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4/21/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
89 points
I forgot to decant this early enough tonight, so it took an hour to get to where it should be.

That said, it's 2020... Shouldn't even open it methinks!

Alas, similar status to all the other bottles!

These guys just make really delicious wine!

See other notes if more detail needed.

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
4/20/2024 - Sagan99 wrote:
87 points
Initially, this was just a test to find a quaffable wine for summer fin times. Turns out, it's a little more serious, even Tavel like in it's make up. And, it's $22 CAD!

And after quaffing this with a air fried potlatch salmon, I'll be buying much more of this for an afternoon patio lunch, brunch, dinner, charcuterie etc.
It's really good, for what it is supposed to be.

Beautiful salmon pink color, in a clear bottle that shows whirls engrained in the shoulder and the punt. Definitely an easily marketed wine.
If I didn't know Guigal's quality, and if this has a huge heavy glass bottle, I would stay away from it.
But, this looks to me like the perfect Valentine's Day wine...note to self! ❤️
Beautiful. And Guigal well made!

Medium Pink with a shimmer of orange
Very floral if not overly chilled.

Raspberries strawberries on entry.
Then, mid palate, kind of a cooked, that caramelized sugar from the fruit ( like when doing a flambee' of cherries jubilee or the oranges and juices with Crepes Suzette)
Flint or that slate or wet stone.

Body light, medium
Alcohol high
Acid high
Viscosity mouthfeel is rather less enveloping as I'd like
Tannins hardly noticable
Finish medium 30-45s

70% Grenache,
20% Cinsault,
10% Syrah

The QPR on this wine, is quite amazing...$22CAD.
Just bought another 24. Hopefully summer lands soon.

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4/17/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
92 points
I think I'm just going to drink Roserock wine from this day forward.
I've said enough about these wines.
And, with the color changing, the buttery creaminess becoming characteristically pronounced, I'm even more of a fan.
Buy it every damn year! (Well, check the forest fire smoke affect first!)

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
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4/15/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
This wine is improving with time, though, it's not a cellar candidate.
However, with BBQ pork ribs, it's holding it's own in terms of cutting through all that sauce.
Alas, this is the last bottle.
I'll not buy more anytime soon, as there's oh so many more "quality" tempranillo's to put in a glass!

PS Drink The Rainbow!!
2002 Vieux Château Certan Pomerol Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
4/13/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
91 points
A fine wine from a fine estate who's annual recipe is always rather magical.
Whether it's the old vines or the combination of underlying dirt, this is again, a well made wine of significance in a year of consternation.

Decanted 1 hour magnum decanter. Like optimal at 2hrs+.

Deep garnet( still some dark ruby), with no tawny edges

(Less fragrant than previously sipped vintages - must be vintage related)
Black berries and cherries cassis
Earth dried mushrooms

Body medium+
Alcohol high
Acid medium
Viscosity mouthfeel fully enveloped
Tannins medium, resolving after 2 hours, tannins present, chalky if not round
Finish- long 60s+

A good wine, though with the price paid at auction, the QPR is..... Negative!🥴🥴🥴

All that said, this was a pleasant bottle, showing it's age, but with no fear of it becoming extinct.
I have another bottle.... I'll leave it for another 3-7 years in a cool cellar.

If I was buying, and I am, I'd choose a different vintage, though, this wine is hard to find. Supply demand...

M 70
CF 20
CS 10

13.5% abv

PS Drink The Rainbow!
4/11/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
91 points
Now, this is Rose' as it should be. Need to quaff more of this wine.

A fine wine, which can likely age 7-10 years( but why?), and will easily pair with oh so many foods. Whether a cheese in the summer heat on the patio, or

That said, it's not easily found out here in the Canadian hinterlands!😂
But, I think this will be another amongst the required annual purchases.

Rose, almost 🍊 orange in colour.

The CT brethren have described this with better accuracy than anything I could add.

