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N.V. Sami-Odi Shiraz Little Wine #8 Barossa
2/8/2020 - Xavier Auerbach wrote:
93 points
A private lunch (Restaurant Rijks *, Amsterdam, NL): An unvintaged ‘assemblage’ composed of casks from 2018 (48%), 2017 (29%), 2016 (12%), 2015 (9%) & 2012 (2%), bottled 28 September 2018. Exclusively sourced from the Hoffmann’s ‘Dallwitz’ vineyard from vines planted in 1996, 1995, 1960 & the oldest vines planted prior to 1912, 6415 bottles produced. Remarkably linear and pure style, very much Northern Rhône, cool and fresh but without the wildness of the granite minerality, energetic but polished, civilised and gentle, elegant tannins, roses and warm spices, violets, excellent persistence, eucalyptus finish.
  • mychurch commented:

    2/25/20, 4:19 AM - Highly regarded at this moment in Auz Xavier. The single vintage wines are more age worthy, but a lot of us prefer the multi vintage blend for its approachability.

    While there are a lot of famous names charging an arm and a leg for their top wines, there are a number of producers like Fraser, who are making great wine at fair prices.

2013 Envinate Taganan Tinto Canary Islands Red Blend
5/8/2016 - pryby wrote:
Second bottle. First was clearly flawed - second is drinkable but still has some of those same characteristics. Hard to square my experience with the other notes here. Nothing fruity at all. Very minieral, almost a gunpowder struck match note.
Not rating this as I'll assume mine are bad bottles.
  • mychurch commented:

    5/9/16, 12:34 PM - I dont think they are bad, they just sound reduced. Its clear that sensitivity to reduction, like sensitivity to Brett and TCA, varies a lot from person to person. The white 14 tastes like a box of struck matches at the moment and at a dinner for 9, a few people found it undrinkable and a few thought "wow" and the rest were in between.

  • mychurch commented:

    5/9/16, 11:26 PM - We drank the 14 as part of a big dinner and it only lasted for 1 course. There was a bit left in the bottle which I tasted the next morning while clearing up. There was definetly less matches and more fruit then. There was a big discussion about the reduction issue with on the wine-pages forum 18 months or so ago. I'll see if I can find the link

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