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2008 Pisoni Pinot Noir Estate Santa Lucia Highlands
3/14/2013 - JLL wrote:
Bad bottle? No fruit, nasty oak...1hr decant
  • JLL commented:

    3/20/13, 7:04 PM - Frank, thanks for the comments. This wine was perplexing bc it was so bad and so different from my past 2 experiences:

    3/14/2013 - I WROTE: (Edit)
    Bad bottle? No fruit, nasty oak...1hr decant

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    12/17/2011 - I WROTE: (Edit)
    Horizontal in 55 degree storage since delivery from winery/Decanted for 2 hours then poured back into the bottle for another hour and a half/Very different wine from my note 12 months ago/central coast syrah like color, when held up to light you can see a dark ruby color, thin clear meniscus, lotsa legs/pine sap, smoky mushrooms, ultra dark tart cherry, vanillan and a hint of etoh on the nose/upon entry a sour cherry harvest with pine sap, forest floor and brown indian spice (beautiful), very little showing of the oak/finish is very long with fine tannins showing tart cherry, pine sap/needles, roux, a sour wet wood, and indian spice. This was a much darker showing than the "reddish" showing a year ago, however, it is a tremendous wine moving back towards the traditional Pisoni Estate profile. The earth, spice, and tart cherry are very pleasurable, but I was put off a bit (nitpicking) by the sour wet wood on the finish. I feel that Mark and Jeff are really dialing in on the vineyard management (Mark) and winemaking (Jeff), but would love to see some future restraint on the new oak. I believe that this has the stuffing to go long term and I will check back with a bottle of my remaining 7 750s in two years. My 1500 will have to wait a decade. Well done Jeff, Mark and Gary.

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    12/29/2010 - I WROTE: (Edit)
    absolutely loved this, we always pop a Pisoni a month after shipment delivery, sacrilege, but it is fun to compare notes to when we start to pop them roughly 4 years after delivery. This wine might be a bit different. Red fruits were dominant, as well as, the earth notes and pine sap. We have tasted the Lucia blend, Adam Lee's Rosellas, and this and can say that 2008 so far is my favorite vintage from the SLH. This can be consumed young, but will probably hold off on the next bottle until late 2011. Premature to rate this, but it was absolutely delicious and went down very quick. Well done Gary, Mark and Jeff

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    I have enjoyed Pisoni since the 01 vintage. The 08 blew me away when I first tasted from my temp controlled shipment in 10, and slightly less blew me away when tasted again in 11. Over the year from my tastings from 10 to 11, the fruit darkened and most importantly, the wood turned sour and took on a much greater presence in the wine. Tasting this last week, the sour wood dominated, dwarfing any fruit that was noticeable . Not sure if this is in an awkward or closed stage, but the continuing dominance of the oak is troubling, masking the beauty of the fruit and spice that I tasted in 2010. The trajectory and direction of the evolution is bothersome. Perhaps I should try another in a couple months, if it continues then I will try and rid myself of the remaining 5 750s and 1 1500. Hope that all is well in the OC

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