A great find, though it's QPR will not be noticable.

PS Drink The Rainbow!
4/11/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
A light Burgundian looking Nebbiolo, which had a silky yet still tannic backbone with usual character of the grape.

Pale ruby
Rose Cherries Raspberries cranberry
Body medium
Alcohol high
Acid high
Tannins high

A well made wine of which I need to taste more often. I have found Nebbiolo to be intermittent at best, though recently bought a few good options, though likely need a decade in the cellar!

Nebbiolo 100%
14% abv

(Interesting small plates to accompany this wine..a Somm choice. Well done!)

Calamari -lightly fried humboldt squid, chili gremolata, buttermilk aioli
Crudo- hamachi, hokkaido scallops, sicilian style
Carpaccio - Alberta tenderloin, tonnato, horseradish, gnocco fritti
Gnocchi -
seasonal mushrooms, pesto bianco, pecorino tartufo

PS Drink The Rainbow!!
2017 Andrew Will Sorella Champoux Vineyard Horse Heaven Hills Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
4/10/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
94 points


The silky elegance and lush character this Sorella immersed me in... And, that's without air and age.
This is amazing. But, as I've said before, these Camarda wine makers haven't made a bad wine I've seen...
The issue for me with these wines, is that they have several blends, from several plots, at various price points, but all of similar quality, in my opinion.

So, does one pay $50 more to experience this mountain top Sorella? Absolutely! Is it worth $50 more than a couple of the others they have in the market? Hmm. That is a different, and obviously a more individual question.

This, Sorella, is drinking well now, and that's without decanting for the usual desired hour or 3.
I forgot.

Thus, I popped the cork, cooked the lasagna and poof.... Awesome Washington-ness!

Flowers? Violets maybe? I can't get it yet. Maybe next bottle
Ruby, no garnet rim yet.
Dark fruits plums
Herbs. Rosemary

Body full
Alcohol high
Acid med+
Viscosity fully enveloped mouthfeel
Tannin medium+ resolving to silky

CS 81%
M 11
CF 4
PV 4
14.7 % abv

The wine left in the decanter overnight, was interesting. It changed, in that it opened up further, becoming slinkier, more tannic and with a more full mouthfeel.
Remarkable, really!

Load up on this wine! Truly is remarkable!
I'm going on a road trip this summer! Need to get my Semi truck license for this and Oregon's Roserock Zephrine!

PS- Drink the Rainbow!
4/9/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
Not the great vintage... But, we'll see.

Addendum - Decant this for at least 60 minutes! Then, the below mentioned tannic, astringent, annoyances, vanish!!!)

Red berries cherries
Ruby. No garnet edges as yet
Thanksgiving herbs(?) rosemary sage oregano

More structured as opens... Rather grippy

Body medium
Alcohol high
Acid med +
Viscosity fully enveloped mouthfeel
Tannins from PnP, med+ chalky .
Finish medium 30- 40s

Good wine. (Seems like it could stay in this state until it's older than me! Wish I could do the same?😂)

This seems to portend longevity, though I do not know if the wine will be better in a decade? I know some will love it's grippiness, and how it MAY/MIGHT enhance food and vice versa.
I think that's hoping and expecting.... And wishing and envisioning. But tasting...hmm.

However, if you've a few in the cellar( this was my only bottle of this vintage), try it. Note it
And plan an attack for the remainder.

***This wine is much more aligned with what it should be, but only after a minimum hour decant!***

For me.... I'll buy another vintage of this wine.

White cheddar & Smoked Gouda - Cheeses both softened the significant, and unexpectant tannins


PS Drink The Rainbow!!
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4/6/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
Consistently delicious delivered!

See previous notes if interested.

PS Drink The Rainbow!
4/4/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
94 points
Attorney Somm's YouTube channel has all kinds of detailed, pertinent, and well presented information from which I love to shop for wines to both taste and cellar.

