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Red - Fortified
1970 Taylor (Fladgate) Porto Vintage Port Blend
10/26/2013 - StefanAkiko wrote:
97 points
Some of the greatest wines available to human kind (@KG's in Tavelsjö (Umeå)): The perfect wine for the classic gentleman in me. Definitely the best vintage port enjoyed so far. This btl's aromas filled the kitchen as I was working out with the removal of the cork. It crumbled completely, but the wine was pristine.
This is an awesome wine, ultra balanced and with more tastes than I cared to write down, but the most prominent in this btl: licorice, stewed fruits, fresh hay, leather, aromas of autumn to name a few.
Perfect warmth on the palate and an incredible length.
Was voted WOTN by some.
Pristine btls, like this one, will live for many many many more years.
  • gbgpatrik commented:

    2/6/15, 1:52 PM - Det råkar finnas en flaska i Göteborg också! Om du har vägarna förbi så vet du;-)

1994 Bodegas Vega-Sicilia Ribera del Duero Valbuena 5° Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
1/18/2015 - Lilja Likes this wine:
95 points
WOTN for me! This is a very special wine. Starts of very funky and with distinct overtones of moldy basement. Had it not been for the outstanding palate I would have called this out for a corked wine. But with some time the mold and toothpaste leaves and gives way for a multilayered deep nose of a mature wine. Earth, sous bois, some dried fruit, mentol, violette, mushrooms and some vanilla and dill notes.

The palate is outstanding! Silky fruit, high intensity and a finish that never wants to end. Fantastic balance between the high, fresh acidity, fruit and round tannins. My blind guess was Rioja.

  • gbgpatrik commented:

    2/2/15, 2:00 PM - Så jävla gott!!

2011 Clos Mogador Priorat Grenache Blend, Grenache
11/4/2013 - StefanAkiko wrote:
97 points
Totally blew me away...
Purple red.
Closed and ominously dark berried nose.
This currently hits you like a heavy weight champion... Quite a dramatic wine full of power and the start of what will become a mind blowingly rich, nuanced and layered wine after it acquires some age.
This is absolutely fantastic juice. Nothing heavy or overdone. Magical. Feels like the bottled essence of René Barbier's allencompassing passion...
Enjoyed at Clos Mogador.
  • gbgpatrik commented:

    10/2/14, 12:19 PM - Oj oj oj! Köpte tre bara på din tasting note!

  • gbgpatrik commented:

    10/3/14, 10:35 AM - På SB av alla ställen :-) 599kr/flaskan. Kollade aldrig om det är ett bra pris! Har 2007,2008 och nu 2011! Kanske ett tema om vi ses på nåt arr igen :-)

  • gbgpatrik commented:

    10/3/14, 1:09 PM - Nämen dåså! Då kör vi en vertikal i Tokyo!

White - Sweet/Dessert
2009 Château Rieussec Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
3/9/2013 - StefanAkiko wrote:
96 points
A March Saturday family dinner (Swedish apartment): Mjuffingly splendid wine!!! Has remarkable concentration, mega balance and an absolutely astounding dollop of botrytis. This beauty will mature and develop spectacular tricks that I want to live, see and participate in. Mature Sauternes is the corner stone of my hedonistic life and think of drinking great potential before its realization as an unnecessary sin. Some people will always prefer string cheese to Pont l'Eveque. I prefer my cheeses shrivelled and hairy, with many fantastic aromas that only deveop with time...
Will keep my remaining 5 btls until well after 2020.

Snuck out one small glass for the next day:
Yahoo! The incredibly intense botrytis character claimed my whole living room. So many layers and tastes, will definitely merit those of us who manage to keep them for 10+ years. (With ME and Hjalle, Hemmavid)
  • gbgpatrik commented:

    5/14/14, 2:20 AM - Prissänkt till 329 SEK / 375ml på bolaget. Köpläge? Din kommentar pekar på det!

  • gbgpatrik commented:

    5/14/14, 11:22 AM - Se PM på

2010 Au Bon Climat Chardonnay XXX Anniversary Nuits Blanches Au Bouge Santa Maria Valley
5/8/2014 - gbgpatrik wrote:
92 points
Wonderful Chardonnay! Nice buttery feeling with apricotes, some vanilla and sweet fruits! Goes well with food as butter fried white fish , gratinated crayfish or on IT-säkerheten own! Just wonderful!
  • gbgpatrik commented:

    5/9/14, 3:20 PM - Älskar I-phones spell-check när man skriver på Engelska... :-)

2009 Felton Road Pinot Noir Block 5 Central Otago
4/26/2014 - StefanAkiko Likes this wine:
92 points
Brownbag in Göteborg by (Göteborgs Vinkällare): This padawan took some time to come out of the closet. Of the three Felton Roads tonight, this was the one I liked the best after a dogfight between this one and the Block 3.

Intense, pure, red berry wine with a refined PN nose and palate incl that twang of bitterness. Well kept and built wine. Beautifully and delicately crafted. Should be kept for some years to allow it to bloom, but it's just such a great wine as it is today.
  • gbgpatrik commented:

    4/29/14, 1:57 AM - All three Felton roades we had during the event spent 2,5 h in a decanter at home prior to the tasting. Even more proof of the youth of the wines. They were also served at 14 deg celsius and the late opening up in the glass might also been a matter of wine temp.

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