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White - Sweet/Dessert
1999 Grof Degenfeld Tokaji Aszúeszencia Furmint Blend, Furmint
8/6/2012 - DollarMenunaire wrote:
95 points
Day 1: Very, very primary upon opening... not much besides apple juice and Sun Maid raisins. Acidity was there but very much in the background and the mineral was hard to pick out as well. Shut down simple syrup and certainly unscoreable.

But 72 hours in the fridge and BAM! Stone fruit, acidity, iodine-like mineral, honey, and spice came screaming out. The finish lasts for 1-2 minutes...not kidding. You can tell this is from a hot vintage and massively, massively concentrated. It's like a $200 half bottle of 2003 Rheingau TBA in a great many ways. This wine is good now with a very long decant (days), but I think it needs a good 20 years to reach its prime and will then last at least another 30. Just don't pop and pour this with dessert at the end of your dinner party.
  • hosscrow commented:

    7/9/20, 8:28 PM - I have a bottle of this Tokaji and your wonderful description takes me along with you to this big event. No doubt, I will take your advice. I hope to make it to 2024.

2006 Nicolas Joly Clos de la Coulée de Serrant Savennières-Coulée de Serrant Chenin Blanc
2/20/2010 - jasonmalumed wrote:
92 points
This is gonna be an interesting tasting note... First time having a Joly, had the pleasure of finding this one at the PA state stores for a nice little discount. Really wanted to put it through its paces, especially since it was only an 06 and could probably age for another few decades. Decanted for 4.5+ hrs (plus an additional 2 hours of time to open up in the bottle over dinner). One of the most complex and intriguing noses I've ever experienced. Initially, smells just like oxidized apple juice (I almost thought it was flawed at first), kind of like someone left the bottle of Motts out on the counter in direct sunlight for about a week. Really starts to get interesting after that. Amzing notes of brandy, very alcohol/spirit like, tons of apricots and apples, but then it starts evolving. Beautiful green characteristics, like a bell pepper or jalapeno, gorgeous blue stone, lots of nuttiness, like almonds and hazelnuts, and finally giving way to a very perfumey white flower aspect. The color definitely drew interest as well. Looks like the color of your pee when you haven't drank any water for 2 days and haven't peed for 4, and then you finally go. Very deep copper, extremely interesting. The somm actually waived the corkage fee out of respect for the wine too, which was nice. Anyway, back to the palate. AMAZING acidity. Very well integrated for such a young Savennieres. Could definitely age for another decade easily. Get great apple and honey components as well as some beautiful minerality, get a little bit of a lemon oil characteristic, very waxy mouthfeel. Also some very interesting vegetal aspects, much like anise/fennel or real black licorice. Was definitely an experience. A very nerdy wine... Only hardcore wine geeks will probably enjoy this one, a very unique flavor and aroma profile, not for your average Napa Chard drinker. Cheers
  • hosscrow commented:

    8/19/12, 7:27 PM - Loved this post..full of description and emotion and moment to moment observation. I have 3 bottles and this post helped me to understand what to expect if I pop a cock now. Will hold off for a few years.

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