Wow! At the right temperature, I can get to Dunnuck's 95. Initially I served it too cold and the intricate details and parsed characteristics weren't present.

Buy more.
Very similar to the occasional Burgundian best!

( I'm always amazed/ashamed (?) that I will spend hundreds for a Burgundy Grand or Premier Cru, but cringe at $100 for a California Chardonnay of equal or better calibre!! I always shake my head when I frequently realize my own bias!)

Pale Straw gold
Flowers.. Honey suckle?
Honeyed Mandarin oranges
Stone fruits peaches pineapple
Overly ripe yellow apple

Body medium full
Alcohol high
Acid high
Viscosity high tension/mouthfeel silky
Finish long 60s+

Chardonnay 100%
14.5% abv

Atlantic Scampi Sole

PS Drink The Rainbow!!
4/3/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
92 points
This is just an incredibly consistent recipe, from a winery of which I can't get enough.
(I think the white is the only product I've been less then enamoured with?)

A fabulous product of which I just keep buying annually, if available.

See prior notes if enthused.

PS Drink The Rainbow!!
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White - Sparkling
4/3/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
92 points
This bottle of bubbles surprised me!
It was fabulous!

It had all the things your mama told you about good Champagne... Except it isn't from the supposed centre of the bubbles universe. It's from sunny CA, USA! 🤣

Like a finely baked brioche, with citrus accents and that cinnamon scent after just pulling Mama's apple pie from the oven, and the creamy viscosity of that dollop of pure vanilla ice cream melts away, as the bubbles/mousse burst on the tongue.

( I know the descriptors here are a little far fetched. I mean, ice cream? But, it was certainly memorable!)

I'm in the midst of tasting and testing sparkling wines from several countries and, so far, this is indubitably my very biased leader... at least as they're galloping along on the back stretch!

More to come..

Buy a case. Save it. Is fabulous now. Definitely going to improve!

PS- Drink The Rainbow!!
4/1/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
89 points
Like a fine wine, it's improving with age, and this seems to have caught a wave to more character and subsequent scores.

Previous notes check.

PS Drink The Rainbow!!
3/31/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
84 points
A nice light afternoon drinking wine, with or without food. If it was summer, it would be a great choice, though it's rather unidimensional.

I'll not scribe full notes here.

It's not completely lacking character, but, it's a rather boring blend, so I'll just leave it at that.

It's made well enough, and I'll buy it again for my friends who could be described in similar fashion...
So, if it warms here in Alberta, it will be a favorite of others.

PN 100%
12.5% abv

Papardelle with mushrooms and chicken

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
2020 Château Grand Village Blanc Bordeaux Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend (view label images)
3/30/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
93 points
This is so delicious!!
And... It's about $40 CAD!!! (Or $27 USD)

If Chateau Lafleur ($1500/btl) is the foundation of this recipe, it's an absolute no brainer to buy a few bottles/cases.
The red was without a doubt my best QPR in the past several years. So, bought a few of these and with these first sips, I'm off to buy more!

Yellow light straw
Citrus Lime
Silky creamy
Saline, slate

Alcohol -medium
Acid - high
Tannin - none
Viscosity - medium fully balanced
Finish - long 60s+
Decant - No

With sauteed ,ginger-lime-soya tuna steak. Quinoa.

Sauvignon Blanc
13.5% abv

There's no Napa Sauvignon Blanc I've experienced that compares in style and likely, longevity.
After sipping this for a while, caught in thought about it's style( more upfront Sauvignon Blanc characters) but with a sense that it will cellar well ( Semillion).
I sense a decade but, I'm not certain at this price point and this specific juice I could keep my hands off it for 10 years!

