, and sweet tobacco.
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11/22/2020 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
88 points
Light, delicate Burgundy that "did the job". Nice acidity with lots of juicy red fruit. Not very complex but did have secondary notes of tilled earth and mushroom. I'm no Burghound but methinks there could be some better efforts out there on the secondary market at $100/bottle.

Color: Pale Ruby Red

Nose: Bright red fruit, tilled earth, mushroom

Palate: Juicy strawberry, red raspberry, candied red fruit, Medium plus acidity, Medium minus tannins, Medium alcohol

Finish: Short to medium finish of candied red fruit and a slight bouquet of flowers.
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11/6/2020 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
97 points
Could this be the next big cult Napa Cab? Heard a lot of buzz about this new winemaker and had a chance to win a bid for 4 bottles of their second ever vintage on the secondary auction sites. This did not disappoint!

If you are going to drink this anytime soon, I do suggest a good 2-3 hour decant at least. Tasted right after pulling the cork, and every 30 minutes thereafter. By about 2 hours in, it was a beauty. Dense but elegant, firm backbone but nuanced with depth. Layers of flavors to unravel with a lengthy finish making you come back for more.

Color: Inky dense purple starting to lighten up at the hue.

Nose: Classic cab nose of black currants, toast, clove, dark chocolate, and tilled earth. Tertiary notes just starting to come through with fresh leather and sweet tobacco. Let the alcohol blow off a little.

Palate: Rich layers of juicy black fruit, vanilla toastiness, dark chocolate, and sweet tobacco. Medium to medium plus acidity, medium plus tannins, medium plus alcohol, all well integrated and balanced to near perfection.

Finish: Long minute plus Finish of juicy plum, baking spices, and sweet tobacco.

Get your hands on these if you can. I have 3 more bottles and likely won't touch another until at least 2023. Value of these could skyrocket in the coming years. This will last another 30 years.
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10/26/2020 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
89 points
Great old world style Zin. Kuleto is such a hidden gem. Their Cabs are fantastic and their Zin is so balanced and unlike the jammy Cali Zins. This was bordering Italian wine in style.

Color: Dark Ruby

Nose: Black fruit, pepper, iron, wet earth

Palate: Raspberry, Plum, pepper, savory, Medium plus alcohol, Medium body, Medium plus acidity, Medium tannins

Finish: I don't know how to verbalize it but it has that Italian Wine finish. It's very distinct for me but not sure how to put it. Bitter red fruit, perhaps?
10/22/2020 - CashUSM16 wrote:
93 points
Delicate, crisp, and bright. More of an Old World expression than a California Chard. Impressive acidity, balanced with just a slight hint of oak, minerality, and a touch of salinity. Tetering on a white burgundy or even chablis style. Very enjoyable and great QPR.

Color: Star bright yellow

Nose: Green apple, tropical notes, just a hint of oak

Palate: Nose is spot on. Granny Smith green apple, pineapple, papaya, very crisp, minimal oak influence though its there, medium plus acidity, medium plus alcohol which will give away the new world style.

Finish: Medium plus finish of orchard fruit, minerality, and salinity.
9/27/2020 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
95 points
Beautiful bottle of wine. True big, bold Napa Valley cab but displays a strange sense of balance as opposed to the other fruit bombs like Caymus. You will never confuse this with a Bordeaux but the rounded, ripe fruit is balanced with a great level of acidity, especially after some air. After reading some reviews I was concerned I was getting into a syrupy fruit bomb showing nothing but the ripe fruit. I'm very happy to say this is not the case. This is really starting to come into its own and will develop nicely for another 4-7 years before reaching full maturity. My only "constructive" note about this is the nose. Its muted save the ripe black fruit. Perhaps a few more years in the cellar will bring it out more

Color: Dense, glass coating purple

Nose: Ripe black fruit, vanilla, hints of cocoa

Palate: Rich black fruit, vanilla, nutmeg, cocoa, balanced tannins although still noticeable, medium plus alcohol, Medium to medium plus acidity

Finish: Long finish of ripe black fruit and cocoa. Pair this with food to balance the SLIGHT harshness of tannins due to its youth.

Great wine. Can't wait to try the other 2 bottles in 2025 and 2030.
1987 Flora Springs Trilogy Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
9/25/2020 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
89 points
Won on a KL Wines Auction. Read a lot about how this no longer had any life. I disagree. While it wasn't the best showing and I'm sure it's about 10 years past its "prime", it still showed well and developed well over the course of 2 hours.

Color: Still maintains some youth with a bit of a garnet color and definite bricking at the rim.

Nose: Leather, Tobacco, Cigar Box, Wet Forest Floor, Hints of bramble and raisin

Palate: Touch of dried black fruits (plum, black cherry, blackberrry), Medium plus acidity, Medium body, Medium Plus Tannin. Nose holds fairly true: Sweet tobacco, Cedar, great tertiary notes.

Finish: Long finish of sandalwood and tart cherries.

