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2008 Korta Katarina Plavac Mali Reuben's Private Reserve Pelješac
3/27/2020 - crowino Likes this wine:
94 points
An initial funky awesome nose of cabbage, gradually replaced by red fruit, cigar box and meat. Not sure what kind of meat, but it smells angry. The mid-palette says it can lay down for a bit more, but I like wrestling with this type of beast. The tannin content balanced with the fruit might be my favourite part of this wine. It’s glorious and violent. Great acidity, held nicely in check, great balance. A touch brief on the finish, but still lovely. This is just awesome. My favourite wine from the 2020 Croatian Wine Pairing dinner. What a winner!!
  • eyewino commented:

    9/29/21, 12:10 PM - I loved this review - it made me laugh. Here I am a couple weeks later and I opened my own bottle. Holy $%!@, I think this review was actually spot-on. Well stated!

2018 Chateau Musar Musar Jeune Rosé Bekaa Valley Rosé Blend
8/28/2021 - Paul852 Likes this wine:
89 points
Like all Musar wines this benefits from a little air (at least 30-45 mins) to get itself into balance.
The nose is a little hot, but also wild strawberries and bitter orange. The palate is dry, complex, more of those (unsweet) strawberries and oranges, perhaps somes herbal notes. Leading into a long-ish finish where the bitter orange is to the fore. It's pairing well with dates, figs and cheese.

This is my 4th bottle of this, and as always with Musar there is a little bottle variation, and it's impossible to judge this against other wines - Musar is unique.

For me this is very interesting and excellent QPR at the ~US$14 that I pay (Hong Kong being a great place to buy Musar).
  • eyewino commented:

    9/8/21, 4:46 PM - Hey Paul - I think your notes were spot on. I didn't get much strawberry from my bottle, otherwise my experience aligned with yours pretty closely.


2019 Schloss Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner Schlosskellerei Gobelsburg Kamptal
7/27/2021 - Hi.its.Don.4.Wine Likes this wine:
91 points
Where, What, When

Not quite the who, what, when, where, and why you usually find, but I only needed three of them.

Mention Austria and I can only wonder how many people would recognize the name of the country let alone find it on a map. Bring up Grüner Veltliner and that same somewhat stupefied look may come over a few folks, even wine drinkers. When you throw into that mix a string of continuous vintages that were nothing short of outstanding, I would like to think that any serious wine drinker might finally take notice.

That’s exactly what happened when I started looking into the 2019 vintage of those wonderful Grüner Veltliner wines that are now on shelves across the world.

For the record, I knew where Austria was, in broad terms, and I have had many a Grüner before, but not enough given their essence, the vintage history took me by surprise, but pleasantly; I was then more confident that just about any Gruner I might choose had a better than even chance of being an excellent choice.

This brings me to the wine I’m reviewing:

Schlosskellerei Gobelsburg Kamptal Grüner Veltliner 2019

I obviously didn’t choose the wine for the ease of the name!

As with other wines with minimal intervention (100% Stainless Steel fermentation) in the winemaking process, the vintage becomes a major player in the resulting wine, thus the importance as noted above. Again, a winery that takes their eco-responsibility to heart having been sustainable for many years. Altogether it equates to a wonderful wine.

From its pleasurable aromatics, the wine carries along to a crisp palate of stone fruit (think peach and pear) along with citrus and a touch of minerality that leads to a refreshing finish. My memories of Grüners usually exhibiting white pepper notes along the finish was evident but to a lesser degree than I remember, by no means detracting from the wine, although given a little time to open, the wine began to develop those white pepper notes more fully.

As a break from Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, or if you’re looking for a new wine to try (hey, there’s the why), Grüners in my book excel. So consider the where, what, when (Austria, Grüner Veltliner, 2019 vintage) when choosing your next wine.

  • eyewino commented:

    7/28/21, 7:54 AM - Great note! Thank you. I have a bottle of this GV in my cellar and now I might have to open it soon. Cheers!

2017 Domaine du Pavillon de Chavannes Côte de Brouilly Cuvée des Ambassades Gamay
7/15/2019 - dbp wrote:
92 points
On a pop and pour this was immediately succulent and delicious. I could tell immediately... this is the best vintage since the 2011. The aromas are vibrant, showing road tar, white pepper, graphite, and luscious, smooth deseeded raspberries. The notes are light and lithe, but with a penetrating, seductive quality. The palate entry is bright and all high toned, showing thin red berry notes (raspberry and strawberry), lots of graphite and gravel dust. As its held in the mouth, it's is overcome with drying tannins but the acid that attacks balances it quite well and lets you keep the flavor impression of the berries present as well. As its held in the mouth the juicier, more fruit forward it becomes; surprisingly, that initial attack of tannin doesn't take over at all. Smooth transition of acidity on the finish, showing more of the same impeccable raspberry with fantastic ripping acidity carrying this incredibly deep into the finish.
  • eyewino commented:

    10/29/20, 6:15 PM - This review was on the money. Thank you!