Solution... Ensure supply exceeds demand! 🤣

PS Drink The Rainbow!!
3/29/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
87 points
It's been a few months since I've quaffed this wine.
It's not changed at all.
It's just a nice syrah which simply stays in it's lane.
It was used as a replacement for Guigal Cotes du Rhone, our house wine, because the 2019 seemed overrun with Grenache... Not a favorite as the main grape in any blend for me. Pfft pfft pfft!
Anyway, Guigal's latest vintage CdR recipe is upon us... So back to it, unless it's even more "grenached"!!

PS Drink The Rainbow!!
3/26/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
83 points
I'd seen 90s for this wine and was excited.
Can't get close to that.
And, no amount of time in the cellar will make this better.
Just drink it... And move on.

It's fine... but it's not trying hard enough for the cost. Even if it was $20, it's a far cry from anything complex!

It's gentle and soft and was fine with Chipotle Chicken and Wild Mushroom Sage Risotto.


Body medium

83 is generous score.
It's not poorly made. It's just un-interesting. Without much character. It serves a meal accompaniment. And that's about it.

Won't buy again

PS - Drink The Rainbow
3/25/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
92 points
This is bottle 2 in the last month.
I felt last time there was a slight flaw of sorts, but couldn't be sure.
Having just quaffed this bottle ( with a little wild mushroom risotto), there is no doubt something was a miss then, because this juice is fabulous, now!

( I have seen a few CT comments and lower than expected scores... Maybe a trend?)

Notes TBA

PS- Drink The Rainbow!!
3/22/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
91 points
Said it's delicious on a dozen occasions no matter the vintage.
Just bought another case for when the summer eventually shows itself here in sunny Alberta! 🤣

PS Drink The Rainbow!
3/20/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
91 points

A Bordeaux blend, with the power, forward, berry bursting lushness and plushness of sunny CA!

5-8 years too early. Into the cellar it goes, until then!
Decanted for 2 hours

Left a couple of glasses in open air decanter for 24- 48- 72 hours so far... It's softening ever so gradually.
But again, it's years from hitting it's stride.


CS 50%
M. 25%
CF 25%
15.2% abv - that's not a typo!!

PS- Drink The Rainbow!!
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3/19/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
One year later
Still too early.
Next bottle, 2030


Shiraz 100%(?) - check this

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
3/18/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
Lodi CA!
That's where Zinfandel shines, and this wine, is really good! And, it's $20 CAD, which means it's "two buck chuck", in ye ol' USA! ( Well, not quite!😂😂)

Over a few decades of drinking the developed fruit forward juice that's often developed in California, because it just is, I stayed away from Zin.

But, this wine, of which was purchased sometime in '17 or '18, walks this line of freshness and fun, and with a certain bravado, zip and even spiciness.
Between then blueberry, dark cherry and maybe a little spritz of molten dark chocolate, thus wine enhances the loin roast immensely.
It's peppery. Has oak sawdust in it's wake.
A long 60 second plus finish.

And, will it last 3 or 5 more years? I say yes! But watch it. Test it. No reason to be disappointed from here.
It's really good right now!
5 years max, if stored properly.

(I will buy more Zinfandel from Ravenswood. And Lodi.
I've had many, in other California locales where it's brutally manipulated!)

Zin 100%
14.5% abv

PS- Drink The Rainbow!!
White - Sparkling
3/17/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
87 points
This bottle of bubbles was fine, and with the few thousand notes from my CT brethren, I think every facet of this straight down the middle bottle, leaves nothing to be said that hasn't already been mentioned.

Is it great or spectacular. No.
Is it memorable. Nada
Is it full of character and elegance. Not even close.
However, is it off-putting or poorly made or unable to match with food. Again, No.
It's just plain decent and will not offend anyone.

I won't buy it again, because it's a little too boring.
But, it's supposed be..... In order to ensure the masses will buy it.
And, I'm certain they do.

Many will love it.
It's just not trying hard enough for me.

