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1/1/2011 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
92 points
We picked up this bottle at the Sebastiani winery in Sonoma back in 2005. We decided to open it to celebrate New Year's Eve last night, and what a wonderful wine this is! The oak from Sebastiani releases is typically heavier than other Sonoma wines, and this bottling is no different. However, this wine has aged extremely well and the oak and vanilla flavors from the barrel are perfectly integrated with the plum and cherry flavors of the grapes. The tannins have mellowed too, making this a balanced, medium-bodied Cab wth perceptible layers of flavor but an overall feeling of harmony among all components. The finish is long, in the 13-15 second range. Just delicious! We paired the wine with a hearty Porterhouse steak, risotto, and stuffed tomatoes. Our only regret is that we only had one bottle of this 2002 vintage!

Grant and Laura
12/27/2010 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
80 points
The nose portrays a simple fruity red table wine of black cherry, rhubarb, and clove. The palate confirms the nose and ups the ante with notes of plumb and pomegranate and about a 9 second finish.
5/31/2010 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
84 points
On the palate, grapefruit, maybe a little lemongrass. Simple, top heavy with no finish to speak of, a mix of citrus flavors. Light and crisp, good QPR. Refreshing on a hot summer's day. Enjoyed with some cheese and nuts.
8/8/2009 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
90 points
We really enjoy this wine. It's buttery with a nice acid balance. Will definitely buy more and do a more thorough review as this bottle played only a background role in a night of romance, and hence we didn't have time to make tasting notes.
8/1/2009 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
89 points
We drank this wine while watching the movie "Bottle Shock" and found it delightful. It's fruit-forward without being jammy, and has a tannin that begets complexity but doesn't render the wine unapproachable. Paired with a Swiss, cheddar, and bleu cheese plate, and made for a marvelous tasting. The nose is perhaps too subtle to due the palate justice, which harmonizes cherry, blackberry, and strawberry. The only aspect left desired is a longer finish (we get about 15-20 seconds). Although the movie champions Napa, we like to explore other Californian counties which the French have yet to publicize. Vive le California!
6/13/2009 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
84 points
It's difficult to believe this is a Chard: with predominate flavors of grass, mild citrus, and honeysuckle, it seems more like a Sauvignon Blanc. Mild acidity, slight vanilla, short finish. It's easy to drink and not too complex, but it is a refreshing gulp.
6/9/2009 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
88 points
The nose is subtle, hinting at cherry, rhubarb, and plum. On the palate the flavor is of muted cherry with an undertone of tanned leather. The finish is short and the tannins have flattened out, and my gut tells me the wine is not going to get any better. When paired with smoked almonds the wine tasted bitter.
6/6/2009 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
88 points
We enjoyed this wine very much. It was easy drinking, with well balanced acidity and tannins. Greaet QPR.
6/5/2009 - LuckeyCellars wrote:
82 points
Based on the 2005 vintage, we had high hopes for this one, but it did not meet our expectations. The flavor is of citrus, and was too acidic for our palates. The finish is short and premature, like a bad date. There are many superior tasting wines at this price point. The cork appeared to have a strange blueish-green substance in some cracks, which may have been mold. This likely contributed to the poor flavor profile, so perhaps this review is not representative.
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