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1994 Podere ai Valloni Boca Vigna Cristiana Nebbiolo Blend, Nebbiolo
8/20/2019 - theRealPepe Likes this wine:
93 points
Bottle stood up for 4 days, then opened and slow oxed for 9 hours and finally decanted for a midweek Oregon truffle risotto. The following note was tapped out and instagrammed. About the only thing to add is that this is a wonderful old Nebbiolo that I can still taste 2 hours later.
Mushrooms, perfumed rose and mildly tarry on the nose. Slightly gamey cherry, sour cherry, tar and dried rose on the palate. A bit of tingling tannin. A touch of smoke to compliment the sweet cherry finish. Great with truffle risotto! Excellent to Outstanding.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    8/21/19, 5:13 PM - Thanks Nick4378! The Boca went into the decanter for about an hour before drinking. We finished about half before putting the rest into the washed bottle and vacu-vinning.
    I’ve found that these wines simply don’t show well without decent aeration, and, in many cases, throw so much sediment that they need to be stood up for days. Sediment is no friend to these wines. If I really plan ahead the bottle gets one week standing up. That helps immensely in controlling sediment on the decant.
    My instagram handle is pmenkes. Mainly silly pictures of food and wine, but occasionally cats and humans thrown in. Please send your handle too.

2017 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Basis Baden
8/2/2019 - Omar Khayyam wrote:
88 points
Sweet raspberries, pale red color, freshness dominant feature. A little short but harmonious. Easy to like and easy to drink. Don’t think this will benefit from cellaring much.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    8/2/19, 9:57 AM - Thanks for the review. I have some Basis due to arrive in the new world sometime this Fall. You have given me a 'basis' for what to expect!

2009 Domaine Robert Chevillon Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Les Roncières Pinot Noir
6/29/2019 - Brentw1 wrote:
With Fran and Joel
  • theRealPepe commented:

    6/29/19, 8:36 PM - Thanks for the additional commentary! It appears to be be on a great trajectory to open in 5-7 years.

2013 Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf-du-Pape La Crau Red Rhone Blend
12/7/2018 - korniev wrote:
89 points
Just decided to open it since waiting for that long is not worth it. Pretty nice wine but definitely not ready at all! I would not recommend drinking any CdP younger than 10 years. Better 15.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    12/8/18, 10:14 PM - I enjoyed your comments on this wine. My feeling is wait until age 10 to open any Vieux Telegraphe, unless it’s a very ripe vintage. You will find out the following:
    1. You’re screwed. It’s a very ripe vintage best enjoyed young (think 2006 or 2007.) The wine is now plummy and will become pruny. Why did you wait so long?
    2. It’s a cool, classic vintage (1999, 2004 or 2008.) Enjoy! The wine is beautiful now and will remain so for at least a decade.
    3. Hmm. Not ready (1998, 2001, or 2005.) This wine won’t start opening up until age 15 but within a few years after that will be just amazing.

2007 Clos des Papes Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
7/22/2018 - KPB wrote:
This wine is being discussed on Vinous, so I thought I might add a TN, although from my cellar it has slipped badly and in fact this bottle is little changed from one I opened 2 years ago (and commented on at the time). This was considered a 100pt wine by WA on release, "immortal" or words to that effect. Josh Raynolds gave it 97 and I'll be up front: so did I. So on release it was fantastic. Should have drunk all of my bottles asap. Oh well, you live and learn...

From appearances, a healthy CDP: rather dark ruby, almost mahogany. Nose is attractive, showing a dominant note of intensely ripe black raspberries, Asian spices, and then sweet aromas of lavender, creosote. One might even add cassis (black current) hard candies to that list. The issue is more on the palate, where the immediate impression is that the wine is quite over-oaked. The oak is sweet and very unevolved, while the wine itself has begun to soften and the fruit is no longer as aggressive as on release. Thus the oak dominates the fruit, giving a very unbalanced sense to the palate. The fruit itself is ripe but has a tart component (I'm thinking that the Grenache was actually very ripe, maybe overripe, and rather "thick", and then they brought in a higher acidity syrah/mourvedre blend, not as ripe, to try and tame the intensity). Long finish, but not particularly happy: some bitterness, some woody traits. The nose probably deserves 92 or 93, but I find it hard to put this wine, as a whole, in the 90's today. 89pts, but given that absurdly insistent oak tone, I'll mark the bottle as possibly defective. In fact I've seen that on the prior bottles of this wine too. My wife agrees, but thinks it will work well for coq au vin... a sad fate for a wine that was actually very good on release.

I should maybe add that I'm wondering if it actually *is* defective. There is a bacterial or yeast growth that can cause a wine to taste like it was boiled in very fresh oak sawdust. This wine isn't remotely that extreme, but I could imagine that just a hint of the sawdust thing might give this effect. It would be rated 89 otherwise.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    7/22/18, 8:16 PM - Thanks for the thoughtful tasting note. Your remarks regarding oak had me going back to the Karis book to check. Paul Avril was using old foudres for the elevage, so the barrels were unlikely to be the cause of the oak taste. I'm guessing that it's more a hallmark of the vintage...for now. Here's to hoping its just awkward stage that the wine is going through right now! This is something I've observed in other Grenache-based wines, albeit none from such a warm vintage as 2007.

  • theRealPepe commented:

    7/24/18, 4:00 PM - I would guess more likely from the Syrah or Mourvèdre.