(Now, I should say that I can wax on about many wine "genre's", after decades of experience.
Bubbles isn't anywhere near as engrained in my brain, palate or even my notes. However, in the past 6 months, I've embarked upon " drinking the rainbow", which includes sparkling wines, and I've had really great and really brutal examples of dozens of bottles.
Maybe in a year I'll become as well versed as I'd like in order to speak with some level of experience. Presently, I am aware of my lack there of, but only because of quantity, not quality.)

(Fresh strawberries, Dark chocolate dipped)

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
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3/16/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
92 points
As previous bottles, this is really fabulous!
Will wait a bit to drink again. Will get better over several years.

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
3/15/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
89 points
A restaurant dinner and a Willamette Pinot Noir of which I was not familiar.

I wasn't really focused on taking notes. However, I was incredibly surprised in it's quality and character and finish.
It was really good!
And, after opening in the bottle and glass for 30 minutes or so, it really developed a bit of a pleasantly soft resolved tannic structure.

I don't think this wine is one for a decade or cellaring. But it's a really great cellar defender, IMO.

I also don't know the retail price, but, I expect it to be in the 30ish $CAD.(I saw it for 23$USD!!!
Wow. Load up!

Buy it, to drink it
I know it shocked the hell outta me!

(After dinner, we had my favorite Roserock Zephrine PN, and it's definitely superior, but likely 3x+ the cost!)

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
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3/14/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
87 points
Having sensed it was time to drink this wine a few weeks ago, jumped at the chance to serve it up with a Porterhouse.

Definitely time to quaff this wine, as it's having it's last gasp or fleeting moments.

It's quite good, however less than it has been earlier on in its life

Drink up. This is better today, than it will be in 24 hours!

Stock up on a more of a more recent vintage, if "required"... Else, but something else!

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
3/12/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
89 points
Several bottles into this case, it's easy to see the usual wave of agedness beginning to soften the edges of this wine.
Still fresh and ruby red and with the usual berry-ness of the Burgundian Pinot.


PS- Drink The Rainbow!
3/10/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
91 points
As previous bottles and vintages.

PS- Drink The Rainbow!!
3/5/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
89 points
Right up my alley for a California Chardonnay.

My CT brethren have managed to describe the wine well enough.
Let's see what else might come to mind.

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
3/4/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
One of my favorite AOC's on the planet.

This wine was not as delicious as expected from some sources...... And, since Chave and Guigal are my comparables, Saint Cosme had a hard road to hoe!

It was better after an hour, and likely much better after 4 hours at this age!

(PnP, as I forgot to open this a few hours in advance.)

Decanted better with hour of air
( even bottle says to decant)

Only opened this bottle to ensure the rest will last the usual decade plus! But, as with other wines, it's a crime to open it in it's youth!!! 😒

Deep Reddish Purple

Body medium
Alcohol high
Acid medium
Tannins medium high, resolving
Viscosity fruit enveloped mouthfeel
Finish long 45s+

Much more fruit forward initially, and who knows, maybe it's the bottle. TBD.
Will have to compare in a year, but the over ripe berry-ness with the extraction, wasn't as appealing at my expectations were led to believe.

Here's hoping on the next one!

Syrah 100%
14.5% abv

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
2020 Monteraponi Chianti Classico Chianti Classico DOCG Sangiovese Blend, Sangiovese (view label images)
3/1/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
83 points
A generous score.

No need to scribe the usual notes.

This was a replacement, chosen by the server/Somm for a CC Riserva, , which was no longer available on the menu.

No fear of me choosing this wine again. Not even if a Somm tells me how great it is.

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
White - Sparkling
2/27/2024 - Sagan99 wrote:
It was hard for me to like this wine, mostly because of my own poorly planned evening.

In advance of it's consumption, too much food, to much Brunello and then, the old ' let's have a night cap", came to fruition.

I could tell immediately this wasn't my style of bubbles, and succumbed after a half glass.
It was bold and brioched and just badly timed to be able to give it a real score. And I certainly wouldn't get it to a 90s!

