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10/20/2016 - awhite Does not like this wine:
80 points
Light, insipid flavors. A lifeless wine, which is a departure from previous vintages which were flavorfull and always good value.
8/31/2014 - awhite wrote:
85 points
Tried over two days. First night the wine was hard, rustic and ungiving, and like another reviewer it had no typicity. Second night was no improvement. Previous vintages of this wine were much more approachable. Maybe time will help.
5/15/2012 - awhite wrote:
Tasted over two nights. Hot and alcoholic. Lacks the balance of the '09.
4/1/2011 - awhite wrote:
75 points
Sweet, almost cloying. A wine manufactured for a market with no sense of varietal character.
Hot, alcoholic, clumsy. Shows 13.9 ABV but tastes more like 15 ABV
5/15/2010 - awhite wrote:
80 points
Completely over the hill. Watch out because they are still selling this vintage in wine shops.
3/18/2010 - awhite wrote:
Drank my last two bottles over the past month. Both bottles were sound but over the hill--in my opinion this one has run out of gas.
12/23/2009 - awhite wrote:
The acid, tannin, and fruit are marching to their own drummers and have yet to knit. I don't know that they ever will.
2005 Château de Rochemorin Pessac-Léognan Red Bordeaux Blend (view label images)
11/13/2009 - awhite wrote:
90 points
Beautiful nose of cedar, smoke and minerals. Tightly knit but expanded with time with everything nicely in balance. At $16 bucks this is a steal.
11/13/2009 - awhite wrote:
79 points
I didn't like this wine. Floral and sweet aromas and simple, flat flavors with a slightly bitter finish. Seemed more like a clumsy attempt at Gewurztraminer.
2004 Mont Tauch Fitou Carignan Blend, Carignan (view label images)
10/30/2009 - awhite wrote:
89 points
Still fresh and spicy, a great example of what carignane and grenache can deliver when grown in the right area. Drink now.
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