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2017 Silverado Vineyards Chardonnay Carneros
  • BVal commented:

    10/3/20, 11:38 AM - At first I didn't find the note helpful. Then I looked again and laughed my ass off. Thanks !

2015 Frederic Esmonin Nuits St. Georges Les Hauts Pruliers Pinot Noir
7/25/2019 - KJD45$ Likes this wine:
91 points
Pinot Ooouuu SSssss Aaaaaaa vs Francois
White rose Maresh vs this Esmonin Nuits St George..
The French hands down has that terroir earthy thing working in spades...Get it? working in spades???’s a shovel joke..
Great nose on both...fantastic for very different reasons..
WR is floral and fruity...FE is earth and spice and deeper fruit..
Flavor profile so different... WR is all finesse and pillows and prettY things..while FE is of the earth and direct fruit and spice..
Both delicious but so different...
Going to do the QPR THING HERE and say FE wins by a long shot,
But OMG you can’t really compare the two which is what makes wine so fantastic
  • BVal commented:

    8/12/19, 9:26 PM - Love the note; so few people compare new world vs. old world Pinot Noir and recognize that each region brings something positive to the table. Thanks so much for the review and looking forward to opening my first bottle of the Esmonin !!

1981 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
8/19/2017 - Purple Grillz wrote:
97 points
Birthday wine for my wife. Wow. This wine seems practically immortal. Open for 72 hours now, it hasn't budged. It is a beautiful clear, ruby red I can read the dictionary through. All sediment resides in black flakes at the bottom of the bottle. I could blather on about all the notes, but my wife said it best bluntly, it's salami. It actually tastes like some amazing liquid fruit/perfectly aged salami, it has that amazing leather/umami flavor that dirty cellars try to imitate with Bretanomyces. Bret sucks always and forever but the real funky feel is great when you get it.

The finish is long but jagged toward the end or this juice would be perfect for what it could be. I will be getting more of this before it completely dries up.

SIDE NOTE: This destroyed 1990 La Mission, 1990 Haut Brion and beat by slim margins 1996 Lafite and 1985 Cheval Blanc in blind tastings.
  • BVal commented:

    9/20/17, 6:22 PM - Just tried this with my wine tasting group (mixed cool wines) and it was hands-down the WOTN. I had been worried it might be over the hill but I'd have to agree with you, it's not even close. That you had yours open for 72 hours without significant loss in quality speaks volumes. Great note!!!

2010 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
1/1/2017 - Arch57 Likes this wine:
91 points
I've checked my notes on CT and I have tasted 55 CdP's over the years with Clos des Pape and Pegau being my favorites. I've had several Beaucastel's and while they are very well made they never wow me. That being said this wine was decanted for about an hour and served through dinner and it did improve with air time as we watched a movie. Floral notes mixed with the dried fruit and a smooth finish. I am going to hold them for a few years to watch their development as I have the 09, 10 and 12 vintages.
  • BVal commented:

    5/1/17, 5:29 PM - Just my thoughts from enjoying CDP's over the years: Beaucastel takes more time to reach its plateau than any other CDP in my experience. While I love Clos du Papes (the closest to Beaucastel in style to my mind) and Pegau and others, they mature much more quickly. Typically, my rule of thumb is to wait about 20 years for Beaucastel; the '98 is just now about ready to drink. The tasting group I've been a member of for years has done two large Beaucastel verticals and the 20 year estimate was consistent. My suggestion would be to buy & try a '98 to see where these go over time & hold your '07 - '09 - '10's as they are still so so young.

2011 Bedrock Wine Co. Heritage Wine Evangelho Vineyard Contra Costa County Zinfandel Blend, Zinfandel
4/6/2016 - BVal wrote:
91 points
Can't seem to find my notes from Morgan regarding composition of this wine; primarily Zinfandel and Mourvedre with maybe some Carignane and other grapes in smaller quantities.

Color: dark fuchsia/purple core -> light fuchsia rim. Bouquet screams Zinfandel to me: brambly blackberries, raspberries, cranberry and rhubarb with a touch of earthiness. Palate is all about the fresh red fruit! Medium-bodied, this comes across as lively and light with killer acidity; Dancing Ballerina Wine (DBW is now a thing). Not sure what percentage Zinfandel is here but it certainly has taken center stage for the moment -- not really getting much in the way of Mourvedre. Well-timed picking to my mind, though; the Zin fruit is well balanced and not overripe -- something I pretty much detest. I would agree with those advocating for drinking this young. It's vivacious and wonderful now and I can't see this gaining additional complexity. Pull those corks and enjoy it!
  • BVal commented:

    4/7/16, 7:23 AM - Thanks for the info Wilypod!

2012 Mollydooker Verdelho The Violinist McLaren Vale
8/5/2015 - BVal wrote:
77 points
Color: pale yellow with copious, long, spindly legs. Bouquet of grapefruit, spice, honeydew melon and pear. While the nose was fairly nice, the palate is an alcoholic mess. Overly big, blowsy, with a hot, acrid finish that obliterates any fruit, this is so not a real Verdelho. Go out at get some Spanish Verdelho. It'll probably be less expensive and almost assuredly a better wine.

BTW, when was the last time you had a dry white with 16% alcohol???
  • BVal commented:

    8/5/15, 5:57 PM - Gotta say, really disappointing; $19 at Costco & took a chance since Mollydooker has put out some nice wine but this just wasn't nice . . . .

1981 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape Red Rhone Blend
6/21/2015 - BVal wrote:
94 points
Fathers day 2015 and time to open a couple of cellar treasures . . . .

Color: light ruby -> diffuse fully garnet rim. Absolutely fully mature wine displaying an intense and enticing nose of smoke, farmyard garrigue, saddle leather and roasted/grilled cherries and beef . The palate is distinctly lighter than the nose and has a gorgeous elegant femininity. No longer a powerhouse palate, this has moved into a delicious, poised, thoughtful phase. A wine you really just want to sit and contemplate by itself. Don't distract your palate with accompanying food . . . just drink this by itself -- it's that good. While I think this may have been a bit better (?) a couple of years ago, it's still stunning and a testament to how good old Beaucastel can be; only the '89 comes close to this. So, SO worth searching out in magnum if you could find one!
  • BVal commented:

    6/22/15, 8:31 PM - Thanks. This was from a 750ml format recently purchased at auction.

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