That said, though it's obviously made well, I know enough I won't get it again, as it was a little too toasty for my palate.

I thought I was several decades past this error?? 😂

PS- Drink The Rainbow!!
2/22/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
91 points
Admittedly, I didn't know Coche-Drury, before reading William Kelly and listening to Attorney Somm
( I think Jackson mentioned it... But Kelly for sure quaffed an old bottle in a YouTube video and within his Wine Advocate prose absolutely.)

I have recently been in love with any vintage of Roserock Zephrine PN, from Oregon Domaine Drouhin.

In the last 3 days, I've sipped Marcassin PN, of various of their single vineyards. So far, a couple of the wines are very good. The most recent Marcassin Vineyard sample, well have to wait for bottle 2, because I think there's a character of which I've a bias. (Similarly to Vayqueras, Santenay and others which seen to show a green-ness to the final product)

This CD Bourgogne, is really tasting like PN should.
I think the Roserock is on yet another level, but with a different more red berry style.

Notes to come.

Cork was normal.
Decanted for 60 minutes

Ruby, - no Garnet edge as yet
Tannins not yet fully resolved, though more silky than grainy
Strawberry Cherry raspberry blueberry?
Earth Dried Mushrooms
Freshly cracked black peppercorns

Body medium
Alcohol medium
Acid high
Tannins resolving, but still structured
Viscosity- fully enveloped mouthfeel
Finish- long 60s+

A very good wine- but again
Overpaid for this at auction, just to ensure comparison for future

This base Pinot from CD, still has the stuff of longevity.

PN 100%
12% abv

PS- Drink The Rainbow!!
2/20/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
87 points
Recently, I've sipped a few Marcassin PNs. They've all been different.
This one changed significantly for the better overnight in a refrigerated decanter, from PnP at 30 minutes.
Initially, this tasted of green stems and seeds... (and reminded me of being a young kid, boiling water with green spruce tree needles, to make a tea of sorts.😝🤢)
Can't get to the 90s I've seen about this wine.

Maybe it's the bottle. I'll compare next time.

24 hours later, this was remarkably better.

Addendum -
Because this was a rather odd Pinot, "to me", I had to keep a couple of glasses to air out over 24, then 48 hours, in a decanter and in the fridge
After 24 hours, this wine opened slightly, showed more expected red berries and less green stems. It never was a very pleasant palate pleaser.
After 48 hours in the fridge and ox, it exhibited a similar medicinal cola character and was tossed.

I have a few more bottles of this. I'll have to compare this, because I can't believe this wine, from this vigneron, was this disappointing.

I'm hoping it was a single bottle thing?

I'd kept a couple of glasses to
PN 100%
14.3% abv

W/O food
With Air fryer chicken thighs and fries

( I'm already not an air fryer fan, except it's really fast. But, removes much of the internal juices and fats. But again... It's really freaking fast and easy cleaning. Seemed to be more detrimental to wine pairing, no matter what the food groups Anyone with thoughts to change my mind. This is a new thing for me)

PS - Drink The Rainbow!
2016 Château Marjosse Bordeaux Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
2/19/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
87 points
Chateau Marjosse owned by Pierre Lurton, best known as Managing Director of two First Growth Bordeaux estates,Cheval Blanc and Yquem in Sauternes.

Deep Ruby
Slightly overly Ripened plums, that you smell in the vineyard after harvest
Grandpa's Sweet pipe tobacco
Round fleshy silky

Seems slightly reduced at this stage

Body medium
Alcohol medium
Acid medium high
Viscosity fully enveloped mouthfeel.
Tannins completely resolved
Finish long, though because there's no alcohol bite, seems shorter than the stopwatch shows

A nice wine, and for $20ish CAD!!!

Bought a case of 2020 futures a couple of years back on the recommendation of a wine buddy.
(With the maturity seen here already, methinks I better check that box to ensure it's not progressed too quickly!)

