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2011 Kutch Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
This was a found bottle in the back of storage as I was moving the last of my wines from New York to North Carolina. I share that because I had no intention of letting this entry level Pinot Noir from Kutch age this long. Popped and poured this wine drank nicely with a vibrant sharp fruitty nose. Slightly tart apple on the palate the smallest critique was comparatively thin body versus prior tastings. The age didn’t show aggressive fading as much as a cresting turn past peak. However, when paired with our lunch the juice blended spectacularly with the generally spicy Salvadorean food (choizo patties, chicken, barbacoa, fried plantain, ceviche) we had with it. To a person we were exceedingly pleased with its showing. And turns out I have ~9 bottles of the 2012 Sonoma Coast to further test the aging and pairing for future notes. All in all a fabulous pairing wine with nice life on its own still left in the bottle.
  • kevinpatrick commented:

    3/14/20, 2:17 PM - Thanks Frank. I'll be sure to open a few in the coming weeks and share the experiences. Cheers!

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