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2018 Desire Lines Syrah Griffin's Lair Petaluma Gap
5/16/2021 - ed43bauhaus wrote:
92 points
Actually 92++. Pop and pour. Everything you want from a cool climate Syrah, great balance, nice savory elements. Highly recommended.
  • lucagiupponi commented:

    5/17/21, 5:33 AM - Thanks for the note! Did you decant, and if so, for how long?

2019 Paetra Riesling Willamette Valley
BD 12 purchase. Not as good as other wines from the same producer (both the dry Riesling and the Pinot Blanc, which I’ve found to be outstanding). This either needs more time or should’ve used more decanting, even though I tried this over two days. It just tasted a lot like apple juice. The acidity was too imbalanced. Too bad, because the nose on this thing is amazing.
  • lucagiupponi commented:

    4/13/21, 5:47 PM - Thanks for your comment! Yes, I have 5 more, so I am hoping it will turn around. I will wait until the summer to pop another one.

  • lucagiupponi commented:

    4/15/21, 5:35 AM - No, the other one. The spider label is actually the Dry Riesling. I do think there is a little bit of confusion with the notes on CT between the two bottlings, and indeed both listings have the spider label image.

  • lucagiupponi commented:

    4/15/21, 5:09 PM - I just checked. the spider label says "dry" in the description, while the other one says "off-dry". So this CT entry should correspond to the non-spider label.

2019 de Négoce Sauvignon Blanc OG N.16 Sonoma County
3/10/2021 - EMichels wrote:
91 points
Amazed by the divergence of opinion on this one; Explosive nose of tropical fruit and flowers; Crisp with rich fruit at the same time; Passionfruit, kiwi, lime; Clean and long finish; I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a better Sauvignon Blanc; I wish that our local Costco had the selection that a previous note writer has - there isn’t a bottle in my Costco at any price that tastes this good
  • lucagiupponi commented:

    3/11/21, 10:22 AM - I owe this one a new note! I've since opened several more bottles and your review (and score) is a lot more in line with my experience. That first one must have been a dud.

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