We're about to have it with a beef roast. Should be terrific

Definitely Merlot dominant. Occasionally Malbec
M 80
CS 10
CF 10
12.5% abv

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
2018 Bacio Divino Pazzo Napa Valley SuperTuscan Blend (view label images)
2/16/2024 - Sagan99 wrote:
84 points
Well, this bottle isn't flawed. But, it's at least somewhat reduced and aged beyond it's years.
Decanted. Was better after 24 hours, but not much.
It was dismal at opening!

Only a few more of these.
Won't buy it again, as there's just too many great wines... And, this isn't great, though I see the term"Super Tuscan Blend" mentioned with this wine
I think I'll continue to quaff the real SuperTuscans, rather than some facsimile.

I'll check the next bottle in a month or so.

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
2/13/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
87 points
An inexpensive, representative Rioja.
Nothing special, but a good daily house wine.

PS Drink The Rainbow!
2/14/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
92 points
As delicious as the previous bottles. Maybe more.

Recently bought another fine Chardonnay with accolades, Lingua Franca, at "double the price" , for comparison.

( The vineyards are about a 7 iron away from each other in the Willamette Valley? I really don't know that for sure, but will have to research)
[Well, yes. About 15 minutes driving]

And, maybe it's my personal bias, but imo, this base Roserock bottling is far superior, just side by side, never mind QPR.

So much so that I am now onto the 2020s.
I better keep a few of these for comparison in 5-10 years!

Will buy a case or two of this annually.

PS- Drink The Rainbow!!
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2/9/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
... As previously stated.
Won't be buying this again, especially since the price has doubled for what is just an okay wine.

It seems to be e finally developing some layers of character... But, too little, too late!

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
2/7/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
93 points
See previous notes.
I think this is just starting to hit it's stride!
Beautiful, silky.
After 24 hours in the decanter, this wine was singing!

PS- Drink The Rainbow!
2/5/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
90 points
2/2/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
88 points
Slightly more austere than the least bottle. Maybe getting to it's best before date?
Alas, previous notes apply
It's a nice wine.

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1/31/2024 - Sagan99 wrote:
91 points
I've been beyond verbose about this wine.
Nothing more to say.... Other than I better buy more.
The 2020 is even better, if memory serves me right.

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1/30/2024 - Sagan99 wrote:
85 points
Was trying not to drink this ever again. Never!
However, I had some friends and family of which this was an appropriate wine to serve them, at dinner.🧐

This bottle was somewhat better, in the it actually had some true Cabernet Sauvignon characteristics.
It was less forward and though it had the same unappealing nose, it was drinkable.
And I had people ask about it.... In that they wanted to get some.
Yay... I managed to give away all but one bottle.

Previous notes apply.

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1/27/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
90 points
Decanted 30 minutes into Magnum decanter.
Left two glasses in the decanter overnight.

Strawberry Cherry on nose
Cherry plum
Freshly ground black pepper. (Maybe a touch of cayenne! 🤣.. she's a spicy one!)
Old Leather Earth mushroom light tobacco

Body medium full
Balanced nice
Alcohol high
Acid high
Tannins high, but seems to be resolving - definitely too early. Better in 5yrs
Viscosity medium enveloping mouthfeel
Finish- long 60s+

Addendum - 24 hours later, lost some freshness, unsurprisingly I think. But, it gained tannic structure, I me indicating significant longevity.
Other character remained.
Seems to be a winner.

Buy more, but don't open it until 2030!

Sangiovese 100%
14% abv

Wheat Penne with Rose` Sauce, Roma tomatoes and plastered with shredded Parmigiano Reggiano.

2nd night... freaking awesome Marguerita pizza.

