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White - Sweet/Dessert
12/26/2021 - COWS wrote:
85 points
Drunk over a couple of nights between Christmas 2021 and New Year. Light in sweetness but still had plenty of fruit and good freshness. Easy to drink
12/27/2021 - COWS wrote:
Drunk over 3 weeks using Coravin October/November 2021. Still quite fresh with good minerality. Not sure it is worth the hype or money but still a decent wine. I guess this is the first wine of the "new" era.
2010 Château Argadens Bordeaux Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
12/27/2021 - COWS wrote:
75 points
This was a double magnum drunk over 6-7 weeks using a coravin (yes it did fit the neck, though it was a struggle). The wine was widely shared with others and remained alive throughout. I was surprised it still had some tannin thought the fruit was pretty subdued.
2019 Grupo Traversa Tannat Merlot Montevideo Tannat Blend, Tannat (view label images)
8/21/2021 - COWS Likes this wine:
80 points
First time of drinking an ostensibly principally Tannat wine. Nice. Not especially tannic. In fact well rounded and with good acidity that balances the tannin. A hint of spice, a bit of coffee. I kind of think there's a lot of merlot in here to give it this level of softness. I'm glad I drank it now rather than waiting. I'll buy it again (probably). To my shame I did not use the coravin and just drank it over the course of a week with variety of type of foods. Think I'll finish it tomorrow with some roast beef.
2011 Castellani Chianti Classico Riserva Campomaggio Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese (view label images)
6/9/2021 - COWS wrote:
91 points
I was mighty impressed by this. Superb colour still showing good garnet hints though now with significant browning. The noise was rich and well balanced between varietal, wood and age but the beauty was on the palate which exploded with complex nutty characteristics and still good fruit and a hint of lanolin and plums and just everything. On it's own it was excellent but a mouthful after a forkful of roast lamb and mint sauce it was explosive. Just fabulous. Drank it over a period of about 3 weeks under Coravin. Can't even remember where I got it originally!
6/5/2021 - COWS wrote:
87 points
probably a bit past it's best but still very drinkable. Coravin over a period of about a month. Colour still good though showing some age but entire to rim. Nose was lots of aged polished mahogany with spikes of spiced plums etc. palate very similar. A bit lighter than I had expected but paired well both lamb and a decent rib eye. I think it was overpriced (£41)
5/2/2021 - COWS wrote:
85 points
Probably on the cusp of decline now. Not my best experience of C. Franc but still ... not bad. Soft tannins and subdued acidity. Leather and old plums.
Coravined and consumed over a week. Opens up after about 10 minutes in the glass but then declines quite quickly over the next 30 minutes.
1995 Clos du Marquis St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
4/24/2021 - COWS Likes this wine:
85 points
Still a little life. A bit muddy and colour fading rapidly now. Nose was a little reminiscent of French Polish but not in a volatile way. Just deep and nutty. Maybe a bit of leather and tobacco in there too. Palate was still full and now very soft and easy. Finish was quite short but still not drying. I was pleasantly surprised.
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4/10/2021 - COWS wrote:
Sadly, both bottles were oxidised. On the other hand the wine is/was 20 years old and I guess I should not be surprised!
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