If you have a bottle of this and have yet to experience an aged NV Cab, its def time to pop this. After about 2 hours, it started fading and fast. Its a mid tier, past its prime NV Cab so you can't expect the world but all-in-all it was a really great experience and thats what I appreciate about wine.
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2/17/2020 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
88 points
Easy drinking SB Pinot. SB is a really up and coming Pinot region and while this one lacks depth and complexity, it certainly has the "glug" factor. Great for parties or for summer sippin.

C: Ruby and bright

N: Strawberry, cherry, light earthy tones

P: Straightforward from the nose; Lacks complexity but the nose tells the whole story and for a $17 Pinot, it's easy drinking

F: Short red fruit finish
2000 Château Calon-Ségur St. Estèphe Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
2/1/2020 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
92 points
I've been waiting to pop this one open but I've admittedly been very skeptical about the timing after reading all these reviews. I drank this tonight with some Green Egg grilled ribeyes and it was great. But. It's not ready and I'm not sure how much better it will get. I get the sense this wine has a short drink window for optimal show.

C: Ruby with slight tawny hues. The color alone tells you it's still got some time.

N: Underripe red and black fruit, pencil shavings, sweet tobacco and leather

P: Still has some fruity tones but it seems like underripened black fruit, graphite, sweet tobacco; medium plus acidity, medium alcohol.

F: Medium long finish of acidic black fruit and tobacco

I'm just a bit confused by this wine. It's either past its prime or it needs another 5 years or more. Something just seems out of balance and while it was enjoyable and paired well with the steaks, something was It's like it's trying desperately to come together but just can't quite get there.

Great experience but won't seek out another bottle considering the gamble with the cost that this could still get better.
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1/28/2020 - CashUSM16 wrote:
92 points
Big body Napa Valley Cab. Great structure and depth. This one is still not ready but it's well on its way!

C: Deep purple

N: Black currant, creme de cassis, vanilla, earth

P: Lush black fruit, toast, baking spices; Medium plus alcohol, balanced but still tight

F: long finish of toast and black fruit.

This wine is fantastic as is but it is not ready. It is still a tad grippy and tight but the flavors are balanced. This is showing great potential. I have one bottle I will cellar for at least another 2 to 3 years, if not 5-7.
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1/16/2020 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
89 points
Bright, acidic, and fairly straightforward Chablis. Mineral and green apple nose with the palate matching. Nothing overly special, just your straightforward Chablis.

C: Pale yellow, star bright, green hues at rim

N: Green Apple, mineral, pear

P: Crisp granny smith apple, citrus, flint, saline, pear; Bone dry, medium alcohol, high acidity.

F: Medium plus finish of slate and green apple
White - Off-dry
1/14/2020 - CashUSM16 wrote:
94 points
My first experience with a riesling with any real age on it. At 10 years old, this could still age another 20 or more. It's so cool to see a riesling completely transform in the bottle. The color on this was a deep golden color, more rich and saturated than most Chardonnay. I mean it is so deep its bordering on being Orange. The complexity and layers of flavor is insane. Best $25 bottle wine I've ever had.

C: Deep, saturated golden color, almost identical to apple juice

N: Petrol, Honey, Apple, Peach,

P: Rich honeyed lemon and peach, ginger, and apple

F: Medium plus finish of ginger and honeyed stone fruit
1/12/2020 - CashUSM16 wrote:
93 points
Big, bold, punch you in the face NV Cab. Even after 13 years, the fruit is still very much forward but it has developed some secondary and tertiary flavors like sweet tobacco, leather, and cigar box. This one is ready but could maybe use another year or 2, but no more. When the bold, up front fruit starts to break down, you could lose this wine.

C: Deep purple with tawny hues developing at the rim

N: Ripe dark fruit, Leather, Cigar Box

P: Bold, very ripe black fruit (Cassis, Brambleberry), baking spices, sweet tobacco

F: Long finish of spice and leather
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2009 Château Larrivet-Haut-Brion Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
12/27/2019 - CashUSM16 wrote:
94 points
Great buy, excellent QPR! Still has some fruitiness but it is certainly evolving into something rich and classy. Very masculine characteristics of leather, dark fruit, and tobacco

For this price, I'll likely buy a few more bottles to satisfy my thirst for a bordeaux with a little age on it while my pricier Bordeaux cellars.

C: Brick Red with tawny hues

N: Leather, Cigar Box, Cassis, Dark fruit

P: Black Cherry, Cassis, Leather, Licorice, Tobacco, Earth

F: Long tobacco finish that lasts over 30 seconds

I'd imagine any negative reviews are from folks who like big fruit bombs.
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12/25/2019 - CashUSM16 wrote:
91 points
The Four Grace's really does an excellent expression of Pinot Noir. This was no different. Excellent balance of New World and Old World Pinot with bright red fruit, earthy mushroom, and just enough spice on the back palate. Perhaps a bit overdone with the alcohol but well-balanced nonetheless. Will be buying more Four Graces Pinot for regular drinking while my French Red Burgundy ages.

