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2005 Bodega Classica Rioja Hacienda López de Haro Reserva Tempranillo Blend, Tempranillo
2/13/2014 - Jhcwine wrote:
80 points
Just basic fruity Rioja, with no interest. No offsetting acidity or tannin or structure of any kind. Fruit juice. I cannot see 89 points for this wine. My tasting note says: "poor quality".
  • Jhcwine commented:

    2/16/14, 9:58 AM - I find Lopez de Heredia to be a better hacienda.

  • Jhcwine commented:

    2/16/14, 8:20 PM - And ofcourse La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 and the CVNE s.

2009 Château La Vieille Cure Fronsac Red Bordeaux Blend
3/19/2013 - Jhcwine wrote:
80 points
Day 1 - 87
then died.
Day 2 - 70
Drink day 1. No aging potential.
  • Jhcwine commented:

    3/21/13, 3:26 AM - if a wine can't last even 1 day after consuming 1/3 of the bottle, followed by vacuvin, then it will not last 10 years. I did not take many notes after consuming this plonk (just enough to remind me not to buy it again), but suspect that it lacks tannin. 87 was a polite score for day 1. 80 was a too kind score for day 2. Poured it down the drain. Bordeaux produces many fine wines, but also continues to gush wines that are not fit to drink. This is one of them. Now this could be a bottle variation issue (inferior batch), but then this speaks to quality control. Not interested in pursuing this anyway. Wil not buy more. Lots of other choices.

2001 Château Lynch-Bages Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
1/26/2013 - Jhcwine Likes this wine:
93 points
Nose - sweet, very fruity. Very Pauillac. Lovely nose. 94 points.

Palette - Still a tad tannic. But very approachable. Very nice. 93.

Ready now, peak in 5 years.
  • Jhcwine commented:

    3/10/13, 4:11 AM - Sorry, I wish I could recall, but I can't. Do not have better notes. Based on my note and the fact that the wine is young, suggest you air the bottle for say 4 hours, decant 2 hours in advance, but taste test after 1 hour and rebottle and vacuvin seal if and when necessary.

  • Jhcwine commented:

    3/13/13, 4:11 PM - What restaurant?

    I'd be pleased to drop by and handle the decanting and taste testing for you. :)

    Or even dine and order this bottle, if the markups aren't silly. :) :)

    Do you allow BYOB?

2005 Dunn Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mountain
1/26/2013 - Jhcwine Does not like this wine:
88 points
Nose - tannin, meat, not alot of fruit. Palette - prunes, meat, some tannin, some fruit. Not my style.
  • Jhcwine commented:

    2/23/13, 11:06 AM - Yes, there are many decent wines that others may like that are just not my cup of tea. I do like Dunn, just not this particular bottle. I tasted it at a retailers tasting bar, so it could have degenerated at the bar (despite the argon) or it just could be this bottle or perhaps it is this vintage. I did not (at the time) feel the wine warranted a below 90 score. Maybe I did not want to give a Dunn a below 90. Perhaps I should have.

    Fyi, I recently tasted a bottle of Chimney Rock that was just plonk and scored it accordingly. It wasn't a "bad" bottle in the "off" sense of the word. Could have been a bad batch or year or yes well a bad wine. Fyi, I have had good bottles of Chimney Rock (albeit a different wine and year). Anyway, I received a very negative comment from a member. How dare I rate this bottle so low. Well, you can only judge a wine by the bottle (or bottles) that you open. and call a spade a spade, based on your personal experience.

    But I am beginning to detect abit of bias in this community towards California wines, and sensitivity when we don't score California icons well. Well, I have no compunction about scoring any wine poorly (I've had Lafites that were undrinkable now due to excess tanin and thereby scored them low).



  • Jhcwine commented:

    2/23/13, 11:47 AM - Valid point. Will rescore.

2007 Chimney Rock Cabernet Sauvignon Stags Leap District
1/26/2013 - Jhcwine Does not like this wine:
70 points
On openning - heat, tannic, not much fruit at all. Did not have time for decant. Not much change, in glass. May have been an inferior batch or bottle, as I have enjoyed other Chimney Rocks. But not a "bad" or "off" bottle (aka corked, excess bret, etc.). Sorry, Chimney Rock. Just telling it like it is.
  • Jhcwine commented:

    1/26/13, 6:05 PM - No, just middling wine with excess tannin. Bad batch perhaps. But not drinkable. Sorry, plonk is plonk.

2009 La Pousse d'Or Pommard 1er Cru Les Jarollieres Pinot Noir
12/17/2011 - astroman wrote:
  • Jhcwine commented:

    1/8/12, 8:43 AM - Suggest that you post these types of notes as private notes. Not useful as public tasting notes.

1999 Louis Jadot Beaune 1er Cru Pinot Noir
11/14/2010 - Dave Canada wrote:
89 points
This had all of the character of premier cru beaune from a great vintage but it lacked the compexity of single vineyard or grandcru. If you like burgundy, really like it, the character, then I can't see how you wont enjoy this. I got it for $26.75CAD which is a total steal.
  • Jhcwine commented:

    11/18/10, 7:18 PM - Hi Dave: I guess I openned a bad bottle. See my posting note. I gave the one I openned and the other two I bought back to the LCBO. Hope to see you at the next Toronto Wine Cru tasting, if not sooner. PS Are you attending any of the tasting events at this weekends gourmet food and wine show? If so, when? I'll be attending the "Hollywood Reds" and "Burgundy the Legend" tastings. Cheers. Julian.

2004 Benanti Etna Serra della Contessa Etna DOC Nerello Blend, Nerello Mascalese
6/29/2010 - dynowine wrote:
90 points
Inviting nose of candied fruit. Savory ripe fruit with hint of earth, green leaves, white peach, and loquats framed by savory earth. Finish of leather and nuts. Balanced. Well-integrated.
  • Jhcwine commented:

    8/2/10, 2:06 PM - I thought this was a red wine? So says my local wine store and other CT postings. White peach? Loquats?

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