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6/14/2014 - pwferret Does not like this wine:
75 points
I was not impressed. The nose was light and fruity but no complexity. The first taste was not what I expected. The first thing I got was the sensation of sweet... Definitely not a dry red. There was some cherry and raspberry notes that saved it form being poured down the drain. The only thing that helped saved this was that I was having a few burgers and so I added lot of hot sauce, not mild... HOT. At least the wine didn't overpower the food. This reminded me of every red wine I've ever had form NJ.. Chambourcin...
10/15/2010 - pwferret wrote:
80 points
Its going flat. Nose on preious bottles were brighter, this has dark muted cherry, a bit of graphite and weee bit of a baking cocoa on the finish.
8/15/2010 - pwferret Likes this wine:
86 points
Seriously dark color. :-) For a daily drinker at $7 it's not bad. Started tight with a little Blackberry on the nose, even being run through the vinturi. fairly one dimensional at first.... the second glass opened, added a little chocolate and cherry. The taste ended quickly,very short flavor lasting power, although the dryness, that I enjoy in a big cab, did last... I'd definitely pick up more.
7/26/2010 - pwferret wrote:
91 points
Bold Napa Cab, perfectly oaked. Ruby color, light toast, slight minerality/earthy on the nose, hint of cinnimon and chocolate in taste. Finish was little quick and lacked some of the ending complexity I've gotten from other Napa Cabs. We paired this with a filet and it was just right. I've always loved this as having a great ability to pop and pour with minimal decanting. Not at the end of it's life by far, but I don't it maturing any more. Probably at or nearly at it's peak now. I'll finish any other bottles of this we get by around 2015.
7/15/2010 - pwferret wrote:
84 points
Very earthy mineral smell. Dull color. Had used the Vintinuri to open the nose a bit. After 30 minutes or so it softened and the cherry started to come out. Paired with a burger and them some hard cheese. It complimented the cheese (Romano) well.
5/25/2010 - pwferret wrote:
85 points
Spicey nose, stood up to the hot sausage.
5/17/2010 - pwferret wrote:
85 points
Smell of dark berry... blackberry. Taste of Tobacco, spice, cedar, oak... A little more oak than it should have, almost tastes like it's got more alcohol than the 12.9% it actually has. Makes for a good daily drinker but won't impress anyone.
12/19/2009 - pwferret wrote:
90 points
After Izzy and Kim shared an awesome Zin with me (Thanks brad for the great choice), we moved on to desert and a great Cab. Always makes for a great pop & pour big wine that doesn't overpower what you pair it with. Smooth enough to drink solo but, goes well with food.. This one was aromatic without the heavily over alcohol'd bite. Smooth at the start, middle and finish. Got a nice current on the nose with a lot of complex secondary scents. Love it, love, love it.
11/11/2009 - pwferret wrote:
78 points
I was actually impressed. I expected this would be pretty bad. Smell was subtle dark berry, far from any fruit bomb. It did open up later to have a nice balance. Taste was a bit disappointing at first but had a great finish. I'd definitely drink this again as a daily drinker. It's not going to age too long, but doesn't need to be drunk right away.
10/28/2009 - pwferret wrote:
70 points
Very little nose, after a 1/2 hour a faint hint of berry. Taste was equally non-existant. I got this because the label humored me that day. I had expectations it was going to be nothing special. It turned out that it was. Nothing wrong, just bland.
10/2/2009 - pwferret wrote:
Minimal smell a bit hot in the taste at first. Finished it the second day and it had calmed down a little but was still not as good as would have liked. Nose: a little earthy, slight dark berry. Taste: very little... no compexity. Overall, Average.
9/11/2009 - pwferret wrote:
Average... always takes better the second day and it's low alcohol, not sure why. I do decant before drinking. For the price, I'll drink it.
8/25/2009 - pwferret wrote:
I like this wine much better the second night. It just needs a good decanting.
8/2/2009 - pwferret wrote:
Cooked maybe? Undrinkable. It was just bad. And I'll drink almost anything according to my wife.
6/20/2009 - pwferret wrote:
It's not bad at all... Dark current on the nose. Dry taste fades off a little fast. So far good value, we'll see how it pairs with the filet I'm grillin'
6/10/2009 - pwferret wrote:
Just what the Dr. ordered. The perfect fun wine.
6/9/2009 - pwferret wrote:
After trying the *&%$ Southwest was serving as a red on Sunday this was great. The reality is that it's exactly what I'd expect for $9 bottle of cab. Drinkable with little complexity.It's just a an average cab, that drank the same on day one as day two.
5/21/2009 - pwferret wrote:
Popped it last night. Paired with tacos. Just loved it. I was expecting it to be under or overpowering but, it was just what the doctor ordered. Not a big Shiraz drinker and after this I'll be trying others so I can properly rate it.
5/13/2009 - pwferret wrote:
84 points
Nice berry aroma. Great daily drinker. I'm going to have to pick up a few more for when I want a lighter, brighter red than the typical big cab...
4/20/2009 - pwferret wrote:
83 points
The first impression was it was a fruit bomb. Drank 1/2 bottle and wasn't impressed. I was pouring through a Vinturi. The second night it opened up, settled down and I could actually enjoy it. Ultimately it was a balanced wine, just a bit hot for me.
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