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4/4/2014 - Delta Does not like this wine:
83 points
Jordan is over priced and over hyped. This particular bottle didn't hold up to the Atlas Peak or Ramey that came on each side of it. Too much presence of alcohol with too many tannins throughout. A weak/flat nose to boot. Go buy two bottles of Conn Valley or Ramey before you buy one Jordan.
3/20/2014 - Delta Does not like this wine:
84 points
Two years ago I served Arns at a party and was pleased. It was a good wine at a good price point. Unfortunately thereafter I bought eight bottles from 2002 and '03. I've opened one from each vintage to sheer disappointment. Serious level of alcohol on the nose that never quite fades. After an hour of decanting the wine is bearable though barely pleasurable. After nearly two hours it's gone from over bearing to dead. Perhaps I simply got a bad lot from Aker -- but proceed with caution.
2007 Leviathan California Red Blend (view label images)
4/4/2014 - Delta Likes this wine:
91 points
A well done Napa red blend is my favorite wine, and I was impressed with Leviathan. If someone told me this was Continuum's second label, I would believe it. I hate that I cannot offer more precise tasting notes but we drank it 2 months ago and I'm tardy to update. But you won't be disappointed as long as you give it 40 mins of decanting.
4/5/2014 - Delta wrote:
93 points
- Aromas of rose, oak and mushroom and has flavours of cherry, tobacco, coffee and mushroom - Exactly what you would hope an 07 Napa Cab would taste like in '14. Big fruit on the nose, no hint of alcohol even after only 20 minutes decanting. Light tannins on the back end. Really liked this wine.
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2006 Orin Swift Papillon Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
12/22/2011 - Delta wrote:
92 points
- Brick color and aromas of rose, strawberry and black currant. It's balanced and has flavours of mushroom and cherry with a medium/full body. Silky texture with a medium finish - Excellent wine. Light tannins, deep and dark red fruits. First glass good but after decanting for an hour (and 2) this wine is fantastic.
11/27/2009 - Delta wrote:
75 points
Acidic and not worth the money.
12/6/2009 - Delta wrote:
75 points
a poor wine not worth the money
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11/25/2009 - Delta wrote:
89 points
Stunned at the great balance, depth, and overall quality of this $10 bottle of wine. Would highly recommend.
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11/23/2009 - Delta wrote:
87 points
A light summer wine. Not as fruity as other Oregon pinot noir's. Drank very smooth.
11/10/2009 - Delta wrote:
Beaux Freeres is one of my favorites. I was disappointed to find an eroding cork. Fortunately we were able to get all the cork out and enjoy the wine -- but clearly not a normal 'great' bottle like most Beaux's.
1/3/2009 - Delta wrote:
89 points
We're just now getting into wine so I won't act sophisticated and make something up; our palette is far from a mature one. However we took the advice of other CT users and allowed the wine 45 mins in a decanter. My friends, who are into wine, consumed a couple bottles with us and loved it. They said they would be buying some for their cellar.
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