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2009 Quarles Harris Porto Late Bottled Vintage Port Blend
2/1/2015 - soychick wrote:
81 points
I've still to find a port I didn't enjoy, but this is closer than I'd like to get. Roughly tannic, overly sour, and a distinct aroma of rubbing alcohol. It's still possible to enjoy this, especially with fruitcake, and it would be great for culinary purposes. Probably I'd prefer this to ruby ports in the same price range, but next time I will pony up for an LBV from Fonseca, Warre's, Graham, Noval etc..
  • soychick commented:

    3/23/15, 4:18 PM - This got better with air. Like 7-8 weeks of air. Quite a bit better.

2010 Bodega Classica Rioja Hacienda López de Haro Crianza Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
11/18/2014 - soychick wrote:
I am not scoring this wine. However it did not seem to be spoiled or corked in the usual way, but was utterly undrinkable nonetheless. I would give it a zero. There is clearly at the very least some quality control problem here.
  • soychick commented:

    11/23/14, 7:07 PM - Well, we tried another vintage of the same wine from the same store, and it had the same problem. I am very suspicious of this wine, because the second try was a 2005 Riserva, yet just like the 2010 it was brightly colored, and the (natural) cork was clearly brand new (the Crianza has a particle composite cork). So I don't think we are drinking the same wine that Wine Spectator gave a 92 (for the 2005 Riserva). The '05 was more clearly spoiled in the usual way, with an anisole aftertaste. So beware, and don't buy a case from your distributor till you've tried it.

2009 Domaine Roche Cairanne Red Rhone Blend
12/8/2012 - soychick wrote:
91 points
Awesome QPR. Nose a little tight but some cherries and maybe pomegranate come through on the nose and the midpalate. Tannins heavy but smooth, moderate and balanced acidity, long long finish. Should improve for many years.
  • soychick commented:

    12/8/12, 4:04 PM - can't seem to edit reviews any more - this refers to the 2010

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