C: Bright ruby with slightly bricking hues at the rim

N: Cranberry, Cherry, Earthy forest floor

P: Sour Cherry, mushroom/wet earth, cranberry

F: Medium-Long finish of cranberry; a bit warm on the alcohol but well-balanced with about a 20 second finish
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11/19/2019 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
88 points
Standard big body NV Cab but perhaps a tad more complex. I opened this too early as most decent 2016 NV cans should be held until 2021 at least.

Nose is classic cab, palate is rich dark fruit with bitter dark chocolate. It reminds me of Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai and Blueberry. If you never had that chocolate, you should.

Color: Purple and Opaque

N: Rich dark fruit (Cassis, black currant), dark chocolate, hints of grilling herbs

P: Full body, medium plus tannins, plus alcohol; Fairly balanced; Rich black fruit, bitter dark chocolate, a tad grippy in its youth, black cherry, blackberry, toast

F: Medium plus finish of dark chocolate covered blueberries with firm tannins.
11/18/2019 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
90 points
Classic California Pinot that is fruity and juicy with just a touch of earthiness. Loaded with juicy red fruit, this was an easy drinker that will pair well with just about anything.

Color: Ruby with slight tawny hues at the rim

N: Bright red cherries and red fruit with some light vanilla and baking spices, and a touch of earthiness

P: Juicy red cherry, cranberry, and raspberry; warm vanilla; slight hint of baking spices. Medium body, medium acidity, medium alcohol

F: Medium finish of cranberry and mushroom
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11/15/2019 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
93 points
Insanely complex Chardonnay from FJ! Nose is bright and clean. Carries the oak you would expect from a Cali Chard but has an interesting undertone of toffee or caramel.

Smooth on the palate with crisp fruit, just enough malo to get that creamy buttery taste, but the caramel notes hit just right to bring an added dynamic to this wine. If you have a few bottles, I think it would be interesting to age a few to see how these caramel notes develop over a few more years!

Color: Pale Yellow, Bright

N: Yellow Apple, tropical fruit (I get pineapple), vanilla and oak, and caramel/toffee/butterscotch like aromas

P: Apple, Tropical fruit, warm vanilla, creme brulee, butter. Medium plus body, medium plus alcohol, soft mouthfeel

F: Medium plus length of tropical fruit, warm vanilla, and butter.
11/15/2019 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
94 points
Fantastic representation of a classic big body Napa Cab. I decanted and tried at 30 minutes, 1 hour, and then 2 hours with a ribeye and lobster risotto. Kept opening and changing as time passed. What a great bottle!! Complex layers of dark fruit, vanilla and spice, tobacco, and cigar box

Drink now or I believe you clearly could even cellar this one for another 3 - 7 years. Tasting notes are from 30 minutes decanted.

**Note: Definitely decent this one. While it's almost 7 years old, it's still youthful and decanting will smooth out the tannins a bit.

Color: Deep purple, slightly opaque

N: Lucious black fruit like black currant, cassis, and blackberry, vanilla, baking spices, tobacco, and cigar box

P: Nose is pretty spot on. Well layered and complex melding the rich black fruit, vanilla and baking spices and a slight under tone of cigar box and sweet tobacco. Full body, Plus alcohol, medium plus tannins that open up after a few hours decanted, medium acidity

F: Long finish of cigar box, tobacco, and baking spices.
11/13/2019 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
91 points
I had been curious about this wine since buying it and finally decided to open it with a grilled burger. Very drinkable and bold. On the nose its spicy and fruity and surprisingly juicy and smooth on the palate. Thinking of buying several more bottles as a hosting wine.

Color: Deep Ruby to purple and Opaque

N: Ripe black fruit, baking spices, toasted vanilla

P: Very well balanced; Juicy ripe black fruit, toast, baking spices. Smooth tannins, full body, plus alcohol, medium acidity, medium tannins.

F: Finishes smooth with robust ripe fruit and a lingering of toast

I bought this as a Chalk Hill member for $30 and it's well worth the price. One of the better bargains I've had, though I wouldn't consider this a bargain wine.
11/12/2019 - CashUSM16 Does not like this wine:
82 points
Man this was disappointing.

Fruit really struggled to balance out with the bitter, earthy, wet leaves taste combined with the acidic minerality. The finish was less than desirable leaving a bitter, old fruit taste in my mouth like I just ate the pit of a week old black cherry.

Color: Ruby

N: Wet leaves, cherry, slight barnyard tinge

P: Decaying forest floor, cherry and raspberry try to peep thru but the wine is very unbalanced

F: Medium finish of bitter old fruit pits

I should have done my research before buying this wine which was insanely overpriced at a Miami wine store for $45. Felt like I was drinking 2 Buck Chuck. Buyer beware.
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11/1/2019 - CashUSM16 Likes this wine:
95 points
Man this was fantastic. Right after the cork it smelled of cherry, earthy mushroom, and graphite. Has a real old world feel to it. Served this with lamb and it was really delicious.

Color: Ruby and bright

N: Cherry, graphite, baking spices

P: Red cherries, cranberries, forest floor, baking spices; Medium Body, medium plus alcohol, Medium plus acidity

F: Long finish of red cherries and forest floor
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