2015 Korta Katarina Pošip Čara Korčula
5/19/2019 - forceberry wrote:
74 points
Tasted blind.

Deep and quite intense yellow-green color. Intense, tropical and quite sweet-toned nose with aromas of peach, some Riesling-like honeyed tones, a little bit of beeswax, light floral notes of apple blossom and a hint of honeydew melon. The wine is full-bodied, oily and quite heavy on the palate with pronounced phenolic bitterness and flavors of wax, some woolly tones, a little bit of ripe peach, light boozy alcohol tones, a hint of chalky minerality and a leesy touch of yeast. The wine is only medium in acidity, making the overall feel rather heavy and ponderous. The finish is dry, long and quite bitter with rather pronounced boozy alcohol and flavors of chalky mineral bitterness, some lemon zest, a little bit of coarse phenolic spice and a hint of star fruit.

Meh. Too big, too bitter and too how. Lacking freshness and balance. There are some really nice Pošip wines out there and this is not one of them.
  • eyewino commented:

    6/17/20, 5:27 PM - Thank you for this review! I am currently drinking the 2016 and was struggling for the correct descriptors. Your narrative, although a different vintage, seems pretty spot-on for my bottle.

2016 Alta Wines Quatreaux Napa Valley Red Bordeaux Blend
5/17/2020 - kevrob822 Likes this wine:
90 points
Very interesting wine. Bought this strictly because I liked the Revival offering that was offered earlier (bought it twice, but its now gone 😢). But this is its own wine.

Medium aroma with a great deal of fruit and oak, but also a touch of heat. The heat does not show up in the taste, which is lots of black/blue fruit, soft cherry and plum, but a very nice balance with tons of texture and nice mouthfeel with a long finish. Very nice.

Get more? Probably, but sorry to say it’s already gone! 😢
  • eyewino commented:

    5/28/20, 7:39 AM - Available today at $23.99 on 👍

2018 Torbreck Woodcutter's Semillon Barossa Valley Sémillon
3/28/2020 - Schartz cellars Likes this wine:
72 points
Absolutely no acidity whatsoever. Color is pale. Grapefruit flavors.
  • eyewino commented:

    3/29/20, 5:04 AM - You may want to reference CTs scoring scale.

2017 Orin Swift Abstract California Grenache Blend, Grenache
11/17/2019 - throberts3 Does not like this wine:
79 points
I agree with the other reviewer who said something along the lines that "this wine is a high alcohol hot mess." In my opinion this is mostly marketing and not worth the price. I'm chagrined this is my first review for Cellar Tracker and that's the bottle that gets it. Promise more positives for future pours.
  • eyewino commented:

    1/24/20, 1:14 AM - Sorry your first review was on this wine. Don't be discouraged. I am in complete agreement with your assessment.

2018 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough
11/1/2019 - eyewino wrote:
78 points
Pale yellow fading to clear rim. Lemon, cut grass, and gooseberry on the nose. But THE CAT PEE! Oh my, the cat pee is nearly overwhelming! I poured this to my "Wine for Beginners" class and almost had to apologise for it. If you like the NZ style of SB, you may be ok with this. But it is much more pungent than most. Great acidity, but out of balance.
  • eyewino commented:

    11/1/19, 9:35 AM - Wow! Someone reads my notes!?! Good thoughts on your part. I am a NZ Sauv Blanc fan, and Oyster Bay has been one I have relied on in the past as "typical" for the region. The 2018, IMO, has too much cat pee. I hate to call it a flaw, but perhaps it is to that level. At least for my palate, anyway...

White - Fortified
N.V. Alvear Pedro Ximénez Montilla-Moriles Solera 1927
12/4/2018 - eyewino wrote:
Stewed prunes, fig, overly sweet and syrupy. No acid to counteract the sweetness. I think a taint of TCA could have been possible as well. Not at all in line with other recent reviews. I think I had a flawed bottle. It wasn't good
  • eyewino commented:

    12/5/18, 1:16 PM - Thank you for the feedback! I have less experience with PX than many other desert wines, but to mu taste there should be enough acid to cleanse my palate and make me want another sip of the wine. I did not find that in this bottle. I have had other PX that while also very sweet, did not seem to lack the acidic property I look for. The idea of trying it on ice cream is a great one, thank you!

    As for the TCA, it certainly was not an obvious smell. It was more like the wine was filtered through a thin layer of newsprint. Perhaps it was my imagination as I was trying to justify why my drinking experience was so unlike others who had so positively written about their bottle.

    I'm trying to decide if I should buy another bottle to try....

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