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White - Sparkling
2008 R. & L. Legras Champagne Grand Cru Saint-Vincent Chardonnay

I first got turned on to this producer after having the “house” bubbly Brut and Rose at La Tour d`Argent in Paris many times and loving them. Finally, I asked the Chef de Cave, David Ridgway, who makes this for them and it was R&L Legras.

As an aside, the cellar at this restaurant is not to be missed. Obviously, it would be best to to do in person. Even if it is only to be viewed on YouTube,, [in French, but the pictures are the story]. They walled off a part of the cellar at the beginning of WW ll to salvage the most treasured wines when German occupation was imminent as reported in “Wine and War”.

Founded in the 16th century, Legras is one of the great names of Chouilly, the famous and most northerly village of the Côte de Blancs. This vintage was made in honour of the winegrowers’ Patron Saint since the 1964.

Tasting notes: the first hit was of bracing acidity which toned down after a bit; lemon zest, apple, pear and guava arrived first on the scene, but it was the fresh, ripe peach notes that commanded attention all the way to the back end; this is a big, rich bubbly that seems to expand with time and I`m deducing it would be prudent to cellar this vintage for many years before opening; mouthfeel is important to me and this exudes a creaminess that seriously tantalises my tactile sense; this is good serious, complex champagne that can hold its own in this category.
  • Blake Brown commented:

    12/10/18, 7:19 PM - Thanks for the suggestion re the 96`

2015 Hartford / Hartford Court Chardonnay Far Coast Vineyard Sonoma Coast
2015 HARTFORD COURT FAR COAST VINEYARD SONOMA COAST CHARDONNAY- Magnum; tasted blind; the one who brought it purchased it for its recent high scoring Parker hype; this is very cool climate Chardonnay located on the coast; 14.7% abv; 100% French Oak with 37% new, aged for 16 months; it had a light yellow colour, fresh floral and citrus fruit aromas, lemon zest, pineapple and kiwi fruit with noticeable oak influence; later, I got some pine and vanilla notes as well.
  • Blake Brown commented:

    11/13/18, 11:36 AM - I enjoyed the wine. It had a vastly different taste profile than expected. I had to adjust and get into itv and I did.

Rosé - Sparkling
2005 Perrier-Jouët Champagne Brut Rosé Belle Epoque Champagne Blend
8/1/2017 - Blake Brown Likes this wine:
91 points
2005 PERRIER-JOUET BELLE EPOQUE BRUT ROSE- this bubbly was as pretty as the bottle and that`s saying something with the beautiful flower leafs embossed on the bottle; the colour was a very pale pink indicative of the wine itself which just gave up hints of aromas and tastes; it was almost a tease requiring one to search more deeply into its essence; it had barely detectable mild raspberry and red cherry notes; the hallmark was its elegance and lightness on the palate which made for a very refreshing experience, perfect on a warm summer evening.
  • Blake Brown commented:

    7/10/18, 11:29 AM - 2005 is not too old, in fact, if anything, it may be too young as this bottle was not yet ready to give up all of its treasures.

White - Sparkling
1996 Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Champagne Brut La Grande Dame Champagne Blend
11/6/2017 - Blake Brown wrote:
1996 VEUVE CLIQUOT LA GRANDE DAME- immediate oxidative notes jump out of the glass; what followed was a somewhat nutty, caramel and butterscotch profile; this is at least the 4th 96` LGD we`ve had in the past year or so that has been off and all came from different sources.
  • Blake Brown commented:

    4/24/18, 2:16 AM - It was served with a good chill from an ice water bucket. It was opened, poured for a pre-view and announced as oxidised with sherry like aromas which was also confirmed by its atypically gold colour.. There was no doubt, it was over advanced.

1982 Château Léoville Barton St. Julien Red Bordeaux Blend
1/6/2017 - Blake Brown wrote:
79 points
1982 CHATEAU LEOVILLE BARTON ST. JULIEN- major earth tones show up in the nose and border on Brettanomyces, 4-ethylphenol, band aid like aroma; there`s some minty, musty notes that join in with the black currant and plum fruit; drinkable and questionable; this is my first bottle of the 82` from this chateau that I recall and I`ve heard from others that they`ve had some issues as well.
  • Blake Brown commented:

    10/11/17, 11:13 AM - Not a winemaker, but wine enthusiast as you perhaps are. I`m pretty perceptive to flawed wines however.

Red - Fortified
1963 Fonseca Porto Vintage Port Blend
6/11/2017 - Blake Brown wrote:
1963 FONSECA VINTAGE PORT- Honestly, I could not detect this being fraudulent, but after a few others immediately commented on it, I acquiesced especially since they have had much more experience with older Ports than I have; the cork was definitely old and in fact, split about 1/2 way through when pulled; the color was a deep, dark browning purple that seemed to be showing some age; the taste had lots of spicy cherry flavoured Smith Bros. Cough Drop notes and it finished with a lot of heat; interesting and begging the internal question, how many fraudulent wines have I had and did not know it?
  • Blake Brown commented:

    10/9/17, 11:39 PM - I need to check back with some who were there to get the particulars. Off hand, I believe it was the taste profile that was thought to be way off from the norm. Certainly the cork and colour were believable.

  • Blake Brown commented:

    10/10/17, 12:05 PM - Here`s the response by one who claimed it to be a fake: "Well, it tasted like a cheap tawny.
    Ive had 63 Fonseca and most of the other 63s and they were generally deeply colored and vintage-portlike, not tawnyish."

2004 E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie La Turque Syrah
7/1/2017 - Blake Brown Likes this wine:
93 points
2004 E. GUIGAL LA TURQUE COTE ROTIE- so easy on the palate, this was soft and silky with understated peppery cranberry and red cherry; as such it had a degree of elegance and charm which I found delightful; others might say this was somewhat closed and not fully expressive and I would not argue the point, but wish I had it in my cellar and happy to have had it in my glass.
  • Blake Brown commented:

    10/9/17, 11:51 AM - The wine was decanted prior to serving. It would have benefited by having more time in the decanter iMO.

2009 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Russian River Valley
a blend of 11 vineyards, this presents as a big and somewhat clumsy pinot with some serious heat; the fruit profile was primarily of grapey jujube candy; it finished dry and abruptly; 14.6% alc.
  • Blake Brown commented:

    5/5/13, 3:08 PM - It`s fairly simple, you did not have the wine I drank and I did not have the wine you drank even though it was the same producer, vintage etc.
    And yes, we can have entirely different palates and preferences.

Rosé - Sparkling
N.V. Philippe Prié Champagne Brut Rosé Champagne Blend
1/14/2013 - Blake Brown Likes this wine:
89 points
Nice acidity and a tangy, crispness that carried fresh strawberry, raspberry and red cherry notes all the way through; in this case, a good palate cleanser to start a wine tasting of dry wines.
  • Blake Brown commented:

    5/5/13, 2:59 PM - Same notes for this bubbly tasted twice in 3 days.

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