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2018 Domaine des Baumard Savennières Chenin Blanc
Had it because I wanted to explore the stylistic differences between Vouvray sec (which I love) and Savennières, which I’ve read is traditionally differentiated (other than climat) by a more oxidative style of winemaking vis a vis traditional Vouvray’s more reductive style.

Whatever its other nuances, based on the prior notes and my sourcing, this wine seems stylistically a good example of Savennières.

If that’s true then, in short, for my palate, the oxidative style does Chenin Blanc no favors, inserting Gewürztraminer-like and Sauvignon Blanc-like flavors which I dislike. I’ll stick to Vouvray.
  • guillermo- commented:

    11/22/21, 3:36 PM - Thanks! I might give it another chance.

2003 Midsummer Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Mann Vineyard Napa Valley
10/30/2021 - PIntag wrote:
13.5% abv. Recent auction purchase.
Interesting Napa Cab. There's a little bit of a roasted note that points to the hot vintage, but it's not too bad. Seems kind of tight and wound up still, even on the second evening (stoppered overnight). Acid was pretty high and stuck out a bit. Not the most attractive flavor profile but an interesting drink for the $22 I paid for it.
  • guillermo- commented:

    11/22/21, 7:12 AM - Ebert liked The English Patient. That movie sucked.

White - Sparkling
N.V. Charles Heidsieck Champagne Brut Réserve Champagne Blend
11/9/2021 - Purple Tooth wrote:
92 points
I turned a wine snob friend on to this. He is appalled at the thought of drinking anything that is NV. His go to wines, get this: Dom, Cristal, Comtes de Champagne. I talked him into trying this, so he pinched his nose and bought 4 bottles. Last week he had an offer to buy Cristal 08 at an attractive price, he offered it to me, I graciously declined. His following sentence was a mind blowing sentence that I thought that I would never hear from his mouth. He said "Yeah you're right, who needs Cristal when you can find NV like this for under 50 bucks!" WOW!!!! My job is done here...This is straight up delicious and slightly serious. Corks are flying...Drink!
  • guillermo- commented:

    11/13/21, 6:11 PM - LOL great note!
    Did you note the disgorgement and mis en cave dates from the back label?

2019 Skouras Moschofilero Salto Nemea
4/24/2021 - guillermo- Likes this wine:
94 points
This is my first moschofilero and I am a convert. This wine transported me to Greece. A nose of briny lemon and with some flowers, like having margaritas in a garden by the beach. And a pleasant tarty saltiness on the mouth, as if the grapes had been watered directly from the Ionian sea, with acidic hints of lime and passion fruit. It would be perfect if it had a bit more complexity. The finish is so long and salty, it’s almost sexual. A revelation.
  • guillermo- commented:

    11/6/21, 6:38 PM - Thanks!

2020 Bedrock Wine Co. Old Vine Zinfandel California
10/20/2021 - Mootsie wrote:
88 points
Plum and pepper. Different than prior years, more purple fruits.

Edit: day 3 now, best since the bottle was opened. Still purple fruited. Not as good as the last few years. A little disappointed.
  • guillermo- commented:

    10/25/21, 4:46 PM - They did say it has a lot more Esola than any other year so the profile would be different.

2020 Bedrock Wine Co. Zinfandel Esola Vineyard Amador County
drinking well on the second day. so much joy in the glass here!

intoxicating nose... like a bowl of prickly blackberries macerated with chartreuse, benedictine and grand marnier. drinks similarly for me. powerful, but not a bit of flab
  • guillermo- commented:

    10/25/21, 4:38 PM - Sounds delicious. Glad I grabbed a few.

