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1994 Château Gloria St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
4/11/2020 - Oenecnist wrote:
Records not handy. Bought 6b, probably at live auction 18-20 years ago for under 20/b, incl all fees and taxes; this is #1. Very dark purple; blackcurrant nose, slightly tart, some graphite; subdued but rich dark berry fruit, very good mouthfeel; some persistence. Delicious, the best Gloria I've tasted (all non-trophy vintages) and at a good place now; glad I have more. Stored horizontally in a cool, dark basement since purchase. My evaluation: For me, scores on a "100-point scale" are misleading. I use a 4-category scale (perhaps with +/-)--not including flawed--which runs outstanding/notable/drinkable/poor. This is notable+ when considering quality, age, and price.
  • Oenecnist commented:

    1/29/22, 11:44 PM - Thanks for your note on my TN for the '94 Ch Gloria. Price is not part of my quality gauge, but it is part of my overall evaluation. Your question highlights some of the core issues in "expert ratings": Are they evaluating objective quality (e.g., "varietally correct|") or subjective enjoyment? The former is arguably subject to expert evaluation; for the latter, none of them are expert in what I will enjoy. Then there's the challenge that knowledge of price can affect subjective enjoyment. Finally, many experts are not clear about how they allow for price. Otherwise, I wonder how both an everyday '09 Bordeaux and an '09 First Growth can both get a rating of 92 from an "expert".

2019 Moon Curser Border Vines Okanagan Valley VQA Red Bordeaux Blend
12/30/2021 - Oenecnist wrote:
Bought 2b for CAD 27/b with 5% mixed case discount (+ tax) from a local private chain after enjoying the '19 Touriga Nacional; this is #1. Screwcap. Darker purple; ripe red and black fruits, currants, some black cherry that follow on the palate; a bit thin and tart after 4h open but tasty; some persistence. Held some with vacuvin for 24h, and it added weight and complexity. Not the Touriga but almost delicious and may age better. At this price, there's stiff competition and better value so not a re-buy for now, but I'm impressed with the producer. My evaluation: For my non-points, 4-level rating scheme, see earlier posts. This is notable+ when considering quality, age, and price in the BCLDB environment (high taxes, highly regulated and protected).
  • Oenecnist commented:

    1/29/22, 6:30 PM - Reply to darrenv: Thanks for your comment. We've had feet in both countries for years and watched the ascent of BC wines during that time--and even a bit of loosening of the gov's grip on the market.

2013 Castello di Gabbiano Chianti Classico Gran Selezione Bellezza Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese
1/4/2022 - Oenecnist wrote:
Bought 4 mags for CAD 28+/mag (reflects 5% mixed case discount; add 15% tax) on closeout from a local shop last week; this is #1. Solid cork. Decanted but not needed: almost no sediment--surprising. Ripe red plum purple; ripe plum, some ripe cherry, some oak that follow on the palate, well-integrated oak; very good mouthfeel; good persistence. Delicious, perhaps at its peak drinking window around now. The top shelf for a good--not great--producer and a memorable experience. Stored horizontally in a cool, dark basement locker since purchase. My evaluation (see earlier posts for my 4-category, non-point rating system): This is outstanding when considering quality, age, and price in the BCLDB environment (high taxes, heavily regulated and protected).
  • Oenecnist commented:

    1/20/22, 11:09 AM - Reply to lelandinmichigan: Thanks for your comment; I wondered if anyone noticed the rarity of the deal. Among Cdn markets, almost all my experience is in BC. I don't know the BCLDB enabling and governing legislation well, but my impression for years (25+) is that the combination of rules, taxes, and restricted trade place narrow limits on price competition and keep relative prices (sometimes very) high. This was among the best values I've ever seen in BC (cheap CAD during '01-'02 also provided a few deals for those based in USD). However, private stores try to offer products not in the gov stores and (a) may find the rare deal through agents and (b) still need to move slow-moving products. This store likely wanted to move these aging mags and offered only a few. Incidentally, the online presentation obscured the bottle format: I happened to read closely and saw the 1.5 liter note. It was not obvious, and many may have missed it, thinking it was CAD 28+ for 750 ml.

2017 Domaine René Leclerc Bourgogne Pinot Noir
8/6/2021 - Oenecnist wrote:
Further to my Note of Feb 3 '21: this is #4. Decanted with minimal sediment. This is evolving but still took 24h for the fruit to be enjoyable. I won't hurry to try the next bottle.
  • Oenecnist commented:

    11/15/21, 1:05 PM - Good to hear from you, srh. I continue to enjoy your detailed posts. I saw WinEx's offer this morning. Our local shop has been following and promoting this Leclerc for several years. His promo last year (April '20) told much the same story as WinEx's and labeled the Bourgogne "Petit Gevrey". I think his (and the distributor's) pricing reflected, in part, the scramble among vendors to figure out the effects of the pandemic on wine supplies and sales.

2017 Triennes Viognier Sainte Fleur Var
10/17/2019 - wrote:
88 points
Settle down Doris. 97 points? This is a very drinkable every day wine. Floral, spice, minerals and sour apple. $15 is a good price for this wine.
  • Oenecnist commented:

    3/17/20, 7:05 AM - This is among the most entertaining TNs I've read in years. I'm still chuckling.

2015 Château la Bienfaisance Sanctus St. Émilion Grand Cru Red Bordeaux Blend
Winebar [4 Whts & 8 Reds] from 02/22/18 (Vintage Wines Ltd., San Diego, CA): From vines ave 40 yrs of age, planted to 70% Merlot & 30% C.F. in soils of clay & limestone mixed with iron deposits; Typically, malolactic & as much as 18 mos of aging occur in FR oak barrels (90% new); 3,458 cases made; A Stéphane Derenoncourt wine;

N: Closed; RIPE berries with notes of pyrazines, poss smoke?

P: Med body; RNDISH entry with NICE, ALMOST swtish frt met by an astringent pucker which pretty much resolves by the LONG, balanced, poss very, VERY slightly bitterish finish with a tangy/swtness to the surprisingly innocuous dusty tannins. Approachable now with food, this deserves cellaring through '19, then POSS making its 10th. My VG+/EXC-, quite arguably the higher based upon the QPR of this vendor's $22.95, which is $2 < the lower of wine-searcher's currently limited entries. 91-93 Falstaff Magazine, 90 pts WS, 89 ea Jeff Leve & Tim Atkin, 88-90 Vinous (Galloni), 85-87 WA, & 16/20 Jancis Robinson.
  • Oenecnist commented:

    11/2/19, 5:36 PM - Appreciate the level of detail in your thoughtful reviews. When our sips intersect, I learn from you--some of the most helpful TNs on CT. Sante', Oenecnist

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