2016 Château Simone Palette Rosé Rosé Blend
7/3/2018 - aagrawal wrote:
85 points
Coravin 7/3/18: Deep rose pinkish-reddish-orange color; nose is aromatic, red fruits, medicinal red fruits (cherry cough syrup), grass, slight honey; palate is medium bodied (more viscous texture than expected for a rose), red fruit, slight bitterness through midpalate, light tannin, medium acidity; medium finish. This is a thoughtful rose, but still obviously grenache-based, and I'm not confident I love grenache based roses. More interesting than enjoyable for me, so I would not buy again. 85
7/7: With air the cherry cough syrup fruit becomes a bit fresher cherry, though the wine always comes across as a a tad high in alcohol (because it is, 14%). This does develop a bit of mint and green at the right temperature and time open. Enjoyable, would be good as a standard rose at $25, but I don't get the specialness compared to a rose such as Musar in the same price range. 85-86
  • theRealPepe commented:

    7/3/18, 10:02 PM - This is IMHO way too young right now. It’s showing nothing. Simone isn’t like Tempier in that it really needs age before it reveals it’s wonders. Send me a message in 2021 and I’ll share one with you. :)

2014 Punta Crena Pigato Riviera Ligure di Ponente Vigneto Ca da Rena
11/5/2015 - Woodbridge Brad Likes this wine:
85 points
Nice fruit and balance. A lovely but simple fresh fruit wine with a delightful softly tannic finish. The problem was the price at $27.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    12/18/16, 8:17 PM - Just read your note after posting mine. I've avoided buying this in the past due to price point but finally bit at 25% off. This wine works for times you want clean simple taste and need something that "stands up" to seafood, and at the same time want something drier than Kabinett. I may actually buy some on occasion in the future.

2003 Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande Pauillac Red Bordeaux Blend
12/11/2016 - Jeff Leve wrote:
95 points
This is a beauty. The smoke, tobacco, truffle, cedar, cherry liqueur, mint, thyme and light cocoa dust in the nose if a winner. But the silky, lush, sexy texture, and the sweet, cassis, cherry and bitter chocolate in the end, seals the deal. Decanted about 20 minutes and enjoyed over the subsequent 90 minutes was working tonight.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    12/11/16, 9:21 PM - Jeff, It's only 13 years after the vintage. Regardless your note makes me want to check in on the 03 PLL!

2005 Reignac Bordeaux Supérieur Red Bordeaux Blend
12/20/2014 - Racer117 wrote:
88 points
The label says 100% new French oak aging. And I'm guessing that's about 67.354% too much new French oak. I like this wine but it is very much in a new world style with ripe fruit (plum and Berry) and lots and lots of woody tannins. Bordeaux for the common man!
  • theRealPepe commented:

    12/20/14, 1:12 PM - Had this last night (12/19/2014). Stole your review for my TN. Thank you. :)

1996 Pascal Chevigny Vosne-Romanée 1er Cru Les Petits Monts Pinot Noir
Scents of oak spice (or Vosne spice? eh, maybe...). This tastes perfectly fine as a generic Burgundy but it's totally anonymous, none of that classy, silky elegance that usually distinguishes this site nor is there anything much to say about the flavor. This would have been fine as a generic but as a Petits Monts it's a huge letdown.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    11/7/13, 7:03 PM - Thanks for crushing my hopes on getting a real bargain! : ) Thanks for the TN and I will serve it accordingly.

2010 Donkey and Goat Merlot Pourquois pas? Anderson Valley
Tasting this a year ago I found it thin, reedy and acidic. Forward to now and it's blossomed into lipsmacking cherry goodness with a restrained acid backbone. Nice medium body. Very Good.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    6/23/13, 2:30 PM - Definitely has echoes of Gamay, but the cherry taste is crunchy.

2008 Domaine du Pégau Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée Red Rhone Blend
An excellent bottle. Chateauneuf but still fresh and fruity. with a very spicy palate. I got no brett with this.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    12/7/12, 6:53 PM - CIH, DJC, Pegau has a reputation for some bretty bottles and even the American importer for this wine has commented about that on wine bulletin boards. That said, I've not encountered anything untoward in the few bottles that I've tasted. And this was an *Excellent* bottle!

2002 François Raveneau Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre Chardonnay
10/20/2012 - Jeremy Holmes wrote:
Pours out a glistening green colour and is fabulously youthful and precise. It has a touch of butter coupled with a sprig of mint and a torrent of minerals. It is all lemons and salt in the mouth and has such great rocky detail. A joy to drink today, should be even better in another 10 years.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    10/20/12, 10:23 PM - Now I can't decide from guzzling my couple bottles now or waiting 10 years for apogee. Crap. :)

White - Sweet/Dessert
1994 Château d'Yquem Sauternes Sémillon-Sauvignon Blanc Blend
1/3/2011 - Jeff Leve wrote:
85 points
It's almost always exciting to taste any vintage of d'Yquem. Especially one that you've never seen before. On the other hand, there's an exception for every rule. 94 Yquem is the exception to the rule. This could have been a bottle of "Y", the dry wine produced by Yquem. It lacked concenttration, sweetness and botrytis. Petrol, apricots and unclean flavors, plus a large tab for an overpriced wine is what you'll find in this vintage of off Yquem. This is not a bad wine, it's a poor Yquem. There is a difference. This is not a wine to buy.
  • theRealPepe commented:

    1/22/11, 3:39 PM - I think your review may be a little harsh due to expectations. I did not find this an 85 point wine; rather, it is a very good wine. Nonetheless, while I generally agree with your conclusion, I would write, "This is a very good wine, but it's a poor Yquem. There is a difference. This is not a wine to buy."

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