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2019 Field Recordings Wine Pinot Noir Wonderwall Edna Valley
The Nebbiolo actually. And it doesn't smell like Nebbiolo at all. Doesn't smell like Nebbiolo at all.
  • marcellevi commented:

    3/24/21, 8:04 PM - Probably because Pinot isn’t Nebbiolo?

2013 Mendel Unus Lujan de Cuyo Malbec Blend, Malbec
3/21/2017 - WineGuyFL Likes this wine:
93 points
Very high up there on the PQR scale. My bias.....I like different......and this one is different. I am sure I have never had a bottle of wine with this make up. I believe it is 65% Malbec, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Petite Verdot. The Cabernet adds depth and complexity to the Malbec while the Petite Verdot adds a lot of spice (one of its usual tasks). My wife asked me at dinner what in the world I was drinking because it is so dark.....presumably because of the Petite Verdot. She was correct, as I am not sure I have ever seen a wine so deep and dark. It is drinking very well right now. My instincts are it could improve, as that is the nature of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, but there is no reason to look at it in the Wine Room right now. It is fully up to the WA rating of 93.
  • marcellevi commented:

    9/3/17, 4:14 PM - Great notes. Actually, a lot of good Malbecs are very deep crimson to black.

2010 Seghesio Family Vineyards Zinfandel Cortina Dry Creek Valley
4/30/2014 - Ramberg wrote:
70 points
It shall be noted that I’m perhaps not big a Zin fan (rather far from), but really…?
This is not a top producers, but still very much the same, and I would not be able to tell the differences, had it been.
The nose is hot, full with alcohol, oak, oak shavings, burnt and toasted oak and burnt and toasted grapes with some burnt rubber and burnt coffe on top.
Able to find some hints of blueberry jam, blackberries, vanilla and raisins in this mess of a burnt out camp fire.
Actually rather interesting nose, I felt like one of those after the fire investigators you see on TV sometimes, investigating arsons.
On the palate its hot and a jammy mess of blackberries, blueberries and plums, with some spicy raisins and vanilla on top.
Had it with a grilled steak, but it destroyed the steak, so had to open another bottle.
Imo., avoid, unless you are in to big, jammy, unsophisticated, messy, alcohol filled and overdone wines.
In that case, this would be great and you would probably love it.
  • marcellevi commented:

    5/18/14, 3:06 PM - De gustibus non est disputandum.

2010 Bodega Colomé Malbec Estate Calchaquies
12/23/2013 - chablis28 wrote:
92 points
Was this a matter of low expectations and trepidation, or was I actually wowed by this wine? I'm going with wowed! A promising dark fruit, cedary, creosote nose upon opening led to the first wasn't at all jammy or heavy. Instead, rather sleek, defined and weightless! No heavy handed blackberry flavors like so much new world malbec. Layers of dark chocolate, expresso, raspberries and a wisp of minerality. Blind, I might guess this as Pessac. This had uncommon range of flavor and intensity for ...malbec. Still, its malbec, and I don't like malbec, right? So, I'll only give it 92pts even though it probably deserves a higher score. At $23 I'll buy another and see if I hate the next one and this was only an aberration. Paired with a hearty dish of goulash.PnP
  • marcellevi commented:

    12/24/13, 10:52 AM - But this is Malbec from Salta (northern Argentina) not Mendoza (western Argentina). Totally different terroir. I love this wine, and I like Malbec. Thanks...

2011 Boekenhoutskloof The Chocolate Block Western Cape Red Blend
Excellent cab
  • marcellevi commented:

    9/30/13, 4:40 PM - It's not a cab. Notwithstanding, it's excellent.

2010 Mollydooker Two Left Feet South Australia Shiraz Blend, Syrah
This is of course really, really terrible, but the main thing that continues to mystify me is how people call this kind of thing a crowd-pleaser. I poured it for a crowd and almost nobody liked it. It smells like blueberry Smuckers jam and tastes so sweet and grapey one wonders if they even bothered to ferment it; this resembles the Kedem grape juice that my 3-year-old drinks more than wine, albeit with an admittedly higher Fruit Weight™ index and the completely gratuitous addition of an obscene amount of oak that tastes of such raw, pure wood (not even toast or chocolate or spice or any of those things) that it almost seems like they figured out some way to crush and ferment a truckload of tongue depressors, which I guess is ironic considering the totally unfermented flavor of the grapes. There was actual jawdropping around the room when I pointed to the explanation on the Mollydooker web site that the producers consider this a 65-70% on their Fruit Weight™ scale and that they make other wines that go all the way up to 100, considering that we are already well into Spinal Tap territory here. On the "other" point scale I am scoring this a 55 rather than a flat 50 only because the 16% alcohol actually didn't stick out so bad, but this really does taste like a wine made by somebody who has never actually drank wine. I get that the idea here is to take all the characteristics that impress the critics so much and use those trademarked techniques and the Aussie sun to crank them up to 11 (and beyond), but if this is an attempt to emulate any style of actual wine it's akin to having Stevie Wonder try to copy a painting.
  • marcellevi commented:

    5/17/13, 11:05 AM - It appears you are in the minority. Judging by your tasting notes, you seem to have a tremendous bias to very expensive European wines. I would guess your "crowd" has the same bias. Nothing wrong with that. On matters of taste, there can be no debate. But for what this wine is, stylistically, it is crafted well. Even the Rhone Report gives it a 91.

2007 Veramonte Primus The Blend Colchagua Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
11/27/2011 - mouton45 wrote:
89 points
Not bad for a $3.99 wine
  • marcellevi commented:

    1/15/12, 6:53 PM - $3.99!?!? You mean $13.99?

2006 Four Vines Zinfandel Maverick Amador County
7/4/2010 - TannicBeast wrote:
89 points
Red to garnet on the rim. A pronounced nose of black cherries, alcohol and vanilla. Black fruit, chocolate mocha and alcohol on the palate. Dry, but so fruit-forward and high in alcohol that it appears to have some residual sweetness. Medium low acidity and medium tannins result in a somewhat flabby but nevertheless enjoyable finish. Very smooth and rounded, with a very long finish. It might improve for another year or so as the alcohol becomes better integrated, but it does not seem to have the structure for any kind of aging.
  • marcellevi commented:

    8/22/10, 3:06 PM - Alcohol does not evaporate in a sealed bottle.

2007 Alta Vista Atemporal Valle de Uco Malbec Blend, Malbec
5/7/2010 - Corgoson wrote:
74 points
Strong burn oak nose with some preserved black fruits and fig too. Taste: Dry and spicy with lots of sawdust. Medium body with some chicken spice, like eating grilled whole chicken. Some perfume and black fruits like plum and black berry. The finish is dry and bitter like chewing on rubber. A bit hot too. Quite simple like thin water and chewing at medicine pill at the same time. Might open up eventually.
  • marcellevi commented:

    5/8/10, 6:44 AM - You gotta wonder about these outlier reviews like this...

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