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1/25/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
90 points
"Duckhorn Portfolio" - I guess I missed all these mergers and acquisitions, not only with this wine, but others.( I heard the other day Duckhorn bought Sonoma Cutrer, too!)
Mt Harlan

Decant 30 minutes just to remove dark sludge sediment.
Will keep a glass overnight in Magnum decanter to somewhat assess it potential longevity etc
Addendum - tannins have definitely softened in the overnight air.. but also very present!
So to me, this still has significant longevity in it.
(That said, it's also delicate enough to pair with the shaved Garlics and Basil Atlantic Scampi with Rose'sauced Penne`.)

Usual PN characteristics
Ruby (no garnet rim), but deeper red, though still a translucence
Raspberry Red Cherry
(Fresh Sour cherry on mid palate and finish)
Blood orange peel
Earth Mushrooms Sage savory
forest floor
Grandpa's sweet pipe tobacco

Body med
Alcohol high
Acid high
Tannins silky, resolving, yet very present
Viscosity fully enveloping
Finish medium long 45- 60s

Having consumed this wine in the early 90s, from an early 80s vintage, this wine is significantly less appealing.
I'm uncertain the alcohol content in this wine benefits it?
It's definitely a nice wine, well made etc.
But, when I compare this, to Drouhin Oregon Roserock Zephrine, for exactly the same cost per bottle, I would buy the Oregonian blessing to our world!

That said, I recall the earlier vintages of Mills, as absolutely stunning.
And frankly, even here, I'm splitting hairs!

This wine is really delicious.
I will continue to buy it.

PN 100%
14.5% abv

Tonight's red w thin Air fried pork chops and Oregon cheddar filled gnocchi with a rosemary basil rose sauce.. maybe the reason for the wine's sour cherry finish? (Seems weird, but tastes great!)

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1/21/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
85 points
With the scores I see for this wine, being comparable to the Zephrine, and at half the price, I had to try it, to believe it.
And, though it's ok, it's no Zephrine... Not even close!

However, it's well made, with characteristics quite different than the top curvee.

Pale Ruby
Hardly any of the bright fresh raspberries and cherries expected
Green, on the nose and palate - it's a bias of mine maybe, but it's just less appealing to me.

Addendum#1 - a really strong blue cheese was very helpful in reducing the green stems!
Addendum#2 - at 48 hours - left in magnum decanter for 2 days. The wine remained as discussed, except it lost even more in the finish. Thankfully, it lost some of the greenery, I dislike.
With a Marguerita pizza, this seemed to be enjoyable.
Lowering score to 85.
Won't be buying this wine again.... You get what you pay for, by purchasing their Zephrine Pinot!

Body medium
Alcohol high
Acid med high
Tannin low medium
Viscosity medium, not fully enveloping mouthfeel
Balance - medium, somewhat green
Finish- medium 45 seconds

A well made wine, though it's got that green/young "biting" character. New vines? Or, just lesser fruit?

It's like comparing the Burgundian Auxey-Duresse vs say, a Cote de Nuits Grand Cru etc.
Not really comparable. But, neither is the price!

PN 100%
14.1% abv

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1/20/2024 - Sagan99 Likes this wine:
93 points
In a year where the Pacific Northwest and half of California and Western Canada was burning like a forest fire, smoke taint has been on my radar for any grapes grown in the area.
However, seeing that Drouhin didn't produce the more delicate Pinot Noir, but put in the effort for this Chardonnay, made me take a look. And this one bottle taste test leads to to buy a couple of cases. It's delicious.

My nose and palate were in high alert for details here. A definite bias against this wine, even if I've not had a bad bottle in several vintages.

Notes to come. Score seems to be aligned with my 2018 methinks.
(This is a couple of points better in score than 2018)

2020 has more oak. Was it purposefully made this way to mask the smoke taint? ( Likely reaching with this comment, but entirely possible)

Addendum - moved this score up a point to 93. This is delicious. And, when I'm comparing it to Lingua Franca Chardonnay, which is a golf shot away and double the cost, there's no question which bottle I'd take. And not because of the cost!
It's just better... In my biased opinion!

Chardonnay 100%

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