White - Sparkling
N.V. Francis Boulard Champagne Les Murgiers Extra Brut Champagne Blend
12/22/2019 - GrapeScott wrote:
90 points
Disgorged in September, 2015, from 2012 base with 30% 2010/11. Boulard is one of my favorite houses, along with Prevost, Collin, Vilmart, Chartogne-Tailllet, Suenen and Savart. While current vintages of this cuvée are now brut nature, this bottling was an extra brut. Not sure of the dosage, but I would guess it is pretty close to zero. I have a soft spot for Meunier, and this is a lovely expression of the grape. Dry and crisp, with some marzipan and poached pear on the nose, and a citrusy midpalate. Not the most complex, but still lovely.
  • guillermo- commented:

    9/7/21, 6:01 AM - Thank you for the note. Regarding your comment that current disgorgements are now Brut Nature, I just want to note that Phil Trotter reported on the Wine Berserkers board that he reached out to Mme Delphine Richard (a.k.a Delphine Boulard) about this in August of last year. She was nice enough to confirm that since 2001 there have always been 2 dosages for the Les Murgiers cuvée. Her dad, Francis, always wanted to produce an Extra-Brut and a Brut Nature of Les Murgiers with the Brut Nature being a smaller production. However, cellar management became a little too complex so Mme Richard made the call to restrict this to a single dosage in 2015. But, that single dosage could vary from Brut Nature to Extra-Brut depending on the vintage and her mood. So your confusion, mine, and everyone else’s is understandable, but we can presume that there will always be “current” disgorgements/releases of both types, just from different years.

  • guillermo- commented:

    9/7/21, 7:34 AM - My pleasure. Looking forward to it.

2018 Girard Artistry Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
7/17/2021 - bcahlbrandt Likes this wine:
92 points
Really happy with this. I always approach a Meritage with trepidation because Bordeaux is my wine of choice, and CA rarely lives up. While this still doesn't hit the complexity I love about Bordeaux, it was much more elegant that typical blends in the same price range. Dark fruit, dark chocolate, cedar and vanilla, with a mild herbaceous note on the back end. The fruit was restrained just enough to let some of the other flavors shine.
  • guillermo- commented:

    9/5/21, 2:58 PM - Picked this wine at a restaurant based on your note when faced with a wall of cab sameness on the wine list. Glad I did. Thanks.

2019 Domaine Huet Vouvray Sec Le Haut-Lieu Chenin Blanc
9/1/2021 - guillermo- Likes this wine:
95 points
Rarely have I tasted a wine that all concerned were wowed by. This is one of them. “Buy more of this,” I was told by someone whose first love is Riesling.

This wine is not about complexity. It is about purity. It’s linear, yes. But it is like drinking pureness. Acidity is very well balanced by fruit. No hard edges. No off notes. Everything as it should be.

After the first glass, the rest served as accompaniment to a pasta dish in which goat cheese featured prominently. In that role, it did the job well. Not surprising, since goat cheese is a classic pairing. The dish also had asparagus which is notoriously hard to pair, so I won’t ditch any point for not standing up to it. Still very good.

I have a few more bottles and I’m getting more if I can find them.

Edit: I should have noted, I splash-decanted the wine about 2 hours before serving, poured it back into the bottle, recorked and put it back in the fridge until the time came.
  • guillermo- commented:

    9/2/21, 4:22 AM - Thank you!

2019 Scherrer Winery Zinfandel Scherrer Shale Terrace Alexander Valley
4/16/2021 - Mike Dildine Likes this wine:
93 points
So penetrating and complex for a wine this young. Also delicious!
  • guillermo- commented:

    4/24/21, 9:32 AM - How does it compare to the 2018?

2018 Carl Loewen Longuicher Maximiner Herrenberg Riesling Kabinett Mosel Saar Ruwer
2018: Litt kjedelig, men typeriktig mosel kabinett. Fruktdrevet, avdempet mineralitet. Behagelig halvtørr, men kunne hatt mer strålende syre. Til f eks krabbe
  • guillermo- commented:

    4/19/21, 4:23 PM - Is this about the 2018 as the text says or about the 2019 vintage where it's posted?

2012 Meyer Family Cellars Syrah Yorkville Highlands
3/22/2021 - gr8penut Does not like this wine:
51 points
A 2012 Syrah from Meyer Cellars, previously of Silver Oak fame. I thought with a name and heritage like that, this one would last a little longer, but I was wrong. One sip and it was down the kitchen sink. A real disappointment, but I guess I only have myself to blame for letting it get too old. ☹️🍷👎👎
  • guillermo- commented:

    3/26/21, 6:21 PM - Don’t feel bad. Last Bottle is selling this vintage right now in the marathon.

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