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2004 Bodegas Muga Rioja Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
11/24/2015 - SexyEpicurean Likes this wine:
90 points
Not at the end, by any means. Can probably go another 4-5 years at least. 2004 was a classic and stellar vintage. A close second to the spectacular 2001 vintage. Lovely fruit, lively acid, tasty lead pencil and smooth, silky, integrated composition keeps you sipping....and sipping. Nice dark core of tannin, as I well. I had with a Ribeye followed up with dark chocolate--all delicious. I'll try my last one in a couple of years as oak presence may be even more integrated by then, still a tad distracted by the vanilla overtone, but a beautiful wine.
  • SexyEpicurean commented:

    3/8/17, 11:49 AM - Definitely cork issues. Mine tended to break in half, but I was able to extract the bottom half out with the opener. A little crumbly, so poured through a strainer.

2011 Evening Land Vineyards Pinot Noir Seven Springs Vineyard Eola - Amity Hills
7/8/2015 - SexyEpicurean wrote:
84 points
This wine does nothing for me. I tried to find the original offer on it from Rimmerman (Garagiste) but could not locate it in my inbox. He must have hyped the heck out of it for me to buy a New World Pinot, though. It is very harsh, one note: no expansion, no good fruit or acidity. I really hope I didn't pay a lot. Anyone remember the offer date or the price? Stuck with 2 more bottles, too.
  • SexyEpicurean commented:

    7/10/15, 10:53 AM - It was a Mystery wine, that explains it. Thanks for the info. I'd be hard pressed to pay $10 for that pinot. Note to self: avoid the mystery wine offers as a rule...and Rimmerman's hyperbole, in general.

2013 Andrew Murray Syrah Tous les Jours Santa Ynez Valley
6/5/2015 - SexyEpicurean Likes this wine:
88 points
Had to try it as touted as a Rhone style syrah with scores that could not be ignored from more than one reviewer. I want to like CA wines, but it is rare. This is pretty surprising for California. While I don't think it is the second coming, every once in awhile I need a big red for a food pairing, and this one would fit the bill without going to an oak monster. It has very deep, rich fruit and a purity that shines through. Lingering finish and more acidity than I could expect in normal Cali fare. Nice effort.
  • SexyEpicurean commented:

    6/5/15, 6:27 PM - I got it from the Wine Buyer (Bottle King) in New Jersey (used to shop with them when I lived up north). They have good wines sometimes and offer free shipping if you buy 4-6 usually. Can't beat the free shipping and they will hold in storage for you until cool enough to ship to Florida.

2004 Domaine Léon Barral Faugères Carignan Blend, Carignan
2/26/2014 - SexyEpicurean Likes this wine:
91 points
Pitch perfect and singing. If I had tasted blind, I would have guessed Burgundy. Color was very light when poured, nose had a definite rusticity yet perfumed like French Pinot. Really. I have decanted and 45 minutes later the nose is intoxicating a lovely: bright cherry, violet, barnyard, soil. The first sip like a bolt of lightning with beautiful acidity, fruit, tannin perfectly sunk in and incredibly balanced. This is peak drinking, folks. I opened to have with a steak but decided to have first with some french cheeses (Chaumes, Port Salut) as so light and rustic. The tannins are totally dissolved in the mix, which is not a bad thing; will still try with steak, but save some for chocolate as well. This is really a thing of beauty. I am always opening a Faugeres and having an "experience". May be the last Grenache based wine I can really get behind--yes, that excludes CDP and Priorat.
  • SexyEpicurean commented:

    2/26/14, 5:03 PM - I mean INCLUDES not excludes...sorry Priorat and CDP.

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